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File plasma-framework.changes of Package plasma-framework

Sun Apr 14 20:21:45 UTC 2019 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.57.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.57.0.php
- Changes since 5.56.0:
  * [AppletInterface] Check for corona before accessing it
  * [Dialog] Don't forward hover event when there is nowhere to forward it to
  * [Menu] Fix triggered signal
  * Reduce the importance of some debug information so actual warnings can be seen.
  * Fix qml warning
  * [PlasmaComponents3 ComboBox] Fix textColor
  * autotests: don't fail if an unrelated window shows up.
  * FrameSvgItem: catch margin changes of FrameSvg also outside own methods
  * Add Theme::blurBehindEnabled()
  * FrameSvgItem: fix textureRect for tiled subitems to not shrink to 0
  * Fix breeze dialog background with Qt 5.12.2 (kde#405548)
  * [Icon Item] Also clear image icon when using Plasma Svg (kde#405298)
  * textfield height based only on clear text (kde#399155)
  * bind alternateBackgroundColor
- Dropped patches, now upstream:
  * 0001-Fix-breeze-dialog-background-with-Qt-5.12.2.patch

Tue Mar 19 16:29:51 UTC 2019 - Fabian Vogt <fabian@ritter-vogt.de>

- Add patch to make certain .svgz work with Qt 5.12.2 (kde#405548):
  * 0001-Fix-breeze-dialog-background-with-Qt-5.12.2.patch

Fri Mar 15 23:54:14 UTC 2019 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.56.1
  * New bugfix release
- Changes since 5.56.0:
  * Remove crash in plasmashell

Sun Mar 10 20:15:38 UTC 2019 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.56.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.56.0.php
- Changes since 5.55.0:
  * Make it compiles without deprecated method
  * [Icon Item] Block next animation also based on window visibility
  * it's already defined in KDEFrameworkCompilerSettings
  * Show a warning if a plugin requires a newer version
  * Bump the theme versions because icons changed, to invalidate old caches
  * [breeze-icons] Revamp system.svgz
  * Make Breeze theme tooltip texts consistent
  * Change glowbar.svgz to smoother style (kde#391343)
  * Do background contrast fallback at runtime (kde#401142)
  * [breeze desktop theme/dialogs] Add rounded corners to dialogs
  * Fix warning
- Refreshed patches:
  * 0001-Revert-Remove-Qt-version-check.patch

Fri Feb 15 09:25:42 UTC 2019 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Add 0001-Revert-Remove-Qt-version-check.patch to revert the commit
  that removes support for Qt < 5.10
- Downgrade the Qt version requirement to build with 5.9

Sun Feb 10 22:03:23 UTC 2019 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.55.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.55.0.php
- Changes since 5.54.0:
  * Use more https in links (& update a few urls)
  * [Wallpaper templates] Add missing Comment= entry to desktop file
  * Remove explicit use of ECM_KDE_MODULE_DIR, part of ECM_MODULE_PATH
  * [Plasma Theme] Use new connect syntax
  * Share Plasma::Theme instances between multiple ColorScope
  * Make the clock svg's shadows more logically correct and visually appropriate
  * [frameworks] Do not use light font styles for headings (1/3) (kde#402730)
  * [Dialog] Don't alter mainItem's visibility
  * Reset parentItem when mainItem changes
  * Remove Qt version check

Mon Jan 14 06:08:55 UTC 2019 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.54.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.54.0.php
- Changes since 5.53.0:
  * [Calendar] Expose firstDayOfWeek in MonthView
  * Add override
  * Add preferences-system-bluetooth-battery to preferences.svgz
  * Fix comparison between signed and unsigned integer warning
  * Fix unused parameter warning

Sun Dec 09 19:43:46 UTC 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.53.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.53.0.php
- Changes since 5.52.0:
  * Use isEmpty()
  * Remove virtual keyword
  * same behavior as qwidgets comboboxes
  * feature parity of Menu with the Desktop style
  * default values for tooltips
  * make sure flickables are pixelaligned
  * Simplify reference counting of FrameData
  * less spacing
  * ASAN: Fix memory leak in CalendarPlugin
  * ASAN: Fix memory leak in DataSource
  * ASAN: Fix memory leak in Corona
  * ASAN: Fix leak in AppletQuickItem
  * Remove ComponentInstaller
  * Qt 5.9 is now the minimum required version
  * Add back (accidentally?) deleted line in CMakeLists.txt
  * 100% consistency with kirigami heading sizing
  * more homogeneous look with Kirigami headings
  * install the processed version of private imports
  * Mobile text selection controls
  * Update breeze-light and breeze-dark colorschemes
  * Make sure private header fields are initialized
  * Summary: After this commit https://cgit.kde.org/plasma-framework.git/commit/?id=9f08668147d2e99f8b5069ff50d5c54e672a87af the iconitemtest started to fail, the reason was just a typo in the initial "if" so it does exactly the same in the "if" and the "else" part. So let's correct it to do what it is suposed to do.
  * remove unneeded include
  * Remove qt include prefix

Sun Nov 11 19:48:08 UTC 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.52.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.52.0.php
- Changes since 5.51.0:
  * Remove unused variables
  * revert icons scaling on mobile
  * Fix minor EBN issues and typos
  * Support mnemonic labels
  * Remove PLASMA_NO_KIO option
  * proper color group for icons
  * center text when no icon
  * smaller dots
  * Reduce double and triple lookups to the frames hash
  * No point in including an empty foreach when NDEBUG isn't defined
  * Properly look for fallback themes

Tue Oct 16 08:02:48 UTC 2018 - Luca Beltrame <lbeltrame@kde.org>

- Run spec-cleaner

Mon Oct 15 11:50:43 UTC 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.51.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.51.0.php
- Changes since 5.50.0:
  * Bump theme version strings because there are new icons in 5.51
  * add missing PageIndicator
  * better sizing for roundbutton
  * Also raise configuration window when reusing it
  * follow colorscope
  * no hover effects on mobile
  * Revert "add a "preview" file definition for widgetexplorer"
  * slightly translucent when disabled
  * Add missing component: RoundButton
  * add a "preview" file definition for widgetexplorer
  * Remove this line
  * Avoid potential detach on range-loops with non-const Qt containers
  * Combine display OSD icon files and move to plasma icon theme (kde#395714)
  * same fixes as Slider
  * make use of hint-handle-size
  * align the groove in a better way
  * respect color group
  * don't corrupt the active part
  * [Plasma Components 3 Slider] Fix implicit size of handle
  * [Plasma Components 3 ComboBox] Switch entries with mouse wheel
  * Support button icons when present
  * stubs, warning--
  * [Calendar] Wrap day name index around (kde#390330)
  * Fix minor typos
  * [DialogShadows] Use 0 offset for disabled borders on Wayland
- Dropped patches, now upstream:
  * 0001-Support-button-icons-when-present.patch

Thu Oct 11 13:59:40 UTC 2018 - fabian@ritter-vogt.de

- Add patch to workaround use of Frameworks 5.51 features in Plasma 5.14:
  * 0001-Support-button-icons-when-present.patch (kde#398626)

