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File GraphicsMagick.changes of Package GraphicsMagick

Tue Feb 20 18:23:41 UTC 2018 - crrodriguez@opensuse.org

- Add explicit buildrequires on: pkgconfig(libwebpmux), 
  pkgconfig(libpng), pkgconfig(x11), pkgconfig(xext), 
  pkgconfig(zlib), libjpeg-devel. all
  of them direct build dependencies but not included in 
  the spec file

Wed Jan 24 10:30:22 UTC 2018 - pgajdos@suse.com

- upate to 1.3.28:
  * Security Fixes:
    BMP: Fix non-terminal loop due to unexpected bit-field mask 
      value (DOS opportunity).
    PALM: Fix heap buffer underflow in builds with QuantumDepth=8.
    SetNexus() Fix heap overwrite under certain conditions due to 
      using a wrong destination buffer. This issue impacts all 
      1.3.X releases.
    TIFF: Fix heap buffer read overflow in LocaleNCompare() when 
      parsing NEWS profile.
   * Bug fixes:
    DescribeImage(): Eliminate possible use of null pointer.
    GIF: Fix memory leak of global colormap in error path.
    GZ: Writing to gzip files with the extension ".gz" was 
      not working with Zlib 1.2.8.
    JNG: Fix buffer read overflow (a tiny fixed overflow of just
      one byte).
    JPEG: Promoting certain libjpeg warnings to errors caused 
      much more problems than expected. The promotion of 
      warnings to errors is removed. Claimed pixel dimensions 
      are validated by file size before allocating memory for
      the pixels.
    IntegralRotateImage(): Assure that reported error in rotate by 
      270 case does immediately terminate processing.
    MNG: Fix possible null pointer reference related to DEFI chunk
      parsing. Fix minor heap read overflow (constrained to just
      one byte) due to an ordering issue in a limit check. Fix
      memory leaks in error path.
    WebP: Fix stack buffer overflow in WriteWEBPImage() which
      occurs with libwebp 0.5.0 or newer due to a structure type
      change in the structure passed to the progress monitor
    WPG: Memory leaks fixed.
  * API Updates:
    InterpolateViewColor(): This function now returns MagickPassFail
      (an unsigned int) rather than void so that errors can be
      efficiently reported.
    The magick/pixel_cache.h header is updated to add deprecation
       attributes such that code using GetPixels(), GetIndexes(),
       and GetOnePixel() will produce deprecation warnings for
       compilers which support them. These functions will not be
       removed in the 1.3.X release series and when they are
       removed, pre-processor macros will be added so a replacement
       function is used instead. There is a long-term objective to
       eliminate functionally-redundant pixel cache functions to
       only the ones with the best properties since this reduces
       maintenance and may reduce the depth of the call stack
       (improving performance).
* removed unneded GraphicsMagick-release-date-missing-quote.patch

Wed Jan 10 11:42:53 UTC 2018 - pgajdos@suse.com

- update to 1.3.27:
  * New Features:
    . PNG: Implemented eXIf chunk support.
    . WEBP: Add support for EXIF and ICC metadata provided that at 
         least libwebp 0.5.0 is used.
    . Magick++ Image autoOrient(): New Image method to auto-orient an 
         image so it looks right-side up by default.
   * Behavior Changes:
    . PALM: PALM writer is disabled.
    . ThrowLoggedException(): Capture the first exception 
      at ErrorException level or greater, or only capture exception 
      if it is more severe than an already reported exception.
    . DestroyJNG(): This internal function is now declared static 
      and is removed from shared library or DLL namespace.
  * lot of security and other bug fixes, see
- added GraphicsMagick-release-date-missing-quote.patch

Tue Sep 19 13:21:49 UTC 2017 - pgajdos@suse.com

- builds for sle11

Mon Sep 11 09:57:00 UTC 2017 - pgajdos@suse.com

- fix perl bindings
  + GraphicsMagick-perl-linkage.patch from fedora
- turn on perl test suite

Mon Jul 24 20:52:03 UTC 2017 - jengelh@inai.de

- Trim descriptions. Redo summaries and RPM groups.

