File python-pytest-doc.changes of Package python-pytest

Sat Jan  6 05:25:16 UTC 2018 -

- specfile:
  * update copyright year

- update to version 3.3.2:
  * Bug Fixes
    + pytester: ignore files used to obtain current user metadata in
      the fd leak detector. (#2784)
    + Fix memory leak where objects returned by fixtures were never
      destructed by the garbage collector. (#2981)
    + Fix conversion of pyargs to filename to not convert symlinks and
      not use deprecated features on Python 3. (#2985)
    + PYTEST_DONT_REWRITE is now checked for plugins too rather than
      only for test modules. (#2995)
  * Improved Documentation
    + Add clarifying note about behavior of multiple parametrized
      arguments (#3001)
  * Trivial/Internal Changes
    + Code cleanup. (#3015, #3021)
    + Clean up code by replacing imports and references of _ast to
      ast. (#3018)

Wed Dec 13 09:25:43 UTC 2017 -

- Adjust summaries and description of python-pytest to focus on
  the documentation part.

Wed Dec 13 09:12:40 UTC 2017 -

- Rename BuildRequires python2-funcsigs to python-funcsigs

Tue Dec 12 16:45:15 UTC 2017 -

- Cleanup BuildRequires 

Wed Dec  6 02:55:08 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 3.3.1:
  * Bug Fixes
    + Fix issue about -p no:<plugin> having no effect. (#2920)
    + Fix regression with warnings that contained non-strings in their
      arguments in Python 2. (#2956)
    + Always escape null bytes when setting
      PYTEST_CURRENT_TEST. (#2957)
    + Fix ZeroDivisionError when using the testmon plugin when no
      tests were actually collected. (#2971)
    + Bring back TerminalReporter.writer as an alias to
      TerminalReporter._tw. This alias was removed by accident in the
      3.3.0 release. (#2984)
    + The pytest-capturelog plugin is now also blacklisted, avoiding
      errors when running pytest with it still installed. (#3004)
  * Improved Documentation
    + Fix broken link to plugin pytest-localserver. (#2963)
  * Trivial/Internal Changes
    + Update github “bugs” link in CONTRIBUTING.rst (#2949)

Tue Nov 28 18:58:11 UTC 2017 -

- specfile:
  * add requirement for attr and pluggy
  * add requirement for funcsigs for python2 only

