File bacon.changes of Package bacon

Thu Jun 21 17:21:42 UTC 2018 -

- update to release 3.7.3
  + New: OPTION INPUT to define symbol to break input stream from stdin (all versions)
  + Imp: type of result array in MAP should depend on applied function (all versions)
  + Imp: improved API in CUT$ (all versions)
  + Imp: BETWEEN comparison keyword now also accepts AND for range specification (all versions)
  + Fix: shared objects created by BaCon would crash when opening (all versions)
  + Fix: REDIM did not accept compound types (BaCon version)
  + Fix: string invalidation did not check literals causing segfault (all versions)
  + Fix: numeric array using VAL'ed string in index generated error (all versions)
  + Fix: GTK version of BaConGUI should select GTK version based on sourceview (GTK editor)
  + Fix: INPUT needs clean buffer before executing (all versions)
  + Fix: increased internal FNV1a hash to 64bit to better avoid collisions in assoc arrays (all versions)
  + Fix: INPUT did not construct result correctly in case of multiple buffer excess (all versions)
  + Fix: high performance string creation could cause memory error (all versions)
  + Fix: optimized internal hash tables further to avoid collisions in assoc arrays (all versions)
  + Fix: internal string detection only checked variables, not functions (all versions) 

Sat Apr 22 20:56:52 UTC 2017 -

- New: UTF8$ to print character from Unicode value, UCS to get code, ISASCII to detect ascii (all versions)
  + New: ULEN/BYTELEN to determine length of UTF8 string and substring (all versions)
  + Imp: string comparison should treat NULL and empty string as the same thing (all versions)
  + Imp: added check for Windows file type, now also in INCLUDE statement (all versions)
  + Fix: long standing issue with floating expressions sometimes producing integer (all versions)
  + Fix: DELIM$ could crash in case new delimiter has bigger size (all versions)
  + Fix: regression in JOIN (all versions)
  + Imp: small improvement in the autoconf macros (all versions)
  + Imp: SAVE/APPEND should read / execute string only once (all versions)
  + Imp: adapted BaConGUI help to new framed format (BaConGUI version)
  + Imp: changed the name of the temporary Makefile to avoid conflict with other Makefiles (all versions)
  + Imp: added '-q' command line option to suppress line counting during conversion (Shell and BaCon version)
  + Imp: code cleaning related to internal string checking as consequence of CASE bug (all versions)
  + Imp: SPLIT should return 0 elements with numeric argument 0 (all versions)
  + Fix: GUI version exits unexpectedly when canceling save action (BaConGUI version)
  + Fix: adapt to newer GCC versions which generate more elaborate error logging (all versions)
  + Fix: JOIN did not calculate size of resulting string correctly (all versions)
  + Fix: strndup is not recognized by certain platforms, replaced with propriety (all versions)
  + Fix: nested functions in RETURN statement could crash (all versions)
  + Fix: CASE did not detect string members in RECORDS correctly (all versions)
  + Fix: SORT worked partially in case OPTION BASE was set (all versions)
  + Fix: TOKEN$ returned last token instead of empty string in case index > total (all versions)
  + Fix: SPLIT crashed with numeric argument and string length 1 (all versions)
  + Fix: implementation of TYPEOF$ calculated wrong offset after occurrence (BaCon and BaConGUI version)
  + Fix: COPY and BSAVE needed proper cast for memory address (all versions)
  + Imp: two-side alignment in ALIGN$ (all versions)
  + Imp: ALIGN$ allows optional argument to define indentation (all versions - vovchik)
  + Imp: error reporting provides hint in case of missing function names (all versions)
  + Imp: APPEND$ will take position = 0 as appending, improved situation where target string was empty (all versions)
  + Imp: Semantic checking: duplicate IMPORT, MEMORY/BLOAD vs FREE, OPEN vs. CLOSE, function without END (all versions)
  + Fix: outlining in ALIGN$ was not correct when ASCII lines are separated by newline (all versions)
  + Fix: keyword ENDRECORD was missing (all versions)
  + Fix: error reporting would fail when library in PRAGMA does not exist (all versions)
  + Fix: ALIGN$ did not handle multiple empty lines correctly (all versions)
  + Fix: DEL$ crashed in case there was only 1 element (all versions)
  + Fix: core delimiter engine returned wrong value in case of empty strings (all versions)
  + Fix: memory leak of one byte in INPUT statement (all versions)
  + Fix: INPUT should not consider EOF as an error (all versions)
  + Fix: TALLY never returned when search string was empty (all versions)
  + Fix: INSTR/INSTRREV should return 0 in case of empty string argument (all versions)
  + Fix: the WAIT function showed initialization warnings in Valgrind (all versions)
  + Fix: compiler error warning syntax causes strange behavior for duplicate ENDSUB/ENDFUNCTION (all versions)
  + New: INBETWEEN$/OUTBETWEEN$ to get string in between/outside two delimiters (all versions - vovchik)
  + New: TOKEN$ to select member of tokenized series based on delimiter (all versions - vovchik)
  + New: LOAD$/SAVE/APPEND to load/save/append a file in one step to and from a variable (all versions - vovchik)
  + New: TALLY to count the amount of times a string occurs (all versions - vovchik)
  + New: INSERT$ to insert a string into another at specified position (all versions - vovchik)
  + New: FLATTEN$/UNFLATTEN$ to flatten out/unflatten escaped grouping characters (all versions)
  + New: BIN$ to convert number to string representing binary format (all versions)
  + New: EXCHANGE$ to swap 2 tokens in a series based on delimiter (all versions - vovchik)
  + New: CHANGE$ to change a token in a series based on delimiter (all versions)
  + New: AMOUNT to count the amount of tokens in a series based on delimiter (all versions - vovchik)
  + New: OPTION QUOTED to enable/disable skipping of delimiters when appearing in a string (all versions)
  + New: DOTIMES/DONE for anonymous loops (all versions)
  + New: ROL, ROR and BIT binary functions (all versions)
  + New: MAP to perform math on numeric arrays (all versions)
  + New: ISTOKEN to check if a string occurs in a delimited string (all versions)
  + New: UNIQ$, SORT$, REV$ and DELIM$ to manipulate delimited strings (all versions - vovchik)
  + New: HEAD$, TAIL$, CUT$ to obtain head, tail, part from delimited string (all versions)
  + New: APPEND$ and DEL$ to add/delete members from delimited string (all versions)
  + New: ALIGN$ to align pieces of ASCII text (all versions - vovchik)
  + Imp: SIGNAL does not need callback function with argument (all versions)
  + Imp: FREE now can delete all members of an associative array at once (all versions)
  + Imp: additional brackets when binary operator is used in IF/WHILE/REPEAT (all versions)
  + Imp: LEN now always uses the string optimized length calculation (all versions)
  + Imp: SPLIT to honor double quotes to skip the delimiter (all versions)
  + Imp: use math.h for MIN/MAX functions (all versions)
  + Imp: use actual BaCon icon for GUI when available (all versions)
  + Imp: SPLIT can perform numerical splitting of string (all versions)
  + Imp: BASENAME$ can accept optional argument to sepcify name or extension (all versions - vovchik)
  + Imp: REPLACE$ and EXTRACT$ should return haystack when needle is empty (all versions)
  + Imp: REPLACE$ should behave as EXTRACT$ when replacing string is empty (all versions)
  + Imp: statusbar of BaConGUI should indicate file size (BaConGUI version)
  + Imp: FOR..IN..STEP to honor double quotes to skip the delimiter (all versions)
  + Imp: string comparison now allows < and > symbols as well (all versions)
  + Imp: preliminary support for dynamic RECORD arrays (all versions)
  + Fix: fixed regression in EXIT (all versions)
  + Fix: comparison in IF/WHILE/REPEAT did not handle binary shift operators correctly (all versions)
  + Fix: potential bug when handling escaped escape sign in mini parsing (all versions)
  + Fix: JOIN statement crashed when target string was declared (all versions - vovchik)
  + Fix: fixed long standing issue where BaCon file needs newline at the end (all versions)
  + Fix: memory leak when using string members in arrays of RECORDS (all versions)
  + Fix: PRINT did not work with string arrays in RECORDS (all versions)
  + Fix: context info did not show some string functions properly (BaConGUI version)

