File confusing-invalid-spec-name.patch of Package rpmlint

# Confusing message. The problem is not that the file does not end
# with ".spec", but that there is a mismatch of specname and pkg name.
Index: rpmlint-1.5/
--- rpmlint-1.5.orig/
+++ rpmlint-1.5/
@@ -621,8 +621,8 @@ addDetails(
 SPEC file to build a valid RPM package.''',
-'''Your spec filename must end with '.spec'. If it's not the case, rename your
-file and rebuild your package.''',
+'''The spec file name (without the .spec suffix) must match the package name
+("Name:" tag). Either rename your package or the specfile.''',
 '''The character encoding of the spec file is not UTF-8.  Convert it for