- update to version 3.3.0:
  * Deprecations and Removals
    + Pytest no longer supports Python 2.6 and 3.3. Those Python
      versions are EOL for some time now and incur maintenance and
      compatibility costs on the pytest core team, and following up
      with the rest of the community we decided that they will no
      longer be supported starting on this version. Users which still
      require those versions should pin pytest to <3.3. (#2812)
    + Remove internal _preloadplugins() function. This removal is part
      of the pytest_namespace() hook deprecation. (#2636)
    + Internally change CallSpec2 to have a list of marks instead of a
      broken mapping of keywords. This removes the keywords attribute
      of the internal CallSpec2 class. (#2672)
    + Remove ParameterSet.deprecated_arg_dict - its not a public api
      and the lack of the underscore was a naming error. (#2675)
    + Remove the internal multi-typed attribute Node._evalskip and
      replace it with the boolean Node._skipped_by_mark. (#2767)
  * Features
    + pytest_fixture_post_finalizer hook can now receive a request
      argument. (#2124)
    + Replace the old introspection code in that determines
      the available arguments of fixtures with inspect.signature on
      Python 3 and funcsigs.signature on Python 2. This should respect
      __signature__ declarations on functions. (#2267)
    + Report tests with global pytestmark variable only once. (#2549)
    + Now pytest displays the total progress percentage while running
      tests. The previous output style can be set by configuring the
      console_output_style setting to classic. (#2657)
    + Match warns signature to raises by adding match keyword. (#2708)
    + Pytest now captures and displays output from the standard
      logging module. The user can control the logging level to be
      captured by specifying options in pytest.ini, the command line
      and also during individual tests using markers. Also, a caplog
      fixture is available that enables users to test the captured log
      during specific tests (similar to capsys for example). For more
      information, please see the logging docs. This feature was
      introduced by merging the popular pytest-catchlog plugin, thanks
      to Thomas Hisch. Be advised that during the merging the backward
      compatibility interface with the defunct pytest-capturelog has
      been dropped. (#2794)
    + Add allow_module_level kwarg to pytest.skip(), enabling to skip
      the whole module. (#2808)
    + Allow setting file_or_dir, -c, and -o in PYTEST_ADDOPTS. (#2824)
    + Return stdout/stderr capture results as a namedtuple, so out and
      err can be accessed by attribute. (#2879)
    + Add capfdbinary, a version of capfd which returns bytes from
      readouterr(). (#2923)
    + Add capsysbinary a version of capsys which returns bytes from
      readouterr(). (#2934)
    + Implement feature to skip files when run with
      --doctest-modules. (#502)
  * Bug Fixes
    + Resume output capturing after capsys/capfd.disabled() context
      manager. (#1993)
    + pytest_fixture_setup and pytest_fixture_post_finalizer hooks are
      now called for all files. (#2124)
    + If an exception happens while loading a plugin, pytest no longer
      hides the original traceback. In python2 it will show the
      original traceback with a new message that explains in which
      plugin. In python3 it will show 2 canonized exceptions, the
      original exception while loading the plugin in addition to an
      exception that PyTest throws about loading a plugin. (#2491)
    + capsys and capfd can now be used by other fixtures. (#2709)
    + Internal pytester plugin properly encodes bytes arguments to
      utf-8. (#2738)
    + testdir now uses use the same method used by tmpdir to create
      its temporary directory. This changes the final structure of the
      testdir directory slightly, but should not affect usage in
      normal scenarios and avoids a number of potential
      problems. (#2751)
    + Pytest no longer complains about warnings with unicode messages
      being non-ascii compatible even for ascii-compatible
      messages. As a result of this, warnings with unicode messages
      are converted first to an ascii representation for
      safety. (#2809)
    + Change return value of pytest command when --maxfail is reached
      from 2 (interrupted) to 1 (failed). (#2845)
    + Fix issue in assertion rewriting which could lead it to rewrite
      modules which should not be rewritten. (#2939)
    + Handle marks without description in pytest.ini. (#2942)
  * Trivial/Internal Changes
    + pytest now depends on attrs for internal structures to ease code
      maintainability. (#2641)
    + Refactored internal Python 2/3 compatibility code to use
      six. (#2642)
    + Stop vendoring pluggy - we’re missing out on its latest changes
      for not much benefit (#2719)
    + Internal refactor: simplify ascii string escaping by using the
      backslashreplace error handler in newer Python 3
      versions. (#2734)
    + Remove unnecessary mark evaluator in unittest plugin (#2767)
    + Calls to Metafunc.addcall now emit a deprecation warning. This
      function is scheduled to be removed in pytest-4.0. (#2876)
    + Internal move of the parameterset extraction to a more
      maintainable place. (#2877)
    + Internal refactoring to simplify scope node lookup. (#2910)
    + Configure pytest to prevent pip from installing pytest in
      unsupported Python versions. (#2922)

Wed Nov 15 12:18:45 UTC 2017 -

- update to 3.2.5
* don't limit py<1.5

Wed Nov 15 07:04:29 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 3.2.4:
  * Bug Fixes
    + Fix the bug where running with --pyargs will result in items
      with empty parent.nodeid if run from a different root
      directory. (#2775)
    + Fix issue with @pytest.parametrize if argnames was specified as
      keyword arguments. (#2819)
    + Strip whitespace from marker names when reading them from INI
      config. (#2856)
    + Show full context of doctest source in the pytest output, if the
      line number of failed example in the docstring is < 9. (#2882)
  * Improved Documentation
    + Introduce a dedicated section about (#1505)
    + Explicitly mention xpass in the documentation of xfail. (#1997)
    + Append example for pytest.param in the example/parametrize
      document. (#2658)
    + Clarify language of proposal for fixtures parameters (#2893)
    + List python 3.6 in the documented supported versions in the
      getting started document. (#2903)
    + Clarify the documentation of available fixture scopes. (#538)
    + Add documentation about the python -m pytest invocation adding
      the current directory to sys.path. (#911)

Thu Oct  5 16:16:23 UTC 2017 -

- update to version 3.2.3:
  * Bug Fixes
    + Fix crash in tab completion when no prefix is given. (#2748)
    + The equality checking function (__eq__) of MarkDecorator returns
      False if one object is not an instance of MarkDecorator. (#2758)
    + When running pytest --fixtures-per-test: don’t crash if an item
      has no _fixtureinfo attribute (e.g. doctests) (#2788)
  * Improved Documentation
    + In help text of -k option, add example of using not to not
      select certain tests whose names match the provided
      expression. (#1442)
    + Add note in parametrize.rst about calling metafunc.parametrize
      multiple times. (#1548)
  * Trivial/Internal Changes
    + Set xfail_strict=True in pytest’s own test suite to catch
      expected failures as soon as they start to pass. (#2722)
    + Fix typo in example of passing a callable to markers (in
      example/markers.rst) (#2765)

