File globus-common.changes of Package globus-common

Fri Mar 29 10:58:37 UTC 2019 - Atri B <>

- Drop _service file for sources and use the full URL for Source
  in the specfile.
- Run spec-cleaner for specfile cleanups.
- Replace %%{_pkgdocdir} by %%{_docdir}.
- Split out perl modules into own subpackage: perl-Globus-Core
  (following perl package naming guidelines).
- Move plugin .so file into main binary package
  (globus-common-progs); use rpmlintrc file to suppress a
  false-positive warning about this being a shared library.
- Run fdupes to link duplicate files and save space.
- Drop outdated or otherwise unnecessary Obsoletes.

Fri Mar 29 10:58:32 UTC 2019 - Atri B <>

- Initial package.