Fri Jul 21 08:47:35 UTC 2017 - tchvatal@suse.com

- Drop patches not meintioned in the changelog ever:
  * GraphicsMagick-debian-fixed.patch
  * GraphicsMagick-include.patch
  * GraphicsMagick-perl-link.patch
  * The package builds just fine without them and there is no
    refference explaining it
- Convert the deps to pkgconfig variants where possible.

Fri Jul 21 08:29:03 UTC 2017 - tchvatal@suse.com

- Version update to 1.3.26:
  * DPX: Fix excessive use of memory (DOS issue) due to file header
    claiming large image dimensions but insufficient backing
    data. (CVE-2017-10799 bsc#1047054).
  * JNG: Fix memory leak when reading invalid JNG image (CVE-2017-8350).
  * MAT: Fix excessive use of memory (DOS issue) due to continuing
    processing with insufficient data and claimed large image
    size. Verify each file extent to make sure that it is within range
    of file size. (CVE-2017-10800 bsc#1047044).
  * META: Fix heap overflow while parsing 8BIM chunk (CVE-2016-7800).
  * PCX: Fix denial of service issue.
  * RLE: Fix abnomally slow operation (denial of service issue) with
    intentionally corrupt colormapped file.
  * PICT: Fix possible buffer overflow vulnerability given suitably
    truncated input file.
  * PNG: Enforce spec requirement that the dimensions of the JPEG
    embedded in a JDAT chunk must match the JHDR dimensions
  * PNG: Avoid NULL dereference when MAGN chunk processing fails.
  * SCT: Fix stack-buffer read overflow (underflow?) while reading SCT
  * SGI: Fix denial of service issues.  Delay large memory allocations
    until file header has fully passed sanity checks.
  * TIFF: Fix out of bounds read when reading CMYKA TIFF which claims to
    have only 2 samples per pixel (CVE-2017-6335 bsc#1027255).
  * TIFF: Fix out of bounds read when reading RGB TIFF which claims to
    have only 1 sample per pixel (CVE-2017-10794).
  * WPG: Fix heap overflow (CVE-2016-7996).  Fix assertion crash
  * DifferenceImage(): Fix Fix all-black difference image if an input
    file is colormapped.
  * EXIF orientation was not being properly detected for some files.
  * -frame: The `import` command -frame handling was improperly
    implemented and was using already freed data.
  * GIF: Fixes for "Excessive LZW string data" problem.
  * Magick++: Bug fixes to PathSmoothCurvetoRel::operator() and
  * PAM: Support writing GRAYSCALE PAM format.
  * PNG: Fix memory leaks.
  * SVG: Fixed a memory leak.  Fixed a possible null pointer dereference.
  * TclMagick: Problem that TkMagick could not resolve functions from
    TclMagick under Linux is fixed.
  * TclMagick: Fix parser validatation in magickCmd() to avoid crash
    given a syntax error.
  * TIFF: Fix for reading old JPEG files (avoids "Improper call to JPEG
    library in state 0. (LibJpeg).").
  * TXT: Fixed memory leak.
  * XCF: Error checking is improved.
  * EXIF rotation: Support is added such that the EXIF orientation tag
    is updated when the image is rotated.
  * MAT: Now support reading multiple images from Matlab V4 format.
  * Magick++: Orientation method now updates orientation in EXIF
    profile, if it exists.
  * Magick++: Added Image attribute method which accepts a 'char *'
    argument, and will remove the attribute if the value argument is
  * -orient: The -orient command line option now also updates the
    orientation in the EXIF profile, if it exists.
  * PGX: Support PGX JPEG 2000 format for reading and writing (within
    the bounds of what JasPer supports).
  * Wand API: Added MagickAutoOrientImage(),
    MagickGetImageOrientation(), MagickSetImageOrientation(),
    MagickRemoveImageOption(), and MagickClearException().
- Drop merged patch GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-8350.patch

Mon Jun 26 06:49:55 UTC 2017 - pgajdos@suse.com

- complementary fix for CVE-2017-8350 [bsc#1036985 c13-c21]
  * GraphicsMagick-CVE-2017-8350.patch

Mon Sep 26 09:01:33 UTC 2016 - pgajdos@suse.com

- update to 1.3.25:
   * EscapeParenthesis(): I was notified by Gustavo Grieco of a heap
     overflow in EscapeParenthesis() used in the text annotation code.
     While not being able to reproduce the issue, the implementation of
     this function is completely redone.
   * Utah RLE: Reject truncated/absurd files which caused huge memory
     allocations and/or consumed huge CPU.  Problem was reported by
     Agostino Sarubbo based on testing with AFL.
   * SVG/MVG: Fix another case of CVE-2016-2317 (heap buffer overflow) in
     the MVG rendering code (also impacts SVG).
   * TIFF: Fix heap buffer read overflow while copying sized TIFF
     attributes.  Problem was reported by Agostino Sarubbo based on
     testing with AFL.