Thu Sep 28 21:25:37 UTC 2017 -

- Fix python-py version requirement.
- Update to 3.2.2:
  * Bug Fixes
    - Calling the deprecated request.getfuncargvalue() now shows the
      source of the call. (#2681)
    - Allow tests declared as @staticmethod to use fixtures. (#2699)
    - Fixed edge-case during collection: attributes which raised when accessed would abort the entire collection.
    - Fix ReprFuncArgs with mixed unicode and UTF-8 args. (#2731)
  * Improved Documentation
    - In examples on working with custom markers, add examples
      demonstrating the usage of pytest.mark.MARKER_NAME.with_args
      in comparison with pytest.mark.MARKER_NAME.__call__ (#2604)
    - In one of the simple examples, use
      pytest_collection_modifyitems() to skip tests based on a
      command-line option, allowing its sharing while preventing a
      user error when acessing pytest.config before the argument
      parsing. (#2653)
  * Trivial/Internal Changes
    - Fixed minor error in 'Good Practices/Manual Integration' code
      snippet. (#2691)
    - Fixed typo in goodpractices.rst. (#2721)
    - Improve user guidance regarding --resultlog deprecation.

Fri Aug 25 10:01:52 UTC 2017 -

- update to 3.2.1, shortened changelogs:
 * Pytest 3.2.1 (2017-08-08)
  * Bug Fixes
   - Fixed small terminal glitch when collecting a single test item. (#2579)
   - Correctly consider / as the file separator to automatically mark plugin
  files for rewrite on Windows. (#2591)
   - Properly escape test names when setting PYTEST_CURRENT_TEST environment
  variable. (#2644)
   - Fix error on Windows and Python 3.6+ when sys.stdout has been replaced
  with a stream-like object which does not implement the full io module
  buffer protocol. In particular this affects pytest-xdist users on the
  aforementioned platform. (#2666)
  * Improved Documentation
   - Explicitly document which pytest features work with unittest. (#2626)
 * Pytest 3.2.0 (2017-07-30)
  * Deprecations and Removals
   - pytest.approx no longer supports >, >=, < and <=
  operators to avoid surprising/inconsistent behavior. See the docs
  <> for more
  information. (#2003)
   - All old-style specific behavior in current classes in the pytest's API is
  considered deprecated at this point and will be removed in a future release.
  This affects Python 2 users only and in rare situations. (#2147)
   - A deprecation warning is now raised when using marks for parameters
  in pytest.mark.parametrize. Use pytest.param to apply marks to
  parameters instead. (#2427)
  * Features
   - Add support for numpy arrays (and dicts) to approx. (#1994)
   - Now test function objects have a pytestmark attribute containing a list
  of marks applied directly to the test function, as opposed to marks inherited
  from parent classes or modules. (#2516)
   - Collection ignores local virtualenvs by default; `--collect-in-virtualenv`
  overrides this behavior. (#2518)
   - Allow class methods decorated as @staticmethod to be candidates for
  collection as a test function. (Only for Python 2.7 and above. Python 2.6
  will still ignore static methods.) (#2528)
   - Introduce mark.with_args in order to allow passing functions/classes as
  sole argument to marks. (#2540)
   - New cache_dir ini option: sets the directory where the contents of the
  cache plugin are stored. Directory may be relative or absolute path: if relative path, then
  directory is created relative to rootdir, otherwise it is used as is.
  Additionally path may contain environment variables which are expanded during
  runtime. (#2543)
   - Introduce the PYTEST_CURRENT_TEST environment variable that is set with
  the nodeid and stage (setup, call and teardown) of the test
  being currently executed. See the documentation
  environment-variable> for more info. (#2583)
   - Introduced @pytest.mark.filterwarnings mark which allows overwriting the
  warnings filter on a per test, class or module level. See the docs
  filterwarnings> for more information. (#2598)
   - --last-failed now remembers forever when a test has failed and only
  forgets it if it passes again. This makes it easy to fix a test suite by
  selectively running files and fixing tests incrementally. (#2621)
   - New pytest_report_collectionfinish hook which allows plugins to add
  messages to the terminal reporting after collection has been finished
  successfully. (#2622)
   - Added support for PEP-415's <>