Thu Sep 13 21:58:47 UTC 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.50.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.50.0.php
- Changes since 5.49.0:
  * Workaround bug with native rendering and opacity in TextField text (kde#396813)
  * [Icon Item] Watch KIconLoader icon change when using QIcon
  * [Icon Item] Use ItemEnabledHasChanged
  * Get rid of deprecated QWeakPointer usage
  * Fix style sheet for 22-22-system-suspend (kde#397441)
  * Improve Widgets' removal and configure text
  * Copy PlasmaCore binary qmldir file structure into bin for unit tests

Sun Aug 19 09:19:34 UTC 2018 - christophe@krop.fr

- Update to 5.49.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.49.0.php
- Changes since 5.48.0:
  * if an applet is invalid, it has immediately UiReadyConstraint
  * [Plasma PluginLoader] Cache plugins during startup
  * Fix fading node when one textured is atlassed.
  * [Containment] Don't load containment actions with plasma/containment_actions KIOSK restriction

Mon Jul 16 04:37:48 UTC 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.48.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.48.0.php
- Changes since 5.47.0:
  * Use more nullptr
  * FrameSvg: Update mask frame if image path has been changed
  * FrameSvg: Do not wreck shared mask frames
  * FrameSvg: Simplify updateSizes
  * Icons for Keyboard Indicator T9050
  * fix color for media icon
  * FrameSvg: Recache maskFrame if enabledBorders has been changed (kde#382324, kde#390632, kde#391659)
  * FrameSvg: Draw corners only if both borders in both directions are enabled
  * Teach ContainmentInterface::processMimeData how to handle Task Manager drops
  * FrameSVG: Delete redundant checks
  * FrameSVG: Fix QObject include
  * Use QDateTime for interfacing with QML (kde#394423)
- Dropped patches, now upstream:
  * upstream patch use-qdatetime-with-qml.patch
- Remove update-alternatives for input.svgz - not used anymore?
- Fix %_kf5_bugfix_version
- Merge -private into plasma-framework
- Split off main library as separate package

Tue Jun 12 21:26:09 UTC 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.47.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.47.0.php
- Changes since 5.46.0:
  * Use override
  * Templates: consistent naming, fix translation catalog names & more
  * [Breeze Plasma Theme] Fix kleopatra icon to use color stylesheet (kde#394400)
  * [Dialog] Handle dialog being minimized gracefully (kde#381242)

Mon Jun  4 08:37:00 UTC 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Add upstream patch use-qdatetime-with-qml.patch:
  * Fixes wrong dates being shown in Plasma calendar (kde#394423)

Sun May 13 21:03:10 UTC 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.46.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.46.0.php
- Changes since 5.45.0:
  * Too many changes to list here
- Dropped patches, now upstream:
  * Dont-alter-memory-management-to-hide-an-item.patch
  * 0001-Revert-windowthumbnail-Use-gamma-correct-scaling.patch
  * 0002-Revert-windowthumbnail-Use-mipmap-texture-filtering.patch
  * Air-Oxygen-themes-Bump-version.patch

Fri May  4 10:50:48 UTC 2018 - wbauer@tmo.at

- Remove outdated calendar.svgz from the Air and Oxygen themes to
  fix showing event markers in the calendar (boo#1091832)
- Add Air-Oxygen-themes-Bump-version.patch to raise the version of
  these 2 themes, otherwise Plasma would reuse existing caches
  rendering the above fix ineffective

Fri May  4 08:55:32 UTC 2018 - fabian@ritter-vogt.de

- Add patches to fix window thumbnails on Nvidia:
  * 0001-Revert-windowthumbnail-Use-gamma-correct-scaling.patch
  * 0002-Revert-windowthumbnail-Use-mipmap-texture-filtering.patch

Thu May  3 11:10:11 UTC 2018 - wbauer@tmo.at

- Add Dont-alter-memory-management-to-hide-an-item.patch to fix a
  possible Plasma crash when changing the desktop layout

Sat Apr 14 13:19:08 CEST 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.45.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.45.0.php
- Changes since 5.44.0:
  * Too many changes to list here

Mon Mar 12 23:29:43 CET 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.44.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.44.0.php
- Changes since 5.43.0:
  * use the new value for largeSpacing in Kirigami
  * Reduce visibility of PC3 TextField placeholder text
  * Don't make Titles 20% transparent either
  * [PackageUrlInterceptor] Don't rewrite "inline"
  * API dox: remove duplicated deprecated comment
  * API dox: Use @deprecated tag for deprecation comment
  * Don't make Headings 20% transparent, to match Kirigami
  * don't put the fullrep in the popup if not collapsed
  * Remove dead code for finding QCA2, not used since Plasma5
  * Help automoc to find metadata JSON files referenced in the code
  * [AppletQuickItem] Preload applet expander only if not already expanded
  * other preload microoptimizations
  * drop the setting of c++0x
  * Set IconItem default to smooth=true
  * preload the expander (the dialog) too
  * [AppletQuickItem] Fix setting default preload policy if no environment variable is set
  * fix RTL appearance for ComboBox
  * try to preload certain applets in a smart way
  * [Icon Item] Set filtering on FadingNode texture
  * Initialize m_actualGroup to NormalColorGroup
  * Make sure the FrameSvg and Svg instances have the right devicePixelRatio

Mon Feb 12 23:42:13 CET 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.43.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.43.0.php
- Changes since 5.42.0:
  * Define property in Units.qml for the Plasma styles
  * Include cstdlib for std::free
  * windowthumbnail: Fix the GLXFBConfig selection code
  * Revert "[Plasma Dialog] Call window effects only if visible" (kde#389352)
  * [Default Tooltip] Fix sizing (kde#386260, kde#389371)
  * [Examples] Fix build
  * parametrize qqc2 version
  * don't multiply svg sizes by devicepixelratio
  * [Plasma Dialog] Call window effects only if visible
  * [Plasma Theme] Guard against invalid KPluginInfo object (kde#389152)
  * Fix one source of log spam referenced in Bug 388389 (Empty filename passed to function)
  * [Calendar] Adjust the calendar toolbar anchors
  * API dox: Use code markup for described dataUpdated slot signature
  * [ConfigModel] Set QML context on ConfigModule (kde#388766)
  * [Icon Item] Treat sources starting with a slash as local file
  * fix RTL appearance for ComboBox (kde#387558)

Tue Jan 16 22:50:23 CET 2018 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.42.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.42.0.php
- Changes since 5.41.0:
  * Remove obsolete reviewboardrc file
  * Const'ify, use nullptr
  * Prevent cmake 3.10+ warning about moc include & Plasma plugin macros
  * [Air theme] Add task bar progress graphic (kde#368215)
  * Templates: remove stray * from license headers
  * make packageurlinterceptor as noop as possible
  * Revert "Don't tear down renderer and other busy work when Svg::setImagePath is invoked with the same arg"
  * move kirigami plasma styles here
  * Add more explicit
  * Use nullptr + add explicit
  * disappearing scrollbars on mobile
  * reuse KPackage instance between PluginLoader and Applet
  * test return value from QTest::qWaitForWindowExposed
  * [AppletQuickItem] Only set QtQuick Controls 1 style once per engine
  * Don't set a window icon in Plasma::Dialog
  * [RTL] - align properly the selected text for RTL (kde#387415)
  * Initialize scale factor to the last scale factor set on any instance
  * Revert "Initialize scale factor to the last scale factor set on any instance"
  * Don't update when the underlying FrameSvg is repaint-blocked
  * Initialize scale factor to the last scale factor set on any instance
  * Move if check inside #ifdef
  * [FrameSvgItem] Don't create unneccessary nodes
  * Don't tear down renderer and other busy work when Svg::setImagePath is invoked with the same arg

