File of Package LHAPDF-datasets

This package provides a spec file template to generate individual
spec files for packages corresponding to individual PDFset
available from the LHAPDF repository:

**PLEASE NOTE**: Use this template to generate spec files _only_ for
PDF sets that are required for building other packages: e.g.:
the sets `MMHT2014lo68cl` and `MMHT2014nlo68cl` are required by
Herwig >= 7.0. In general, users are expected to install sets
according to their requirement manually, by using e.g.
`lhapdf install <setname>`.

To generate a spec file for, say, the CT14lo PDF set, the following
steps should suffice:
1. Branch and check-out the main package LHAPDF-datasets.
2. Check what the major version of LHAPDF is and adjust the
   `%lha_maj_ver` variable in accordingly.
3. Run the bash script for the PDF set name, e.g.
   `sh CT14lo`
   _You should now have both LHAPDF-PDFset-<setname>.spec and_
   _LHAPDF-PDFset-<setname>.changes in your working dir._
4. Download the appropriate source file, e.g. by doing,
   `osc service localrun download_files`
5. The Version tag in both the file
   and the generated LHAPDF-PDFset-<setname>.spec will be set
   to current date. This is intended as the upstream PDFsets
   are not versioned, and the incremental versioning set up here
   makes sure when new versions of existing PDFsets are released
   the package versioning will ensure that users are offered a
   version update.
6. Build your package locally using
   `osc build LHAPDF-PDFset-<setname>.spec`
7. Run `osc checkin` and, if it does not already exist, create a
   linked package with the name LHAPDF-PDFset-<setname> in the same
   obs project:
   `osc linkpac $PRJ/LHAPDF-datasets $PRJ/LHAPDF-PDFset-<setname>`