File Ipopt.changes of Package Ipopt

Fri Nov 28 10:29:24 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 3.11.9 
  * 2014-08-16 releases/3.11.9
    - fix compilation issue of Java interface on systems where Index
      and jint have different size [r2498, #241]
    - work around failing check for random number generator with gcc
      4.8.3 [r2495, r2496]
    - readded IpTaggedObject.cpp to list of sources to compile in
      MSVS v8-ifort project file [r2492]
    - work around missing support for thread-local storage with gcc < 4.5
      on MacOS X [r2491, #243]
    - fix call to MKL Pardiso init function [r2489]
    - speed up Triplet to CSR converter [r2487, #234]
    - fixed a bug in equilibration scaling where average values were
      computed incorrectly (by V. Zverovich) [r2483]

  * 2014-04-08 releases/3.11.8
    - fixed a bug, introduced with Ipopt 3.11.0, where the tag in the
      Ipopt's caching mechanism was not unique over time, which lead
      to failures of Ipopt that were difficult to debug or recognize
      (e.g., Ipopt may have stopped with an restoration failure for
      instances that solved fine with Ipopt 3.10) [r2472, r2473]
      I'm very thankful to Gabriel Hackebeil and Kurt Majewski for
      their debugging effort on this issue.
    - building Mumps with pthreads is now disabled by default [#229]
    - fixed setting of LD on Windows (now set to link only iff using
      MS/Intel compilers) [#230]
    - fixed download link for Gnumex [r2471]
    - for some messages about too-few-degrees-of-freedom and restoration
      failure, the message level changed from error to strong-warning
      [r2460, r2469]
    - revised calls to MPI_Init and MPI_Finalize in Mumps interface [r2467]
      (MPI_Init is now called only if function MPI_Initialized is available
      and MPI has not been initialized already; MPI_Finalize is only called
      if Ipopt also called MPI_Init; ...)

