File README.SuSE of Package fds

Violation of existing windows:
Wine can violate MS Windows installation.

It is recommended to copy whole of windows to another destination 
and to configure wine for this copy.

The wine config has been changed: 
    1. The /etc/wine.conf does not exist anymore and neither does
       ~/.wine/config since WINE release 20050628.

    2. All configuration data is now in the registry, and can be accessed
       directly by editing system.reg or user.reg, "wine regedit.exe" or
       with the graphical configuration frontend "winecfg".

    3. Drives are now configured by symlinking in ~/.wine/dosdevices/

    4. You have to set the WINEPREFIX variable to the wine base dir.

    5. Running "wineprefixcreate" will update or create such a wine base

There usually is no need for additionaly configuring wine.

If no ~/.wine is present, it will setup a fake windows 
environment in ~/.wine by itself, including all necessary config
file and registry settings by running "wineprefixcreate".

Start wine:
Check whether wine runs by entering (e.g.) 'wine sol.exe' or
'wine progman'.

Error and warning messages:
Wine is intensively developed but always isn't complete. Therefore 
many things don't work and wine print many error and warning messages.