Thu Jun 23 11:54:26 UTC 2016 - meissner@suse.com

- Build "gm" as position independend executable (PIE).

Mon Jun  6 09:22:05 UTC 2016 - pgajdos@suse.com

- updated to 1.3.24:
  * many security related changes (incl. CVE-2016-5118), see 
- removed patches:
  * GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-5118.patch
  * GraphicsMagick-upstream-delegates-safer.patch
  * GraphicsMagick-upstream-disable-mvg-ext.patch
  * GraphicsMagick-upstream-disable-tmp-magick-prefix.patch
  * GraphicsMagick-upstream-image-sanity-check.patch

Mon May 30 14:19:50 UTC 2016 - pgajdos@suse.com

- security update:
  * CVE-2016-5118 [bsc#982178]
    + GraphicsMagick-CVE-2016-5118.patch

Mon May  9 12:35:32 UTC 2016 - sflees@suse.de

- Multiple security issues in GraphicsMagick/ImageMagick [boo#978061]
  (CVE-2016-3714, CVE-2016-3718, CVE-2016-3715, CVE-2016-3717)
  * GraphicsMagick-upstream-delegates-safer.patch
  * GraphicsMagick-upstream-disable-mvg-ext.patch
  * GraphicsMagick-upstream-disable-tmp-magick-prefix.patch
  * GraphicsMagick-upstream-image-sanity-check.patch

Sun Nov  8 12:53:03 UTC 2015 - dmitry_r@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.3.23
  * See included NEWS.txt for details

Mon Oct  5 20:09:55 UTC 2015 - dmitry_r@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.3.22
  * See included NEWS.txt for details

Sat Mar 21 11:41:22 UTC 2015 - dmitry_r@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.3.21
  * See included NEWS.txt for details

Wed Sep 17 06:18:26 UTC 2014 - dmitry_r@opensuse.org

- Move library configuration files to separated package

Tue Sep 16 07:24:18 UTC 2014 - dmitry_r@opensuse.org

- Fix devel package dependencies

Sat Sep 13 07:21:37 UTC 2014 - dmitry_r@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.3.20
  * See included NEWS.txt for details
- Enable quantum depth in shared library names
- Enable bzip2, jbig, webp support
- Use LCMSv2

Tue Feb 25 08:43:01 UTC 2014 - dmitry_r@opensuse.org

- Fix quantum depth in package description

Thu Jan  2 09:43:18 UTC 2014 - pgajdos@suse.com

- updated to 1.3.19:
  * EPT: Fix crash observed when Ghostscript fails to produce useful
    output.  This was particularly noticeable when Ghostscript was not
    installed.  This crash could be used to cause denial of service.
  * PNG: With libpng 1.6.X, avoid a crash while copying a PNG with a
    "known incorrect ICC profile".  This crash could be used to cause
    denial of service.
  * etc. see NEWS.txt

Mon Jul 15 13:32:17 UTC 2013 - pgajdos@suse.com

- set quantum depth to 16 [bnc#828380]

