File bazel.changes of Package bazel

Thu Jun 28 22:00:46 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 0.15.0:
  + Bazel now always runs binaries in with "bazel run" in
    interactive mode. The "--nodirect_run" command line option is
    now a no-op.
  + "bazel run --noas_test" is not supported anymore.
  + Indentation on the first line of a file was previously ignored,
    this is now fixed.
  + New features:
    * C++,runfiles: to access data-dependencies (runfiles) in C++
      programs, use the runfiles library built into Bazel.
  + Bazel now allows almost all 7-bit ASCII characters in labels.
  + Remove vestigial attribute
  + Bazel supports including select Java 8 APIs into Android apps
    targeting pre-Nougat Android devices with
  + Flag --incompatible_disable_glob_tracking is removed.
  + SkyQuery's rbuildfiles now returns targets corresponding to
    broken packages.
  + Introduce build support for providing cache prefetch hints.
  + Update the skylark DefaultInfo documentation to spell out
    runfiles, data_runfiles and default_runfiles.
  + An internal action for symlinking runfiles will use Command
    instead of a Spawns. This should have no functional chages; the
    only user visible consequence should be that the internal
    action is no longer be included in statistics when calculating
    processes count.
  + --batch is deprecated
  + Execution strategies line no longer handles differently the
    case where all processes have the same strategy.
  + The --experimental_remote_spawn_cache flag is now enabled by
    default, and remote caching no longer needs --*_strategy=remote
    flags (it will fail if they are specified).
  + android_binary.aapt_version='aapt2' now supports en_XA and
  + With --incompatible_no_support_tools_in_action_inputs enabled,
    Skylark action inputs are no longer scanned for tools. Move any
    such inputs to the newly introduced 'tools' attribute.
- Changes from version 0.14.1:
   + Critical fixes for:
     * Sometime hangs before running any actions,
     * Has no way to unset --disk_cache flag (interferes with
       remote build testing), (gh#bazelbuild/bazel/#5308).
- Changes from version 0.14.0:
  + Add --incompatible_disallow_legacy_javainfo flag.
  + Added flag --incompatible_disallow_old_style_args_add to help
    migrate from args.add() to args.add_all() / args.add_joined()
    where appropriate.
  + New features:
    * Bash,runfiles: use the new platform-independent library in
      @bazel_tools//tools/bash/runfiles to access runfiles
    * TemplateVariableInfo can now be constructed from Skylark.
    * The java_host_runtime_alias rule is now implemented in Java.
  + Introduce fdo_profile rule that allows architecture-sensitive
    specification of fdo profiles.
  + canonicalize-flags no longer reorders the flags
  + CppRules: optional_compiler_flag was removed from CROSSTOOL,
    use features instead.
  + Labels of the form ////foo are disallowed.
  + The / operator is deprecated in favor of // (floor integer
    division). Try the --incompatible_disallow_slash_operator flag
    to ensure your code is forward-compatible.
  + Flip default value of --experimental_shortened_obj_file_path to
    true, Bazel now generates short object file path by default.
  + Exposed "mnemonic" and "env" fields on skylark "Action"
  + Removed flag --incompatible_disallow_toplevel_if_statement.
  + Remove vestigial 'deps' and 'data' attributes from
  + Args objects (ctx.actions.args()) have new methods add_all()
    and add_joined() for building command lines using depsets.
  + FileType is deprecated and will be removed soon.
  + Try the --incompatible_disallow_filetype flag to ensure your
    code is forward-compatible.
  + Introduce absolute_path_profile attribute that allows
    fdo_profile to accept absolute paths.
  + Support two-arg overloads for ctx.actions.args (eg.
    args.add("--foo", val))
  + Introduce 'tools' attribute to
  + Fixed error message for proguard_apply_dictionary.
  + "bazel run" now lets one run interactive binaries.
  + Repository rules are no longer restricted to return None.
  + Add --high_priority_workers flag.
  + CppRules: Feature configuration can be created from Skylark
    Adds new-style JavaInfo provider constructor.
  + Make java_common.compile now uses java_toolchain javacopts by
    default; explicitly retrieving them using
    java_common.default_javac_opts is unnecessary.
  + CppRules: C++ command lines and env variables for C++ actions
    can be retrieved from feature configuration.
  + Skylark rule definitions may advertise providers that targets
    of the rule must propagate.
  + Bazel now supports running actions inside Docker containers.
    To use this feature, run "bazel build --spawn_strategy=docker
  + Fixing start/end lib expansion for linking. There were many
    cases where archive files were still being used with toolchains
    that support start/end lib. This change consolidates the places
    that make that decision so they can be more consistent.
  + Add support for reporting an error if
    android_test.binary_under_test contains incompatible versions
    of deps.
  + We replaced the --experimental_local_disk_cache and
    --experimental_local_disk_cache_path flags into a single
    --disk_cache flag. Additionally, Bazel now tries to create the
    disk cache directory if it doesn't exist.
  + Save Blaze memory by not storing LinkerInput objects in
  + In the JavaInfo created by java_common.create_provider now
    includes both direct and transitive arguments in
    transitive_compile_time_jars and transitive_runtime_jars
  + Allow --worker_max_instances to take MnemonicName=value to
    specify max for each worker.
  + Allow java_toolchain.header_compiler to be an arbitrary
- Changes from version 0.13.1:
  + Sort entries by segment when building a parent node to prevent
    unordered directory structures.
- Add attributions and license to package.
- FIXME, don't build bash-completion as it breaks build, plus
  it's not installed andyway.

Thu May  3 15:22:54 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.13.0

Tue Mar  6 09:54:21 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.11.0

Thu Feb 15 14:47:02 CET 2018 -

- Do not strip  the binary
- Fix compilation issue

Mon Dec 12 23:58:01 UTC 2017 -
 - Inital Package 0.8.1