Sun Dec 17 09:43:50 CET 2017 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.41.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.41.0.php
- Changes since 5.40.0:
  * Too many changes to list here

Mon Nov 13 07:01:17 CET 2017 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.40.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.40.0.php
- Changes since 5.39.0:
  * manually draw the circle arc
  * [PlasmaComponents Menu] Add ungrabMouseHack
  * [FrameSvg] Optimize updateSizes
  * Don't position a Dialog if it's of type OSD

Mon Oct 23 06:41:47 CEST 2017 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.39.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.39.0.php
- Changes since 5.38.0:
  * Fix org.kde.plasma.calendar with Qt 5.10
  * sceneGraphBackend() is new in Qt 5.9
  * [FrameSvgItem] Iterate child nodes properly
  * pick up the proper positive/neutral/negative colors
  * [Containment Interface] Don't add containment actions to applet actions on desktop
  * Add new component for the greyed out labels in Item Delegates.
  * Fix FrameSVGItem with the software renderer
  * Don't animate IconItem in software mode
  * Fix build without KDocTools
  * remove extra executable bits
  * [FrameSvg] Use new-style connect
  * possibility to set an attached colorscope to not inherit
  * Add extra visual indicator for Checkbox/Radio keyboard focus
  * don't recreate a null pixmap
  * Remove unused functions
  * Pass item to rootObject() since it's now a singleton (kde#384776)
  * Don't list tab names twice
  * don't accept active focus on tab
  * register revision 1 for QQuickItem
  * [Plasma Components 3] Fix RTL in some widgets.
  * Fix invalid id in viewitem.
  * update mail notification icon for better contrast BUG:365297 (kde#365297)
- Dropped patches, now upstream:
  * 0001-Pass-item-to-rootObject-since-it-s-now-a-singleton.patch

Mon Sep 18 16:19:04 UTC 2017 - fabian@ritter-vogt.de

- Add patch to fix Plasma Dialogs (kde#384776):
  * 0001-Pass-item-to-rootObject-since-it-s-now-a-singleton.patch

Tue Sep 12 07:11:19 CEST 2017 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.38.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.38.0.php
- Changes since 5.37.0:
  * [ConfigModel] Guard against adding a null ConfigCategory
  * [ConfigModel] Allow programmatically adding and removing ConfigCategory
  * [EventPluginsManager] Expose pluginPath in model
  * [Icon Item] Don't needlessly unset imagePath
  * [FrameSvg] Use QPixmap::mask() instead of deprecated convoluted way via alphaChannel()
  * [FrameSvgItem] Create margins/fixedMargins object on demand
  * HTML-escape applet name in undo notification
  * fix check state for menu items
  * Force Plasma style for QQC2 in applets
  * Install the PlasmaComponents.3/private folder
  * Guard failed testItem creation
  * [Service] Restore /dev/null usage
  * [Service] Use KConfig::SimpleConfig
  * Drop remains of "locolor" themes
  * Get rid of QSignalMapper
  * [Theme] Use KConfig SimpleConfig
  * Avoid some unnecessary theme content lookups
  * fix check
  * ignore spurious resize events to empty sizes (kde#382340)
- Dropped patches, now upstream:
  * 0001-ignore-spurious-resize-events-to-empty-sizes.patch

Sat Aug 12 09:23:43 UTC 2017 - christophe@krop.fr

- Update to 5.37.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.37.0.php
- Changes since 5.36.0 :
  * Fix compilation on Yocto
  * [Containment Interface] always emit contextualActionsAboutToShow for containment
  * add some @deprecated in the documentation
  * remove resourceinstance
  * Treat Button/ToolButton labels as plaintext
  * Don't perform wayland specific fixes when on X (kde#381130)
  * Add KF5WindowSystem to link interface
  * Declare AppManager.js as pragma library
  * [PlasmaComponents] Remove Config.js
  * default to plain text for labels
  * Load translations from KPackage files if bundled (kde#374825)
  * [PlasmaComponents Menu] Don't crash on null action
  * Use new connect syntax in more places
  * [Plasma Dialog] Fix flag conditions
  * update akregator system tray icon BUG: 379861 (kde#379861)
  * [Containment Interface] Keep containment in RequiresAttentionStatus while context menu is open (kde#344205)
  * Revert "Don't list KF5::WindowSystem in public libraries"
  * Don't list KF5::WindowSystem in public libraries
  * API dox: use @param for normal parameter listing, not @arg
  * fix apidocs
  * Fix tab bar layout key handling in RTL (kde#379894)
- Drop 0001-Revert-recreate-plasmashellsurf-on-exposed-destoy-on.patch
  (fixed upstream)
- Add 0001-ignore-spurious-resize-events-to-empty-sizes.patch

Sat Jul 15 09:54:58 UTC 2017 - fabian@ritter-vogt.de

- Add patch to revert upstream commit to workaround notifications
  appearing at the wrong location (kde#381130):
  * 0001-Revert-recreate-plasmashellsurf-on-exposed-destoy-on.patch

Wed Jul 12 07:14:05 CEST 2017 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.36.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.36.0.php
- Changes since 5.35.0:
  * Use #if instead of #ifdef
  * Fix the build without wayland/kwayland
  * Make sure size is final after showEvent
  * Fix vlc tray icon margins
  * Fix vlc tray icon color scheme
  * Revert "Make every applet its own focus scope"
  * Set Containments to have focus within the view (kde#381124)
  * generate the old key before updating enabledborders (kde#378508)
  * show show password button also if empty text (kde#378277)
  * Make every applet its own focus scope
  * Emit usedPrefixChanged when prefix is empty
  * don't switch colors on new themes
  * tests: run i18ndcheck only when bash is found
  * Port a bunch of classes away from Plasma::Package
  * cmake: use ecm_add_test more
  * src/plasmaquick/dialog.cpp - fix build without kwayland
  * [FEATURE] Option to build & install QCH file with the public API dox

Sun Jun 11 09:27:44 CEST 2017 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.35.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.35.0.php
- Changes since 5.34.0:
  * src/plasmaquick/dialog.cpp - fix build without kwayland
  * Add VLC tray icon
  * Small improvements in IconItem
  * API dox: Use doxygen notation to have comments used
  * API dox: note CamelCase includes by @class tag with more classes
  * API dox: fix doxygen notation with some post-position comments
  * minimize dialog resizes/moves
  * set transientparent for menus
  * Plasmoid templates: use the image which is part of the package (again)
  * Add template for Plasma QML Applet with QML extension
  * [WIP] workarounds for menu positioning
  * recreate plasmashellsurf on exposed, destoy on hidden
  * tests: fix i18ndcheck.sh for paths with special chars