Tue Mar 12 07:06:04 UTC 2013 - pgajdos@suse.com

- updated to 1.3.18:
  * Due to `GCC bug 53967`_, several key agorithms (e.g. convolution)
    may execute much faster (e.g. 2-3X) for x86-64 and/or when SSE is
    enabled for floating point math (`-mfpmath=sse`) if the GCC option
    `-frename-registers` is used. Default 32-bit builds do not
    experience the problem since they use '387 math.  It is not clear
    in what version of GCC this problem started but it was not noticed
    by the developers until the GCC 4.6 timeframe.  Other compilers do
    not suffer from this bug.
  * Fixed bug with format substitutions if input string ends with a
    single '%'.
  * BMP: Fixed an old bug with decoding chromaticity primaries.
  * PNG: Fixed reading of interlaced images.  Fix reading of sub-8-bit
    palette and grayscale images.  Some PNG sub-formats were written
    incorrectly.  Fix crash in PNG8 writer if image colors happened to
    be non-zero but image was not actually colormapped.
  * PNG: Configure script now also searches for libpng versions 16 and
  * TIFF: Fix a crash which was noticed when writing RGBA separated
    (planar) format.
  * `--enable-symbol-prefix` was not prefixing all of the C
    symbols. Some core C library functions were not prefixed.  This
    option applies to the Wand library API as well now.
  * C API: When input is from a user-provided file descriptor, the
    file position is restored after reading the file header bytes.
    Previously the file position was rewound to the beginning of the
    file.  This allows reading embedded image data from the current
    offset in a file, and allows continuing to use the stream after
    GraphicsMagick has returned the image.
  * C API: It is now possible to invoke CloseBlob() multiple times.
  * etc. see NEWS.txt

Mon Oct 15 07:13:56 UTC 2012 - pgajdos@suse.com

- updated to 1.3.17:
  * PNG: Fix for CVE-2012-3438. The Magick_png_malloc function in
    coders/png.c in GraphicsMagick 6.7.8-6 does not use the proper
    variable type for the allocation size, which might allow remote
    attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) via a crafted PNG
    file that triggers incorrect memory allocation.
  * PNG: Reading sub-8-bit palette images is fixed (images looked
  * SVG: Fixed bug which allowed MVG and SVG files with long vector
    paths to crash the software.
  * SVG: Ignore XML headers rather than rendering them as text.
  * MVG/SVG/WMF/-draw: It is now possible to draw a plain ','
  * etc., see NEWS.txt

Tue Jul 31 09:01:37 UTC 2012 - pgajdos@suse.com

-  fixed PerlMagick/Makefile.PL.in [bnc#771540]

Mon Jun 25 08:29:04 UTC 2012 - pgajdos@suse.com

- updated to 1.3.16:
  Security Fixes:
  * Don't translate 'comment' and 'label' attributes if the request is
    made while a file is being read.  Only translate such attributes
    if they come from the command line or API user.
  Bug fixes:
  * SWT: SWT reader suffered from a number of implementation errors
         which caused it not to work any more.  Works again.
  * XBM: Fix memory leak observed when reading file in 'ping' mode.
  * Support -trim on images which use a consistent (single color)
    transparent background.  In this case, trim is done based on
    opacity rather than foreground color.
  * Include <sys/types.h> in order to assure that 'size_t' and
    'ssize_t' are declared.  This is necessary since
    MagickExtentImage() uses these types as part of its definition.
  * +repage was not working because parser was insisting that it
    should include an argument.
     (i.e. multiplying rather than dividing).
  * PerlMagick: Fix compilation with Perl 5.16.
  * PingBlob(): PingBlob was not working for all cases.  Is now based
    on BlobToImage() for assured reliability.
  Feature improvements:
  * MAT: Animated movies inside 4D matrices are loaded now.
  * PDF: File base name is used as the document title.
  * PNG: Fix issues observed specifically with libpng 1.5.10.
  Performance Improvements:
  * Pixel iterators should be more efficient now if the image uses a
    file-backed cache.
  * Motion blur algorithm does scale well as cores are added so
    include OpenMP support for it by default.

Mon Jun  4 08:50:13 UTC 2012 - pgajdos@suse.com

- added PerlMagick/typemap to build module with perl 5.16; to be
  removed for 1.4.0

