File MogileFS-Client.spec of Package MogileFS-Client

# spec file for package perl-MogileFS-Client (Version 1.08)
# norootforbuild

%define tarname       mogfs-client

Name:           MogileFS-Client
Version:        1.08
Release:        0
Requires:       perl = %{perl_version}
Group:          Development/Libraries/Perl
License:        Artistic License; GPL v2 or later
Summary:        Client library for the MogileFS distributed file system.
Source:         MogileFS-Client.tar
BuildRoot:      %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-build

#BuildRequires:  perl-IO-stringy
#BuildRequires:  perl(IO::WrapTie) >= 2.102
BuildRequires:  perl(LWP::Simple)
BuildRequires:  perl(fields)
BuildRequires:  perl(Test::More)
## Solve IO::WrapTie alternatives
#BuildRequires:  perl-libwww-perl
#Requires:  perl(IO::WrapTie) >= 2.102
Requires:  perl(LWP::Simple)
Requires:  perl(fields)
Requires:  perl(Test::More)
# Solve IO::WrapTie alternatives
#Requires:  perl-IO-stringy
Requires:  perl-libwww-perl

This module is a client library for the MogileFS distributed file system. The
class method 'new' creates a client object against a particular mogilefs tracker
and domain. This object may then be used to store and retrieve content easily
from MogileFS.

    Brad Fitzpatrick <>
    Brad Whitaker <>
    Mark Smith <>

%setup -q -n %{tarname}-%{version}

perl Makefile.PL
make test



%doc TODO
%doc %{_mandir}/man?/*

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