Mon May 15 13:53:18 CEST 2017 - fabian@ritter-vogt.de

- Update to 5.34.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.34.0.php
- Changes since 5.33.0:
  * reload icon when usesPlasmaTheme changes
  * fix include even if load path isn't set
  * Fix build with CMake 3.8
  * hide scrollbar when useless
  * Install Plasma Components 3 so they can be used
  * Introduce units.iconSizeHints.* to provide user-configurable icon size hints
  * [TextFieldStyle] Fix textField is not defined error
  * Update the ungrabMouse hack for Qt 5.8
  * Guard against Applet not loading AppletInterface (kde#377050)
  * Calendar: Use correct language for month and day names
  * Update qmltypes
  * Generate plugins.qmltypes files for the plugins we install
  * remove some debug
  * if the user did set an implicit size, keep it
- Remove patches, now upstream:
  * keep-implicit-size-if-set.patch
- Remove obsolete patches:
  * loosen-up-kactivities-requirement.patch
- Use %find_lang %{name} --with-man --all-name

Sat Apr 15 10:15:17 CEST 2017 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Drop upstreamed patches:
  * 0001-Handle-applyPrefixes-with-an-empty-string.patch
- Add patches from upstream:
  * keep-implicit-size-if-set.patch - Fixes icon size in desktop toolbox
- Update to 5.33.0
  * New bugfix release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-applications-5.33.0.php
- Changes since 5.32.0:
  * Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.33.0 release.
  * [ModelContextMenu] Silence warnings
  * [ModelContextMenu] Use Instantiator instead of Repeater-and-reparent-hack
  * [Calendar] Shrink and elide week names like is done with day delegate
  * [Icon Item] Make "smooth" property actually do something
  * sensible implicit size for svgs
  * [Default Tooltip] Fix icon size
  * fix stylesheet for fcitx.svgz
  * fix typo, iterate all colors available
  * Set implicit size from source size for image/SVG URL sources.
  * add a new property in containment, for an edit mode
  * correct maskRequestedPrefix when no prefix is used
  * [Menu] Harmonize openRelative placement
  * Add KAcceleratorManager
  * Plasma controls based on QtQuickControls2
  * Upgrade KF5 version to 5.33.0.
  * Handle applyPrefixes with an empty string
  * Forward keyPressEvent to super class
  * actually delete old theme caches
  * [Containment Interface] Trigger context menus on pressing "Menu" key
  * [Breeze Plasma Theme] Improve action-overlay icons
  * Port away from setRoleNames where easily possible
  * Use initialiser list
  * Ref/deref DataEngines even if the metadata is invalid
  * Implement FadingMaterial frag/vert shaders on core profile
  * Split frag and vert code of FadingNode into separate files
  * Small cleanups

Mon Mar 20 08:44:38 UTC 2017 - fabian@ritter-vogt.de

- Add upstream patch to fix unhovering of desktop items (kde#377441):
  * 0001-Handle-applyPrefixes-with-an-empty-string.patch
  * Workaround already applied to plasma-workspace

Sun Mar 19 14:51:16 CET 2017 - lbeltrame@kde.org

- Update to 5.32.0
  * New feature release
  * For more details please see:
  * https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.32.0.php
- Changes since 5.31.0:
  * Too many changes to list here
  * Commit translations from l10n-kf5
  * set default hints when repr doesn't export Layout.*
  * possible to set expanded=false for a containment
  * Upgrade ECM and KF5 version requirements for 5.32.0 release.
  * [Menu] Improve available space correction for openRelative
  * move setImagePath logic into updateFrameData()
  * IconItem: Add roundToIconSize property
  * same margins as the normal button
  * [Desktop Themes] Bump version number
  * [SliderStyle] Allow providing a "hint-handle-size" element
  * possibility to use a fallback chain as prefix
  * Make the dataengine alignment timer more precise
  * Connect all connections to action in QMenuItem::setAction
  * [ConfigView] Honor KIOSK Control Module restrictions
  * Fix disabling the spinner animation when Busy indicator has no opacity
  * Fix binding loop regression in FrameSVGItem
  * [FrameSvgItemMargins] Don't update on repaintNeeded
  * IconItemTest: Fix loadPixmap and loadImage tests
  * qml/plasmoid/containmentinterface.cpp - fix compile with Qt5.6
  * [WIP]: integrate drop menu and filecopy drop menu
  * Applet icons for the Plasma Vault
  * fix stylesheet
  * Migrate AppearAnimation and DisappearAnimation to Animators
  * Use QtQuickControls button, instead of PlasmaComponent's
  * Upgrade KF5 version to 5.32.0.
  * Align bottom edge to top edge of visualParent in the TopPosedLeftAlignedPopup case.
  * [ConfigModel] Emit dataChanged when a ConfigCategory changes
  * use anchors instead of fillHeight
  * hardcode padding of scrollview style to 0
  * [ScrollViewStyle] Evaluate frameVisible property
  * don't regenerate frames when setting every property
  * Add kleopatra icon
  * [Button Styles] Use Layout.fillHeight instead of parent.height in a Layout
  * [ContainmentInterface] Also align containment context menu to panel
  * Upgrade Qt5 version requirement to 5.6.0.

Thu Feb  9 10:19:32 UTC 2017 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.31.0
  * For more details please see:

Mon Jan  9 00:00:15 UTC 2017 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.30.0
  * For more details please see:

Sun Dec  4 02:06:16 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.29.0
  * Check for metadata validity in settingsFileChanged (kde#372651)
  * Don't flip tabbar layout if vertical
  * Remove radialGradient4857 (kde#372383)
  * [AppletInterface] Never pull focus away from fullRepresentation
  * Fix SVG icon ID prefix (kde#369622)
  * For more details please see:
- Drop upstreamed neverpullaway.patch

Mon Nov 14 18:04:05 UTC 2016 - fabian@ritter-vogt.de

- Add neverpullaway.patch to fix unfocusing when hiding launcher
  with shortcut (kde#372476)

Sat Nov  5 22:25:32 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.28.0
  * make sure OSD doesn't have Dialog flag (kde#370433)
  * set context proeprties before reloading the qml (kde#371763)
  * Don't reparse the metadata file if it's already loaded
  * Fix crash in qmlplugindump when no QApplication is available
  * Don't show "Alternatives" menu by default
  * New bool to use activated signal as toggle of expanded
  * Fixes for building plasma-framework with Qt 5.5
  * [PluginLoader] Use operator<< for finalArgs instead of
    initializer list
  * use kwayland for shadows and dialog positioning
  * Remaining missing icons and network improvements
  * Move availableScreenRect/Region up to AppletInterface
  * Don't load containment actions for embedded containments
    (system trays)
  * Update applet alternatives menu entry visibility on demand
  * For more details please see:
- Drop upstreamed Fixes-for-building-plasma-framework-with-Qt-55.patch,
  0001-make-sure-OSD-doesnt-have-Dialog-flag.patch and
- Remove network.svgz, latest version is now included in tar

Wed Nov  2 11:28:03 UTC 2016 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Add 0001-make-sure-OSD-doesnt-have-Dialog-flag.patch to fix an
  issue by which OSD (like volume changes notifications) were
  not shown when panel was hidden (kde#370433).

