File suse-mono-deps-checks.diff of Package rpmlint

@@ -686,6 +686,17 @@ class TagsCheck(AbstractCheck.AbstractCheck):
         for p in useless_provides:
             printError(pkg, 'useless-explicit-provides',p)
+        have_mono_reqs=False
+        for r in req_names + prov_names:
+            if r.startswith('mono('):
+                have_mono_reqs=True
+                break
+        if not have_mono_reqs:
+            for fname in pkg.files():
+                if fname.endswith('.dll'):
+                    printError(pkg, 'mono-versioned-deps-missing', fname)
         for r in reqs:
             if not r in useless_reqs:
@@ -901,6 +912,11 @@ upgrade path. self-provides are autogenerated. Remove the provide.''',
 '''A package should not obsolete itself, as it can cause weird errors in tools.''',
+'''This package appears to be related to mono, but doesn't have versioned
+mono provides being generated. Add mono-devel to the buildrequires to
+build the package with the correct provides.''',
 '''A package has a file or path based dependency that is not resolveable for 
 package solvers because it is not in the whitelist for path based dependencies