File GoldenCheetah.changes of Package GoldenCheetah

Mon Dec  5 00:30:58 UTC 2016 -

- Updated to version 3.4:
  + FIT: improvement when we have values for same native type.
  + Splash screen size on hdpi the fonts get squished by spacing.
  + Update FitRideFile.cpp adding support for Garmin Edge 820 (unit
    type 2530).
  + DataFilter : Match exact name for XDATA series.
  + Added swim XData for SML lap swimming files one record per
    length with the same conventions used for FIT files.
  + Deprecate TrainingPeaks.
  + Fix creation of qwkcode from fractional seconds.
  + Translation updates.
- Drop GoldenCheetah-fix-translation-error.patch this is fixed

Thu Feb 25 01:09:48 UTC 2016 -

- Use -O3 for build options.

Wed Feb 17 16:49:27 UTC 2016 -

- Updated to version 3.3.0:
  + Sync across PCs via Dropbox cloud storage.
  + Sync via local folder, thumb drive, Google mounted drive etc.
  + Added Daniels VDOT and T-Pace tools for Running.
  + User Formulas.
  + Restful API Web-Services for integration with R,Matlab,Orange,
    Tableau etc.
  + Support FE-C trainer.
  + Monark ERG Support.
  + Support Stryd Power Meter for Running.
  + BSX Insight 2 support.
  + Ambit SML import support.
  + RLV Support, playback to riding speed.
  + Video Overlays in Train View.
  + SportsPlusHealth upload support.
  + Backup and Autobackup.
  + Better swim workout support incl. lap workouts.
  + SrmRideFile: v9 support (SRM PC8).
  + Translation updates.
  + GPL v3 License.
  + Severe Bugs Fixed:
    * Fix 3DP file import 'hang'.
    * Joule GPS+ import issues.
    * Checkbox metadata fields not saved, ^S save errors.
    * Fix HR > 8 Zone Crash.
    * Fix 'Fix Elevation' SEGV.
    * Fix Interval Search SEGV on High Power.
    * DataProcessor 'Auto' runs on import only.
    * Fix Memory Exhaustion on Mass Import/Sync.
    * Fix SEGV when sharing activity on Strava with no internet.
    * Fix IntervalNavigator SEGV.
    * Fix SEGV LTM Edit.
  + Minor new features:
    * TrainSidebar: Delete multiple workouts.
    * Configure CP and FTP separately.
    * FixSmO2: Add a tool to remove anomalies in SmO2 data.
    * Recognise more Garmin devices based on FIT SDK.
    * Fix Freewheeling Tool.
    * Added W'bal Work In Zone Metrics.
    * Add W'bal Zones - Time above CP.
    * Added Autoimport Stealth/Background Mode.
    * TrainMode - Use Multimedia Keys.
    * Fix Speed from Distance tool.
    * Delete Athlete now supported.
    * Settings stored in athlete folder config directory.
    * Bugfix merge of hrm and gpx.
    * Mass update metadata with set, isset and unset commands.
    * Add a Derive Distance tool (from GPS position).
    * Read R-R data from polar hrm files.
    * Add User parameters for Bike Weight and CRR to Power
      Estimation Tool.
    * Multiple fixups for DataFilter expressions and precedence
    * LTM Filter for a curve.
    * Rename Route.
- Changes from version 3.2.0:
  + Technical:
    * NoSQL - RideCache in memory with backing store.
    * Directory Structure - /cache /config /activities etc.
    * Use Native File Format - json.
    * CLucene deprecated.
    * KQOauth lib replaces libOAuth.
    * File Quarantining.
    * Google Calendar API v2.
    * Measures db deprecated for a Withings cache.
    * Preferences changes update optimized.
  + General:
    * Improved Merge.
    * PMC Any Stress Metric.
    * W'bal Zones.
    * PMC Metrics on Summary and in Filters.
    * CP Estimates use rolling 6 weeks not 2 calendar months.
    * Added Ward-Smith PD Model.
    * Lots more Fix Tools (Elevation, Power, Moxy etc).
    * Automatic importing of files.
    * Hide curves via legend in LTM Plot.
    * Improved performance for W'bal calculation.
    * Export 'heatmap' of rides for Google Maps.
  + Intervals:
    * Interval Navigator in Performance Plot.
    * Interval Auto-discovery; Peaks, Hills, TTE/Sustained, Routes.
    * Plot Sustained Intervals on CP chart (ride, season, compare).
    * Sustained Time In Zone metrics.
    * Create intervals on the map.
    * Drop Segments onto Compare Pane to add all matching
  + Moxy:
    * Direct download from device.
    * Import CSV (moxy + peripedal) and FIT format.
    * Merge Tool changes.
    * Shift S+C to Smo2/tHB.
    * Derive HHb and O2Hb from SmO2/tHb.
    * Chart ride, 2d, 3d, histogram.
  + Multisport:
    * Pace Zones - Running and Swimming.
    * Garmin Dynamics - Running and Cycling Dynamics.
    * GOVSS, SwimScore, TriScore et al.
    * CV Model.
  + Train View:
    * Tacx Vortex Electronic Trainer Support.
    * Vector Support.
    * Moxy Support.
    * W'bal as you ride.
    * New file format and import process at end of ride.
    * New turbos supported.
- Drop GoldenCheetah-fix-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch as
  has been fixed upstream
- Rebase GoldenCheetah-fix-translation-error.patch.

Tue Nov 18 01:06:55 UTC 2014 -

- Updated to version 3.1.0:
  + New Features;
    * Compare Mode.
    * Across Summary, Ride, QA, CP, Histogram, Metric charts
      Compare Athletes, Seasons, Rides, Intervals Easy and
      intuitive user interface.
    * Additional Power Duration Models.
    * Multiple PD models now available Track changes in model
      estimates for W', CP, P-Max, FTP over time Track changes in
      model estimates for any duration over time.
    * Merge data from multiple rides into a single ride.
    * Share Dialog to upload to multiple services in one click.
  + Selected highlights;
    * Open Athletes in Tabs Redesign Tabbed mode with a ChartBar
      Themes and better support for color customisation Improved
      Interactivity (axes, interval hover).
    * Device enhancements.
    * Fixed up Tacx Fortius Support Pedal Smoothness / Torque
      Effectiveness support.
    * Metrics and new science.
    * Plot best x power Plot estimated W', CP, FTP et al W'bal
      implemented with metrics.
    * Charts.
    * Improved UX for chart configuration and setup Export data for
      MMP curves, trends data Over 50 new charting options (heat,
      stack, labels etc etc).
  + Translation updates.
- Add GoldenCheetah-fix-translation-error.patch: Fix incorrect
  filenames for translations.
- Add GoldenCheetah-fix-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch: Add
  missing return.
- Only building with qt4 and no VLC integration.

Wed Jan  1 02:58:41 UTC 2014 -

- Initial build.