Thu Oct 27 20:57:36 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Fix SLE build: Fixes-for-building-plasma-framework-with-Qt-55.patch

Thu Oct 27 19:25:57 UTC 2016 - fabian@ritter-vogt.de

- Add new-bool-to-use-activated-signal-as-toggle.patch to support
  change in plasma5-desktop to enable closing launchers with Meta

Fri Oct 14 12:26:41 UTC 2016 - wbauer@tmo.at

- Update network.svgz to the latest git version to also add the
  "flightmode-on/off" icons to the Air/Oxygen desktop themes
  (boo#999967, kde#368660)

Thu Oct 13 09:11:03 UTC 2016 - wbauer@tmo.at

- Add network.svgz from latest upstream git Air desktop theme, this
  includes a lot of network icons that were missing before
  (boo#999967, kde#368660)

Sun Oct  2 12:48:18 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.27.0
  * Improve timetracker output
  * [ToolButtonStyle] Fix menu arrow
  * i18n: handle strings in kdevtemplate files
  * i18n: review strings in kdevtemplate files
  * Add removeMenuItem to PlasmaComponents.ContextMenu
  * Update ktorrent icon (kde#369302)
  * [WindowThumbnail] Discard pixmap on map events
  * Don't include kdeglobals when dealing with a cache config
  * Fix Plasma::knownLanguages
  * Resize the view just after setting the containment
  * Avoid creating a KPluginInfo from a KPluginMetaData instance
  * Running tasks must have some indicator
  * Task bar lines according to RR 128802
  * [AppletQuickItem] Break from loop when we found a layout
  * For more details please see:
- Drop 0001-Commit-translations-from-l10n-kf5.patch, obsorbed by
  5.27.0 tar

Wed Sep 28 20:19:00 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.27.0~20160928~b115ea1.git
  * Pick up plasma theme to be used with Plasma 5.8
- Cherry pick 0001-Commit-translations-from-l10n-kf5.patch so the
  translations from 5.26.0 are kept (they are only part of tar and
  tag, not in git master)

Tue Sep  6 21:14:45 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.26.0
  * Fix device icon 22px icon didn't work in the old file
  * WindowThumbnail: Do GL calls in the correct thread (kde#368066)
  * Make plasma_install_package work with
  * Add margin and padding to the start.svgz icon
  * Fix stylesheet stuff in computer icon
  * Add computer and laptop icon for kicker (kde#367816)
  * Fix cannot assign undefined to double warning in DayDelegate
  * Fix stylesheed svgz files are not in love with me
  * Rename the 22px icons to 22-22-x and the 32px icons to
    x for kicker
  * [PlasmaComponents TextField] Don't bother loading icons
    for unused buttons
  * Extra guard in Containment::corona in the special
    system tray case
  * When marking a containment as deleted, also mark all
    sub-applets as deleted - fixes system tray container configs
    not being deleted
  * Fix Device Notifier icon
  * Add system-search to system in 32 and 22px size
  * Add monochrome icons for kicker
  * Set colour scheme on system-search icon
  * Move system-search into system.svgz
  * Fix wrong or missing "X-KDE-ParentApp" in desktop file definitions
  * Fix API dox of Plasma::PluginLoader: mixup of
  * Add system-search icon for the sddm theme
  * Add nepomuk 32px icon
  * Update touchpad icon for the system tray
  * Remove code that can never be executed
  * [ContainmentView] Show panels when UI becomes ready
  * Don't redeclare property implicitHeight
  * Use QQuickViewSharedEngine::setTranslationDomain (kde#361513)
  * Add 22px and 32px plasma breeze icon support
  * Remove colored system icons and add 32px monochrome ones
  * Add an optional reveal password button to TextField
  * The standard tooltips are now mirrored when in a
    right-to-left language
  * Performance when changing months in the calendar has
    been greatly improved
  * For more details please see:

Sun Aug  7 22:17:26 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.25.0
  * Qt >= 5.5 is now required
  * Keep compatiable slot createApplet with Frameworks 5.24
  * Don't delete gl texture twice in thumbnail (kde#365946)
  * Add translation domain to wallpaper QML object
  * Don't manually delete applets
  * Add a kapptemplate for Plasma Wallpaper
  * Templates: register templates in own toplevel category "Plasma/"
  * Templates: Update techbase wiki links in READMEs
  * Define what Plasma packagestructures extend plasmashell
  * Support a size for adding applets
  * Define Plasma PackageStructure as regular
    KPackage PackageStructure plugins
  * Fix: update wallpaper example Autumn's config.qml to QtQuick.Controls
  * Use KPackage to install Plasma Packages
  * If we pass a QIcon as an argument to IconItem::Source, use it
  * Add overlay support to Plasma IconItem
  * Add Qt::Dialog to default flags to make
    QXcbWindow::isTransient() happy (kde#366278)
  * [Breeze Plasma Theme] Add network-flightmode-on/off icons
  * Emit contextualActionsAboutToShow before showing the applet's
    contextualActions menu (kde#366294)
  * [TextField] Bind to TextField length instead of text
  * [Button Styles] Horizontally center in icon-only mode
  * [Containment] Treat HiddenStatus as low status
  * Add kruler system tray icon from Yuri Fabirovsky
  * Fix the infamous 'dialogs show up on the Task Manager'
    bug once more
  * Fix network wireless available icon with an ? emblem
  * IconItem: Use better approach to disable animation when going
    from invisible to visible
  * Set Tooltip window type on ToolTipDialog through KWindowSystem API
  * For more details please see:

Wed Jul  6 15:07:25 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.24.0
  * [Calendar] Flip arrow buttons on right-to-left languages
  * Plasma::Service::operationDescription() should return a QVariantMap
  * Don't include embedded contrainers in containmentAt(pos)
  * Fix the color theming for the restart system icon (login screen)
  * Disable taskbar thumbnails with llvmpipe (kde#363371)
  * Guard against invalid applets (kde#364281)
  * PluginLoader::loadApplet: restore compatibility for
    misinstalled applets
  * PluginLoader: improve error message about
    plugin version compatibility
  * Fix check to keep QMenu on screen for multiscreen layouts
  * New containment type for the systray
  * For more details please see:

Mon Jun  6 21:45:05 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.23.0
  * Add cantata system tray support (kde#363784)
  * Selected state for Plasma::Svg and IconItem
  * DaysModel: reset m_agendaNeedsUpdate when plugin sends
    new events
  * Update audio and network icon to get a better contrast
  * Deprecate downloadPath(const QString &file)
    in favor of downloadPath()
  * [icon thumbnail] Request for preferred icon size (kde#362324)
  * Plasmoids can now tell whether widgets are locked by
    the user or sysadmin restrictions
  * [ContainmentInterface] Don't try to popup empty QMenu
  * Use SAX for Plasma::Svg stylesheet replacement
  * [DialogShadows] Cache access to QX11Info::display()
  * restore air plasma theme icons from KDE4
  * Reload selected color scheme on colors changed
  * For more details please see:

