File execwrap_config.h of Package execwrap


User configuration for ExecWrap. Please review ALL items in this file, before you compile.
Remember, the security of your system depends on getting these right!

See the README for documentation.


/* Our parent must have this UID, or we will abort. */
#define PARENT_UID              495

/* Minimum UID we can switch to. */
#define TARGET_MIN_UID          1000

/* Minimum GID we can switch to. */
#define TARGET_MIN_GID          100

/* Path prefix all targets must start with. */
#define TARGET_PATH_PREFIX      "/home"

/* Default UID to switch to, if none given. */
#define DEFAULT_UID             65534

/* Default GID to switch to, if none given. */
#define DEFAULT_GID             65534

/* Require users to have pwents (i.e. entries in /etc/passwd or similar)? */
#define REQUIRE_PWENT           0

/* Allow use of the CHECK_GID mode? */
#define ALLOW_CHECKGID          1

/* Use syslog to report errors */
#define USE_SYSLOG              0