Wed May  2 08:59:10 UTC 2012 - pgajdos@suse.com

- updated to 1.3.15:
  Bug fixes:
  * PNG - fixed problem with bit depth when the encoder decides to
    write RGBA instead of indexed PNG.
  * Fixed some temporary file leaks which were caused by the temporary
    file name being automatically extended to include a scene number,
    and therefore fail to be deleted.
  New Features:
  * Added '+noise random' and '-operator noise-random' to 'convert'
    and 'mogrify'.  This modulates the existing image data with
    uniformely random noise.
  * Added -strip option in composite, convert, mogrify, and montage to
    remove all profiles and text attributes from the image.
  * Added -repage option to composite, convert, mogrify, and montage
    subcommands to reset or adjust the current image page offsets
    based on a provided geometry specification.
  * New C function StripImage() to remove all profiles and text
    attributes from the image.
  * New C function ResetImagePage() to adjust the current image page
    canvas and position based on a relative page specification.
  * C functions GenerateDifferentialNoise(), AddNoiseImageChannel(),
    QuantumOperatorRegionImage(), AddNoiseImage() updated to support
    RandomNoise enumeration.
  * New C++ Image method strip(), and unary function stripImage() to
    remove all profiles and text attributes from the image.
  * XCF format now respects image subimage and subrange members so
    that returned image layers may be selected.
  * The INFO coder (e.g. output file "info:-") now respects the
    -format option so that its output may be adjusted identically to
    how -format works for 'identify'.
  * TclMagick now supports Random noise.
  Feature improvements:
  * C function ThumbnailImage() now allows the user to override the
    filter used, but still defaults to using the box filter.
  Behavior Changes:
  * No longer add a printf-style scene formatting specification to
    filenames which do not have one and no longer automatically
    operate in 'adjoin' mode in such cases.  If multiple numbered
    files are intended to be output, then add +adjoin to the command
    line and use an output filename specification similar to
    "image-%d.jpg".  Output files are now completely specified and
    predictable but this may break some existing usages which
    anticipate the automatic file numbering.

Mon Feb 27 08:05:20 UTC 2012 - pgajdos@suse.com

- updated to 1.3.14:
  Bug fixes:
  * TGA format: Assume that 32-bit TGA files have an alpha channel,
    even if they are not marked as such.
  * XCF format: Fix reading XCF which is comprised of different sized
  * JPEG & CineonLog: Convert RGB-compatible colorspaces
    (e.g. CineonLog) to RGB by default since that was the case prior
    to release 1.3.13.
  * RAW formats: Small memory leak in dcraw module was fixed.
  * Resize: ResizeImage() was ignoring its resize filter argument and
    was using the filter setting from the Image structure instead.
  * The mirror virtual pixel method was broken.
  New Features:
  * Open64 Compiler Suite: Version 5.0 is fully supported.
  * Wand API: Added MagickExtentImage().
  * MEF RAW: Mamiya Photo RAW "MEF" format is now supported.
  Feature improvements:
  * DPX format: Original file endianness is preserved by default.
  Performance Improvements:
  * Despeckle algorithm (-despeckle) is many times faster.
  Behavior Changes:
  * DPX format: Original file endianness is preserved by default.

Tue Dec 27 09:30:07 UTC 2011 - pgajdos@suse.com

- updated to 1.3.13:
  * In I/O blob, don't rewind already open file handle passed to
    OpenBlob() since we don't know the intended state of this file
    handle, and because it prevents appending to an existing file.
  * In AppendImageProfile(), don't leak profile buffer while appending
    a chunk to an existing profile.
  * Fix deadlock in ClonePixelCache() which was caused by using the
    same semaphore pointer in the source and destination images.
  * etc. see NEWS.txt
- disabled perl.patch

Mon Apr 11 11:26:09 CEST 2011 - pgajdos@suse.cz

- removed dependency of devel packages on the main package

Wed Dec 22 10:11:32 UTC 2010 - neptunia@mail.ru

- restoring *-config scripts as in upstream version: their removal 
  breaks older software

Tue Dec 14 16:53:58 UTC 2010 - cristian.rodriguez@opensuse.org

- package no longer requires -fno-strict-aliasins
- fix -devel package dependencies 
- run make check
- exclude *-config scripts, whatever uses them _must_ use pkgconfig
  to avoid the mess this scripts create.

Mon Jul 12 13:50:07 CEST 2010 - pgajdos@suse.cz

- added xorg-x11-fonts as runtime dependency [bnc#619103]

Tue Mar  9 08:59:09 CET 2010 - pgajdos@suse.cz

- updated to version 1.3.12:
  * Filter mode (write to stdout) was completely broken.
  * Should now compile with libpng 1.4.
  * DCX output format is only written on request.  Previously the PCX
    coder would automatically switch to DCX format if multiple frames
    would be written.