Sat May  7 18:46:26 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.22.0 (boo#980066)
  * [QuickTheme] Fix properties
  * highlight/highlightedText from proper color group
  * ConfigModel: Don't try to resolve empty source path from package
  * [calendar] Only show the events mark on days grid,
    not month or year
  * declarativeimports/core/windowthumbnail.h - fix -Wreorder warning
  * Reload icon theme properly
  * Always write the theme name to plasmarc, also if the
    default theme is chosen
  * [calendar] Add a mark to days containing an event
  * Add Positive, Neutral, Negative text colors
  * ScrollArea: Fix warning when contentItem is not Flickable
  * Add a prop and method for aligning the menu against a corner
    of its visual parent
  * Allow setting minimum width on Menu
  * Maintain order in stored item list
  * Extend API to allow (re)positioning menu items during
    procedural insert
  * Bind highlightedText color in Plasma::Theme
  * Fix unsetting associated application/urls for Plasma::Applets
  * Don't expose symbols of private class DataEngineManager
  * Add an "event" element in the calendar svg
  * SortFilterModel: Invalidate filter when changing filter callback
  * For more details please see:

Mon Apr  4 14:31:31 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.21.0 (boo#974793)
  * [calendar] Fix calendar applet not clearing selection
    when hiding (kde#360683)
  * update audio icon to use stylesheet
  * update audio mute icon (kde#360953)
  * Fixing the force-creation of applets when plasma is immutable
  * [Fading Node] Don't mix opacity separately (kde#355894)
  * [Svg] Don't reparse configuration in response to
  * Dialog: Set SkipTaskbar/Pager states before showing window
  * Reintroduce busy property in Applet
  * Make sure PlasmaQuick export file is properly found
  * Don't import an nonexistent layout
  * Make it possible for an applet to offer a test object
  * Replace QMenu::exec with QMenu::popup
  * FrameSvg: Fix dangling pointers in sharedFrames when
    theme changes
  * IconItem: Schedule pixmap update when window changes
  * IconItem: Animate active and enabled change even with
    animations disabled
  * DaysModel: Make update a slot
  * [Icon Item] Don't animate from previous pixmap when it
    has been invisible
  * [Icon Item] Don't call loadPixmap in setColorGroup
  * [Applet] Don't overwrite "Persistent" flag of Undo notification
  * Allowing to override plasma mutability setting on
    containment creation
  * Add icon/titleChanged
  * Remove QtScript dependency
  * Header of plasmaquick_export.h is in plasmaquick folder
  * Install some plasmaquick headers
  * Upgrade Qt version requirement to 5.4.0
  * For more details please see:

Thu Mar 31 16:42:44 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Conflict with kapptemplate <= 15.12.3 as the Plasma templates
  are removed in newer versions

Sun Mar  6 10:04:05 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.20.0 (boo#970856)
  * IconItem: Don't overwrite source when using QIcon::name()
  * ContainmentInterface: Fix use of QRect right() and bottom()
  * Remove effectively duplicate code path for handling QPixmaps
  * Add API docs for IconItem
  * Fix stylesheet (kde#359345)
  * Don't wipe window mask on every geometry change when
    compositing is active and no mask has been set
  * Applet: Don't crash on remove panel (kde#345723)
  * Theme: Discard pixmap cache when changing theme (kde#359924)
  * IconItemTest: Skip when grabToImage fails
  * IconItem: Fix changing color of svg icons loaded from icon theme
  * Fix svg iconPath resolving in IconItem
  * If path is passed, pick the tail (kde#359902)
  * Add properties configurationRequired and reason
  * Move contextualActionsAboutToShow to Applet
  * ScrollViewStyle: Do not use margins of the flickable item
  * DataContainer: Fix slot checks before connect/disconnect
  * ToolTip: Prevent multiple geometry changes while changing contents
  * SvgItem: Don't use Plasma::Theme from rendering thread
  * AppletQuickItem: Fix finding own attached layout (kde#358849)
  * Smaller expander for the taskbar
  * ToolTip: Stop show timer if hideTooltip is called (kde#358894)
  * Disable animation of icons in plasma tooltips
  * Drop animations from tooltips
  * Default theme follows color scheme
  * Fix IconItem not loading non-theme icons with name (kde#359388)
  * Prefer other containments than desktop in containmentAt()
  * WindowThumbnail: Discard glx pixmap in stopRedirecting()
  * Remove the legacy applets filter
  * ToolButtonStyle: Don't rely on an outside ID
  * Don't assume we find a corona (kde#359026)
  * Calendar: Add proper back/forward buttons and a "Today" button
    (kde#336124, kde#348362, kde#358536)
  * For more details please see:
- Drop upstreamed patches:
- Added loosen-up-kactivities-requirement.patch -- require
  kactivities 5.19.0, as we can't update kactivities5 to 5.20.0
  before Plasma 5.6.0

Tue Mar  1 18:04:31 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Added 0001-Theme-Discard-pixmap-cache-when-changing-theme.patch

Mon Feb 29 17:12:54 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Add 0001-if-path-is-passed-pick-the-tail.patch -- fix loading
  of c++ based applets

Tue Feb 16 17:16:21 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Added fix-IconItem-regression.patch (kde#359388)

Sat Feb 13 15:35:31 UTC 2016 - opensuse.lietuviu.kalba@gmail.com

- Fix regression introduced in KDE Frameworks 5.18 that crash
  KDE Plasma if mouse repeatedly hovers over TaskManager:
  added kde357895.patch (kde#357895)

Sat Feb  6 18:09:02 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.19.0 (boo#967668)
  * Add a property separatorVisible
  * More explicit removal from m_appletInterfaces (kde#358551)
  * Use complementaryColorScheme from KColorScheme
  * AppletQuickItem: Don't try to set initial size bigger than
    parent size (kde#358200)
  * IconItem: Add usesPlasmaTheme property
  * Don't load toolbox on types not desktop or panel
  * IconItem: Try to load QIcon::fromTheme icons as svg (kde#353358)
  * Ignore check if just one part of size is zero in
    compactRepresentationCheck (kde#358039)
  * [Units] Return at least 1ms for durations (kde#357532)
  * Add clearActions() to remove every applet interface action
  * [plasmaquick/dialog] Don't use KWindowEffects for
    Notification window type
  * Deprecate Applet::loadPlasmoid()
  * [PlasmaCore DataModel] Don't reset model when a source is removed
  * Fix margin hints in opague panel background SVG
  * IconItem: Add animated property
  * [Unity] Scale Desktop icon size
  * The button is compose-over-borders
  * PaintedWidth/paintedheight for IconItem
  * For more details please see:
- Drop upstreamed compactreprecheck.diff

Sun Jan 17 16:47:02 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Unbreak initial layout of the folderview applet:
  added compactreprecheck.diff (kde#358039)