Thu Jan 16 13:56:33 UTC 2014 -

- fixed installation with pkg-config
- update to version 3.11.7
  * 2013-12-18 releases/3.11.7
    - adapted PARDISO parameters when using MKL PARDISO to be close
      to using Basel PARDISO
    - added options pardiso_max_iterative_refinement_steps and
      pardiso_order; the former defaults to 1 in case of MKL PARDISO,
      which may help on instances that otherwise fail due to numerical issues
    - removed duplicate code in IpQualityFunctionMuOracle.cpp [#225, r2445]
    - fixed bug in triplet to csr converter [#226, r2446]
    - minor changes in buildsystem
  * 2013-11-16 releases/3.11.6
    - updates to Matlab Interface build system (by T. Kelman)
    - fix to updates of R Interface [r2416, #223]
    - fixed SHAREDLIBEXT in v8-ifort's config.h [r2426, #224]
    - minor fixes to the buildsystem
  * 2013-10-26 releases/3.11.5
    - added method IpoptApplication::RethrowNonIpoptException() to enable
      rethrowing of non-ipopt and non-bad_alloc exceptions catched in
      the *Optimize() and Initialization() methods; default is still to
      return with NonIpopt_Exception_Thrown status
    - minor fixes to the buildsystem [#215, #222]
  * 2013-09-12 releases/3.11.4
    - hopefully fixed non-working linear solver loader in DLLs build with
      MSVS/v8-ifort project files [r2365]
    - allow MC19 to be loaded via linear solver loader (by J. Currie) [r2366]
    - fixed new point flag when running dependendency detector [r2368]
    - experimental: adapt Pardiso interface to work with MKL Pardiso
      (by J. Currie, T. Kelman) [r2369, #216]:
      - in a few tests it has been found that Pardiso from Intel MKL nowadays
        seems to work fine with Ipopt
      - to use Intel MKL with Ipopt 3.11, one has to specify the MKL libs via
        --with-pardiso and add -DHAVE_PARDISO_MKL -DHAVE_PARDISO_PARALLEL
        to the compiler flags
      - note that this is still an experimental feature (and thus not enabled
        by default)
    - updated Ipopt/R interface to version 0.8.4 [r2373]
      - additional variables have been included in the object returned from ipoptr:
        z_L : final values for the lower bound multipliers
        z_U : final values for the upper bound multipliers
        constraints : final values for the constraints
        lambda : final values for the Lagrange multipliers
      - removed ipoptr_environment as argument in ipoptr (see also r2372)
    - fixed bug in penalty term for centrality in quality function (not used by
      default) [#219, r2374]
    - minor bugfixes in AMPL interface, debug print statements, and compound matrix
      (by G. Hackebeil) [#218, r2371, r2377, r2378, r2379]
    - download scripts for ASL, Blas, and Lapack now first try to download tarball
      copies from the COIN-OR server
  * 2013-08-08 releases/3.11.3
    - get.* scripts for ThirdParty/{ASL,Blas,Lapack} now work around broken
      ftp access to
  * 2013-07-01 releases/3.11.2
    - changed default for option option_file_name to ipopt.opt; specifying an
      empty string for this option now disables reading of an option file [r2339]
    - missing initial values are now set to 0.0, projected onto variable bounds,
      in AMPL interface [r2340, #205]
    - fixed missing variable initialization in MA97 interface [r2341, #206]
  * 2013-06-14 releases/3.11.1
    - the setup for the v8-ifort MSVS project changed to use dynamic runtime
      DLLs instead of static linking, which caused crashes in debug mode
      (by M. Roelofs) [r2301]
    - fixed memory leaks in Java Interface (by javier) [#200, r2312]
    - updates and fixes to MA77 and MA87 interfaces, adding support of
      HSL 2013 codes (by J. Hogg);
      HSL 2012 still supported when compiled with Ipopt, but the linear solver
      loader to dynamically load a HSL library at runtime now assumes HSL 2013
    - added option ma97_solve_blas3 (by J. Hogg) [r2329]
    - changed default for option ma27_meminc_factor from 10.0 to 2.0 [r2330]
    - fixed bug in ipopt_auxdata of MATLAB Interface related to iterfunc [r2325]
  * 2013-05-07 releases/3.11.0
    - update and extension of Ipopt documentation
    - updated build of doxygen documentation to comply with other COIN-OR projects
    - localized global variables in TaggedObject and RegisteredOption,
      so that Ipopt should now be threadsafe as long as Ipopt objects
      (esp. SmartPtr's) are not shared between threads and a threadsafe
      linear solver is used (e.g., MA27) [#167]
    - no more need for whitespace character at end of options file
    - added options print_frequency_iter and print_frequency_time to regulate
      which iteration summary lines should be printed [#161]
    - function evaluation timings are now available in OrigIpoptNLP [#86]
    - some fixes to uncommon issues with the Ipopt SmartPtr [#162]
    - new build system for Harwell codes (ThirdParty/HSL), which requires
      the coin-hsl archives from;
      previously downloaded HSL sources can still be used by placing them
      into ThirdParty/HSLold, but this option may be removed in a future
      Ipopt version
    - new interfaces for Harwell codes HSL_MA77, HSL_MA86, and HSL_MA97;
      see about help on when to use which solver;
      especially MA57 and HSL_MA97 should be considered as replacement for MA27;
      however, MA27 is still the default for now
    - changed default of ma57_automatic_scaling to no (faster in general,
      but for higher reliability, you may want to set this option to yes)
    - major improvements for building the MATLAB interface (see documentation)
    - MATLAB interface now returns number of function evaluations, too
    - the MA57 interface can now be used with the MA57 library that comes with
      MATLAB (configure option --enable-matlab-ma57; cannot use Metis)
    - auxdata is now handled by a wrapper function ipopt_auxdata.m instead
      of internally within the mex code (replace Matlab call to ipopt with
      ipopt_auxdata if using auxiliary data in any callbacks) [r2282]
    - exposed more intermediate Ipopt information to iterfunc callback [r2283]
    - fixes to JIpopt buildsystem (now may work on windows and uses libtool)
    - JIpopt now reads options file ipopt.opt by default, if present
    - removed predefined KEY_ strings in JIpopt
    - renamed API functions that retrieve solution values in JIpopt
    - simplified installation of R interface
  * 2013-05-05 releases/3.10.4
    - fixed sign of dual values in AMPL solution again (with help of Gabe)
      [r2169, r2170, r2184, #183]
    - fixed bugs with reoptimizing a TNLP with all variables fixed [r2172, r2173, #179]
    - fixed more issues with sparse data structures and non-double numbers
      in Matlab interface (by T. Kelman) [r2191]
    - added missing final int for Ipopt return code Maximum_CpuTime_Exceeded
      in Java interface [r2216]
    - fixed bug when trying to warmstart Ipopt in Java interface [r2253]
    - fixed wrong use of SmartPtr's in Java interface [r2255, r2263]
    - fixed bug in returning final solution in Java interface [r2258]
    - included patch in ThirdParty/Mumps to work around bugs in Mumps
      matrix ordering routines AMF and QAMD (now give preference to AMD and METIS)
  * 2012-11-19 releases/3.10.3
    - minor fixes in MA86 interface (by Jonathan Hogg) [r2069, r2086]
    - fix in IpTripletToCSRConverter for CSR forms with
      extra entries (by Jonathan Hogg) [r2087]
    - workaround problems with MacOSX-Lion's blas library
      (by Frederic Hetch) [r2102, #181]
    - the C interface now catches also Ipopt exceptions thrown
      within the OptimizeTNLP call and returns Ipopt::Unrecoverable_Exception
      as status [r2094, #144]
    - fixed segmentation fault in adaptive barrier parameter update rule
      when using the mehrotra option on unconstrained problems [r2114, #114]
    - fixed segmentation fault in case no iterate is available in case of
      catastrophic failure in restoration phase [r2115]
    - fixed default for mumps_dep_tol to work with current Mumps versions [r2116]
    - fixed sign of dual values in AMPL solution [r2123, #183]
    - fixed issue with sparse gradients in Matlab interface
      (by T. Kelman) [r2133, #187]
    - sIPOPT (by H. Pirnay):
      - starting values in C++ version of parametric example now
        match AMPL version [r2098]
      - numerical values in parametric example now match publication [r2099]
      - added options n_sens_steps and sens_boundcheck as AMPL options [r2099]
      - any non-zero suffix value is now accepted for sens_init_constr [r2100]
      - fix typo in AMPL interface (by Weifeng Chen) [r2110]
      - fix bug when compiling without AMPL interface [r2113]
    - build system:
      - updated instruction on using nowadays HSL sources (by T. Kelman)
      - fixed issue with libdir being <prefix>/lib64
    - other minor fixes

Wed Sep 19 21:43:08 UTC 2012 -

- Build with mumps (sequential version) as linear solver

Sat Aug 25 22:05:06 UTC 2012 -

- first package