Wed Nov 23 08:44:21 UTC 2016 -

- updated to latest release 3.4
  + New: RUN/RUN$ to transfer control to a program thereby replacing current process (all versions)
  + New: SIGNAL to connect SUB/FUNCTION to Unix signal (all versions)
  + New: SOURCE$ containing the original source code of the current program (all versions)
  + New: LINENO contains current linenumber in source code (all versions)
  + New: CLOSE LIBRARY to drop libraries from previous IMPORT statement(s) (all versions)
  + New: ON..GOTO statement for compatibility with old basics (all versions)
  + New: END FORK to exit forked child gracefully (all versions)
  + Imp: optional parameter for EXEC$ to specify stdout/stderr (all versions)
  + Imp: improved ALARM so it can resume interrupted task (all versions)
  + Fix: GUI should try to find library sequences up to 9999 for OpenBSD (BaConGUI version)
  + Fix: error reporting could not find source file in some circumstances (all versions)
  + Fix: improved error reporting in case of nesting errors (all versions)
  + Fix: memory leak when passing string arguments to functions/subs (all versions)
  + Fix: BaConGUI did not set theme on first startup (BaConGUI version)
  + Fix: EXEC$ could wait forever when using optional stdin argument (all versions)
  + Fix: the Enscript syntax file should always be installed in /usr/share prefix (BaConGUI version)
  + Fix: IMPORT could not handle function name in a string variable (all versions)
  + Fix: EXEC$ did not exit child process correctly (all versions) 

Sun Jul  3 22:58:17 UTC 2016 -

- updated to latest release 3.3.1 

Mon Jan 11 21:44:35 UTC 2016 -

- initial packaging of bacon 3.2.2