Sat Jan  2 17:46:20 UTC 2016 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.18.0
  * [ToolButtonStyle] Always indicate activeFocus
  * Use the SkipGrouping flag for the "widget deleted" notification
  * Deal properly with symlinks in path to packages
  * Add HiddenStatus for plasmoid self-hiding
  * Stop redirecting windows when item is disabled or hidden.
  * Don't emit statusChanged if it hasn't changed
  * Fix element ids for east orientation
  * Containment: Don't emit appletCreated with null applet
  * [Containment Interface] Fix erratic high precision scrolling
  * Read KPluginMetada's property X-Plasma-ComponentTypes
    as a stringlist
  * [Window Thumbnails] Don't crash if Composite is disabled
  * Let containments override CompactApplet.qml
  * For more details please see:

Mon Dec 21 16:02:08 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Make plasma-framework-devel conflict with kapptemplate

Thu Dec 10 23:12:04 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.17.0
  * Add basic plasmoid as example for developerguide
  * Add a couple of plasmoid templates for kapptemplate/kdevelop
  * [calendar] Delay the model reset until the view is ready
  * Don't reposition while hiding. (kde#354352)
  * [IconItem] Don't crash on null KIconLoader theme (kde#355577)
  * Dropping image files onto a panel will no longer offer to set
    them as wallpaper for the panel
  * Dropping a .plasmoid file onto a panel or the desktop will
    install and add it
  * Remove the now unused platformstatus kded module
  * Allow paste on password fields
  * Fix positioning of edit menu, add a button to select
  * [calendar] Use ui language for getting the month name
  * [calendar] Sort the events by their type too
  * [calendar] Move the plugin library to KDeclarative
  * [calendar] qmlRegisterUncreatableType needs a bit
    more arguments
  * Allow adding config categories dynamically
  * [calendar] Move the plugins handling to a separate class
  * Allow plugins to supply event data to Calendar applet
  * Check for slot existence before connecting or disconnecting
  * [plasmaquick] Don't link OpenGL explicitly
  * [plasmaquick] Drop XCB::COMPOSITE and DAMAGE dependency
  * For more details please see:

Sun Nov  8 17:05:59 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.16.0 (boo#955067)
  * Fix TabBar items being cramped together on initial creation,
    which can be observed in eg. Kickoff after Plasma start
  * Fix dropping files onto the desktop/panel not offering a
    selection of actions to take
  * Take QApplication::wheelScrollLines into account from ScrollView
  * Use BypassWindowManagerHint only on platform X11
  * delete old panel background
  * more readable spinner at small sizes
  * colored view-history
  * calendar: Make the entire header area clickable
  * calendar: Don't use current day number in goToMonth
  * calendar: Fix updating decade overview
  * Theme breeze icons when loaded trough IconItem
  * Fix Button minimumWidth property (kde#353584)
  * Introduce appletCreated signal
  * Plasma Breeze Icon: Touchpad add svg id elements
  * Plasma Breeze Icon: change Touchpad to 22x22px size
  * Breeze Icon: add widget icon to notes
  * A script to replace hardcoded colors with stylesheets
  * Apply SkipTaskbar on ExposeEvent
  * Don't set SkipTaskbar on every event
  * For more details please see:

Mon Oct  5 17:37:42 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.15.0
  * Make tooltip dialog hidden on the cursor entering the
    inactive ToolTipArea
  * If the desktop file has Icon=/foo.svgz use that file
    from package
  * Add a "screenshot" file type in packages
  * Consider devicepixelration in standalone scrollbar
  * No hover effect on touchscreen+mobile
  * Use lineedit svg margins in sizeHint calculation
  * Don't fade animate icon in plasma tooltips
  * Fix eliding button text
  * Context menus of applets within a panel no longer overlap
    the applet
  * Simplify getting associated apps list in
  * For more details please see:

Tue Sep  8 17:13:42 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.14.0
  * Reparent to flickable if possible
  * Fix package listing
  * Plasma: Fix applet actions might be nullptr (kde#351777)
  * The onClicked signal of PlasmaComponents.ModelContextMenu now
    works properly
  * PlasmaComponents ModelContextMenu can now create Menu sections
  * Port platformstatus kded plugin to json metadata...
  * Handle an invalid metadata in PluginLoader
  * Let the RowLayout figure out the size of the label
  * Always show the edit menu when the cursor is visible
  * Fix loop on ButtonStyle
  * Don't change the flat-iness of a button on pressed
  * On touchscreen and mobile scrollbars are transient
  * Adjust flick velocity&deceleration to dpi
  * Custom cursor delegate only if mobile
  * Touch friendly text cursor
  * Fix parenting and popping up policy
  * Declare __editMenu
  * Add missing cursot handles delegates
  * Rewrite the EditMenu implementation
  * Use the mobile menu only conditionally
  * Reparent the menu to root
  * For more details please see:

Tue Aug  4 19:20:52 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.13.0
  * The Qt version requirement has been bumped from 5.2 to 5.3
  * Debug output has been ported to categorized output, for less
    noise by default
  * Docbook documentation has been reviewed and updated
  * Using a pinch gesture one can now switch between the different
    zoom levels of the calenda
  * comment about code duplication in icondialog
  * Slider groove color was hardcoded, modified to use color scheme
  * Use QBENCHMARK instead of a hard requirement on the machine's
  * Calendar navigation has been significantly improved, providing
    a year and decade overview
  * PlasmaCore.Dialog now has an 'opacity' property
  * Make some space for the radio button
  * Don't show the circular background if there's a menu
  * Add X-Plasma-NotificationAreaCategory definition
  * Set notifications and osd to show on all desktops
  * Print useful warning when we can not get valid KPluginInfo
  * Fix potential endless recursion in
  * Rename software-updates.svgz to software.svgz
  * For more details please see:
- Drop 0001-Also-check-for-SharedEngineView.patch, merged upstream

Mon Jul 27 16:53:56 UTC 2015 - i@marguerite.su

- use update-alternatives for desktoptheme/input.svgz
  to provide space for inputmethods to step in.
- in KDE 4, this icon wasn't held by KDE upstream,
  so many inputmethods use it to integrate monochrome
  systray icons for the DE. Now as it is held and
  reserved, we need to allow inputmethods to override
  it until they find a new solution.

Sun Jul  5 18:45:30 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.12.0
  * Make the dark theme completely dark, also the
    complementary group
  * Cache naturalsize separately by scalefactor
  * ContainmentView: Do not crash on an invalid corona metadata
  * AppletQuickItem: Do not access KPluginInfo if not valid
  * Fix occasional empty applet config pages (kde#349250)
  * Improve hidpi support in the Calendar grid component
  * Verify KService has valid plugin info before using it
  * [calendar] Ensure the grid is repainted on theme changes
  * [calendar] Always start counting weeks from Monday
  * [calendar] Repaint the grid when show week numbers
    setting changes
  * An opaque theme is now used when only the blur effect is
    available (kde#348154)
  * Whitelist applets/versions for separate engine
  * Introduce a new class ContainmentView
  * For more details please see:
- Added 0001-Also-check-for-SharedEngineView.patch (kde#349172)

