File kernel-spec-macros of Package kernel-eee

# This file is included by all the kernel-*.spec files

# Build with bash instead of sh as the shell: this turns on bash
# extensions like <(...).
%define _buildshell /bin/bash

%define using_buildservice	0%{?opensuse_bs}
%define source_rel %release
%if %using_buildservice
# The last digit is a volatile rebuild counter, strip it
%define source_rel %(release=%release; echo ${release%.*})

%define release_major %(rel="%source_rel" ; echo "${rel##[^0-9]*.}")
%define kernelrelease %patchversion-%release_major

%define my_builddir %_builddir/%{name}-%{version}

# macro to add the source timestamp to package descriptions
%define source_timestamp %(sed '1s/^/Source Timestamp: /' %_sourcedir/source-timestamp || :)

# vim: ft=spec
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