Tue Feb 23 09:44:42 CET 2010 - pgajdos@suse.cz

- updated to version 1.3.11:
  * Fixed array underflow on systems using signed char 
    which could result in a program crash due to extended 
    characters in filenames or in certain file formats.
  * Fixed array underflow on systems using signed char 
    which could result in a program crash due to extended 
    characters in filenames or in certain file formats.
  * Added a -thumbnail command to 'convert' and 'mogrify'. 
    This is a faster way to scale down the image when 
    speed is a primary concern.
  * Added a -extent command to 'convert' and 'mogrify' 
    which composites the image on top of a backing 
    canvas image of solid color.
  * Added support for -compose to the 'convert' and 
    'mogrify', which were documented to support it 
    (but did not).
  * Requests for 'Over' and 'Atop' composition are 
    converted to a request for the (faster) 'Copy' 
    composition when both images are opaque.

Mon Feb 15 11:05:19 CET 2010 - pgajdos@suse.cz

- updated to version 1.3.10:
  * +adjoin was not working correctly for the case when only one image
    frame is present.  With +adjoin and writing one frame to
    "foo%d.jpg" it was outputting "foo%d.jpg" rather than "foo0.jpg".

  * When drawing paths, memory allocation for the points was much
    larger than it needed to be (patch by Vladimir Lukianov).

 * To reiterate the change which first appeared in 1.3.9, there is no
    longer an implicit +adjoin if the output file name happens to
    contain a %d sequence, or there are multiple frames and the output
    file format only supports storing one frame.  Specify +adjoin if
    scene number substition is desired in the output file names.

Mon Feb  8 10:22:54 CET 2010 - pgajdos@suse.cz

- updated to version 1.3.9:
  * There is no longer an implicit 'adjoin' if an output filename
    contains an apparent scene specification (e.g. foo%02d.tiff) and
    multiple files are not needed to save the image..  It is necessary
    to use +adjoin.  For example ``gm convert foo.pdf +adjoin

  * For formats which support multiple frames, output with +adjoing to
    filenames containing a scene specification (e.g. foo%02d.tiff) was
    resulting in wrong output file names.

  * -flatten now applies the image background color under the first
    image in the list if it is not already opaque.

  * Fix "double free" error when using gm import -frame.

  * XPM does not support RGBA color syntax, so return RGB instead.

  * The display '-update' option was only working in conjunction with
    the '-delay' option with a delay setting of 2 or greater.

  * -convolve was crashing rather than reporting an error.

  * Fixed crash if the number of OpenMP threads was reduced from the
    original value via '-limit threads' or omp_set_num_threads().

  * -blur was not blurring the opacity channel for solid-color images.

  * Several deleted global string constants are restored with
    deprecated status in order to assure that symbols are not removed
    from the ABI.

Mon Jan 25 10:16:57 CET 2010 - pgajdos@suse.cz

- updated to version 1.3.8:

Security Fixes:

  * Fix for CVE-2009-1882 "Integer overflow in the XMakeImage

  * Fix lockup due to hanging in loop while parsing malformed
    sub-image specification (SourceForge issue 2886560).

  * Libltdl: Updated libtool to 2.2.6b in order to fix security issue.
    Resolves CVE-2009-3736 as it pertains to GraphicsMagick.

Bug fixes:

  * -convolve, -recolor: Validate that user-provided matrix is square
    when parsing -convolve and -recolor commands in order to avoid a
    core dump.

  * CALS: Reading images taller than the image width resulted in a

  * ConstituteImage(), DispatchImage(): 'A' and 'T' should indicate
    transparency and 'O' should indicate opacity.  Behavior was
    inconsistent.  In some cases 'O' meant transparency while in other
    cases it meant opacity. Also, in a few cases, matte was not
    getting enabled in the image as it should.

  * DCRAW: Module name was not registered so modules based builds were
    not supporting formats provided via 'dcraw'.

  * GetOptimalKernelWidth1D(), GetOptimalKernelWidth2D(): In the Q32
    build, convolution kernel size was estimated incorrectly for large
    sigmas on 32-bit systems due to arithmetic overflow.  This could
    cause wrong results for -convolve, -blur, -sharpen, and other
    algorithms which use these functions.

etc., see NEWS.txt

Mon Nov 23 17:05:42 CET 2009 - pgajdos@suse.cz

- updated to version 1.3.7 (see ChangeLog)

Tue Nov  3 19:09:19 UTC 2009 - coolo@novell.com

- updated patches to apply with fuzz=0

Tue Aug  4 18:38:37 CEST 2009 - pgajdos@suse.cz

- updated to 1.2.7:
  - Bug fixes:
    * VID: Eliminate memory leak.
    * montage: Eliminate use of freed memory.
    * delegates.mgk: Fix hang when co-process is invoked.
    * identify: Return comment text of any size.
    * ConvolveImage: Correctly log the convolution kernel used.
  - Feature improvements:
    * Convert: Re-implement -write so that it works in a useful fashion.
  - Performance improvments:
    * TIFF: Ping mode ('identify') is now really fast.