Sun Jun  7 19:08:02 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.11.0
  * Calendar components can now display week numbers (kde#338195)
  * Use QtRendering for fonts in password fields
  * Fix AssociatedApplicationManager lookup when a mimetype has
  * Fix panel background coloring (kde#347143)
  * Get rid of "Could not load applet" message
  * Capability to load QML kcms in plasmoid config windows
  * Don't use the DataEngineStructure for Applets
  * Port libplasma away from sycoca as much as possible
  * Make SectionScroller follow the ListView.section.criteria
  * Scroll bars no longer automatically hide when a touch
    screen is present (kde#347254)
  * For more details please see:

Sun May  3 19:51:28 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.10.0
  * PlasmaComponents.Menu now supports sections
  * Use KPluginLoader instead of ksycoca for loading C++ dataengines
  * Consider visualParent rotation in popupPosition (kde#345787)
  * For more details please see:
- Drop Use-KPluginLoader-to-load-dataengines.patch, merged upstream

Sat Apr  4 14:41:04 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.9.0
  * Fixed stray tooltips when temporary owner of tooltip
    disappeared or became empty
  * Fix TabBar not properly laid out initially, which could
    be observed in eg. Kickoff
  * PageStack transitions now use Animators for smoother animations
  * TabGroup transitions now use Animators for smoother animations
  * Make Svg,FrameSvg work qith QT_DEVICE_PIXELRATIO
  * For more details please see:
- Added Use-KPluginLoader-to-load-dataengines.patch from upstream,

Mon Mar 16 15:25:06 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Add explicit knotifications-devel BuildRequires

Sat Mar  7 16:59:03 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.8.0
  * Fix plasmapkg2 for translated systems
  * Improve tooltip layout
  * Make it possible to let plasmoids to load scripts outside
    the plasma package
  * For more details please see:
- Drop guard-around-a-bug-in-older-versions-of-Qt.patch, merged

Tue Feb 17 09:34:25 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Add guard-around-a-bug-in-older-versions-of-Qt.patch: disable
  use of atlas textures with Qt <= 5.3.2

Sun Feb  8 18:15:40 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.7.0
  * Fixed errorneously opening a broken context menu when middle
    clicking Plasma popup
  * Trigger button switch on mouse whee
  * Never resize a dialog bigger than the screen
  * Undelete panels when applet gets undeleted
  * Fixed keyboard shortcuts
  * Restore hint-apply-color-scheme support
  * Reload the configuration when plasmarc changes
  * For more details please see:
- Drop patches merged upstream:
  0005-Fix-fallback-from-invalid-L-F-packages.patch and

Thu Jan 29 12:53:38 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Added patches from upstream:
  0001-collapse-tooltips-that-only-have-text.patch (kde#343390),
  0002-restore-hint-apply-color-scheme-support.patch (kde#343389),
  0003-restore-hint-apply-color-scheme-support.patch (kde#343389),
  0001-make-sure-animation-is-disabled-the-first-time.patch (kde#341933),
  0004-fix-tooltip-positioning.patch and
  0005-Fix-fallback-from-invalid-L-F-packages.patch (kde#343510)

Tue Jan 13 16:16:28 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Added patches from upstream:
  0003-trigger-button-switch-on-mouse-wheel.patch (kde#342778),
  0004-don-t-forward-events-if-not-visible-anymore.patch (kde#342444)
  and 0005-a-check-more-on-centering.patch (kde#342537)

Sat Jan  3 18:03:35 UTC 2015 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.6.0
  * Let month menu navigate in current year (kde#342327)
  * Expose new OnScreenDisplay window type in Dialog
  * Migrate Plasma::Package to KPackage
  * Fix labels not picking up changes to font settings at runtime
  * Fix text not properly updating its color when switching themes
    (especially dark<-->light)
  * Fix placeholder text in textfields being too strong when
    using a light theme
  * Set visibility on mainItem to match Dialog
  * Load IconItem immediately upon componentComplete()
  * Use the same text colour for comboboxes as buttons
  * Performance improvements (less config-file reparsing, use
    shared config...)
  * roundToIconSize(0) now returns 0
  * Give undo notifications a title
  * For more details please see:
- (Build)Require kpackage-devel

Sat Dec  6 12:53:55 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.5.0
  * Fix compilation with Qt 5.2.0
  * Fix the platformstatus kded module
  * Migrate BusyIndicator, ProgressBar to QtQuick.Controls
  * Add thumbnailAvailable property to PlasmaCore.WindowThumbnail
  * For more details please see:

Sun Nov  2 17:47:52 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.4.0
  * For more details please see:
- Added kdeclarative-components >= %{version} Requires to components

Thu Oct 16 20:28:27 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Fix typo in baselibs.conf

Fri Oct 10 19:58:04 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Split out the private and components parts of plasma-framework
  as upstream doesn't manage to keep backwards compability. This
  allows updating API/ABI safe libplasma library at the cost of
  hardcoding versions of those private parts in their consumers.

Sat Oct  4 18:00:06 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.3.0
  * For more details please see:
- Drop 18b57ff.patch, merged upstream

Wed Sep 24 19:38:58 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Added 18b57ff.patch: improved Plasma Dialog, and removed duplicated
  code present with Plasma 5.1 release

Tue Sep  9 09:49:42 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.2.0
  * For more details please see:

Sat Aug  2 10:20:25 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.1.0
  * For more details please see:

Fri Jul 18 08:21:21 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Adjust BuildRequires depending whether Qt is built with openGL or open GL ES2

Fri Jul 11 09:48:53 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Define kf5_version within package

Tue Jul  1 21:36:02 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 5.0.0
  * Final release of KDE Frameworks 5
  * API improvements and cleanups
  * Buildsystem fixes
  * For more details please see:
- Drop 5ab5d89.diff, merged upstream

Sun Jun  1 18:02:32 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 4.100.0
  * API improvements and cleanups
  * Buildsystem fixes
  * For more details please see:
- Drop kwidgetsaddons-devel BuildRequires
- Added pkgconfig(Qt5Gui) >= 5.2.0, pkgconfig(gl) and pkgconfig(egl)
  BuildRequires (pulled in indirectly, but added in case of future
  split somewhere)
- Only recommend libqt5-qtquickcontrols
- Add baselibs.conf
- Add 5ab5d89.diff, to improve QML translation API

Sun May  4 01:41:27 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 4.99.0
  * API improvements and cleanups
  * Buildsystem fixes
  * For more details please see:
- Readjust BuildRequires to latest changes:
  * Drop: kauth-devel, kcrash-devel, kdnssd-framework-devel, kf5umbrella,
    ktexteditor-devel, kwallet-devel, solid-devel, threadweaver-devel
    and pkgconfig(Qt5Declarative)
  * Add: libxcb-devel, pkgconfig(x11), pkgconfig(Qt5Qml) and pkgconfig(Qt5Quick)

Wed Apr  2 12:21:25 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Add licenses to doc
- Mark the license as GPL-2.0+ and LGPL-2.0+

Sat Mar 29 19:47:55 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 4.98.0
  * API improvements and cleanups
  * Buildsystem fixes
  * For more details please see:
- Added ktexteditor-devel and kdoctools-devel BuildRequires

Tue Mar  4 16:38:22 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Update to 4.97.0:
  * Buildsystem fixes
  * For more details please see:

Mon Feb 10 22:08:02 UTC 2014 - hrvoje.senjan@gmail.com

- Init plasma-framework package