Wed Oct 15 11:35:47 CEST 2008 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- renamed libGraphicsMagick1 -> libGraphicsMagick2

Fri Sep 12 15:05:31 CEST 2008 - nadvornik@suse.cz

-  updated to 1.2.5
   * many fixes and improvements
   * see NEWS.txt for details
- renamed libGraphicsMagickWand0 -> libGraphicsMagickWand1
- renamed libGraphicsMagick++1 -> libGraphicsMagick++2

Fri May 23 15:51:33 CEST 2008 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- fixed CVE-2008-1097 PCX buffer overflow [bnc#391366]
- fixed CVE-2008-1096 XCF Buffer overflow [bnc#391364]

Tue Mar 11 17:02:23 CET 2008 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- updated to 1.1.11:
  * security fixes merged upstream
  * BMP, DIB: Support large files
  * TIFF: Endian option (-endian) now controls TIFF byte endian 
    order rather than bit fill order

Tue Oct 23 17:13:42 CEST 2007 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- updated to 1.1.10:
  Bugs Fixed:
    o Image rotate by -90/270 degrees was producing wrong output.
    o In mogrify command, don't remove file name based on random junk in
    o Fixed memory leak when reading MPC files.
    o Fixed crash when writing MIFF format and depth is not expected 8/16/32/.
    o In mogrify command, don't leak memory in the case where the image
      file contains multiple frames.
    o Fixed crash in PNG and JPEG coders when the image to be written is
      part of an image list.
    o PNG reader errors are now properly reported to the user.
    o TIFF output can now be written to a pipe or other non-seekable
    o Support writing PDF with CCITT compression.

  Feature Improvements:
    o Added a new 'benchmark' command which can be used to perform
      benchmarking on any other command.
    o Image rotate in clockwise (90 degrees) or counter-clockwise (270
      degrees) direction is now 2-9X faster than before.
    o The -version option now includes a list of supported features.

- fixed interger overflows: CVE-2007-4985, CVE-2007-4986,
  CVE-2007-4988 [#327021]
- fixed to build with GCC 4.3

Mon Aug  6 16:53:26 CEST 2007 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- updated to 1.1.8:
  * security fixes merged upstream
  * a lot of other bugfixes

Wed Jul 25 13:41:10 CEST 2007 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- adjusted to Shared Library Policy:
  * new subpackages libGraphicsMagick1, libGraphicsMagickWand0
  * GraphicsMagick-c++ -> libGraphicsMagick++1
  * GraphicsMagick-c++-devel -> libGraphicsMagick++-devel
- fixed to build

Thu Apr 19 14:15:49 CEST 2007 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- fixed various crashes on malformed input, including
  CVE-2007-1797 and CVE-2007-1667 [#258253]
- adjusted BuildRequires for libjasper-devel

Tue Feb 27 22:49:43 CET 2007 - dmueller@suse.de

- reduce buildrequires

Thu Feb 22 17:32:48 CET 2007 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- fixed patch for palm codec CVE-2006-5456 [#215685]
- fixed palm patch for palm codec [#215685]
- fixed PerlMagic module library dependencies [#243002]
- fixed broken code that caused compiler warnings [#243012]

Thu Nov 16 18:35:03 CET 2006 - dmueller@suse.de

- fix c++-devel package requires

Mon Oct 30 16:27:15 CET 2006 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- applied debian patch for CVE-2006-5456, CVE-2006-3743, 
  CVE-2006-3744, CAN-2005-0397, CVE-2005-4601

Thu Sep 21 18:47:45 CEST 2006 - nadvornik@suse.cz

- minor adjustments in spec file

Thu Sep 14 18:20:05 CEST 2006 - lmichnovic@suse.cz

- initial version 1.1.7