  Exception.__suppress_context__. Now if a raise exception from None is
  caught by pytest, pytest will no longer chain the context in the test report.
  The behavior now matches Python's traceback behavior. (#2631)
   - Exceptions raised by, pytest.skip and pytest.xfail
  now subclass BaseException, making them harder to be caught unintentionally
  by normal code. (#580)
  * Bug Fixes
   - Set stdin to a closed PIPE in for
  avoid unwanted interactive pdb (#2023)
   - Add missing encoding attribute to sys.std* streams when using
  capsys capture mode. (#2375)
   - Fix terminal color changing to black on Windows if colorama is imported
  in a file. (#2510)
   - Fix line number when reporting summary of skipped tests. (#2548)
   - capture: ensure that is a string. (#2555)
   - The options --fixtures and --fixtures-per-test will now keep
  indentation within docstrings. (#2574)
   - doctests line numbers are now reported correctly, fixing pytest-sugar#122
  <>. (#2610)
   - Fix non-determinism in order of fixture collection. Adds new dependency
  (ordereddict) for Python 2.6. (#920)
  * Improved Documentation
   - Clarify pytest_configure hook call order. (#2539)
   - Extend documentation for testing plugin code with the pytester plugin.
 * Pytest 3.1.3 (2017-07-03)
  * Bug Fixes
   - Fix decode error in Python 2 for doctests in docstrings. (#2434)
   - Exceptions raised during teardown by finalizers are now suppressed until all
  finalizers are called, with the initial exception reraised. (#2440)
   - Fix incorrect "collected items" report when specifying tests on the command-
  line. (#2464)
   - deprecated_call in context-manager form now captures deprecation warnings
  even if the same warning has already been raised. Also, deprecated_call
  will always produce the same error message (previously it would produce
  different messages in context-manager vs. function-call mode). (#2469)
   - Fix issue where paths collected by pytest could have triple leading /
  characters. (#2475)
   - Fix internal error when trying to detect the start of a recursive traceback.
  * Improved Documentation
   - Explicitly state for which hooks the calls stop after the first non-None
  result. (#2493)
 * Pytest 3.1.2 (2017-06-08)
  * Bug Fixes
   - Required options added via pytest_addoption will no longer prevent using
  --help without passing them. (#1999)
   - Respect python_files in assertion rewriting. (#2121)
   - Fix recursion error detection when frames in the traceback contain objects
     that can't be compared (like numpy arrays). (#2459)
   - UnicodeWarning is issued from the internal pytest warnings plugin only
     when the message contains non-ascii unicode (Python 2 only). (#2463)
   - Added a workaround for Python 3.6 WindowsConsoleIO breaking due to Pytests's
     FDCapture. Other code using console handles might still be affected by the
     very same issue and might require further workarounds/fixes, i.e. colorama.
  * Improved Documentation
   - Fix internal API links to pluggy objects. (#2331)
   - Make it clear that pytest.xfail stops test execution at the calling point
  and improve overall flow of the skipping docs. (#810)
 * Pytest 3.1.1 (2017-05-30)
  * Bug Fixes
   - pytest warning capture no longer overrides existing warning filters. The
     previous behaviour would override all filters and caused regressions in test
     suites which configure warning filters to match their needs. Note that as a
     side-effect of this is that DeprecationWarning and
     PendingDeprecationWarning are no longer shown by default. (#2430)
   - Fix issue with non-ascii contents in doctest text files. (#2434)
   - Fix encoding errors for unicode warnings in Python 2. (#2436)
   - pytest.deprecated_call now captures PendingDeprecationWarning in
  context manager form. (#2441)
  * Improved Documentation
   - Addition of towncrier for changelog management. (#2390)
 * 3.1.0 (2017-05-22)
  * New Features
   * The pytest-warnings plugin has been integrated into the core and now pytest automatically
     captures and displays warnings at the end of the test session.
     .. warning::
       This feature may disrupt test suites which apply and treat warnings themselves, and can be
       disabled in your pytest.ini:
       .. code-block:: ini
         addopts = -p no:warnings
       See the warnings documentation page <> for more
     Thanks @nicoddemus for the PR.
   * Added junit_suite_name ini option to specify root <testsuite> name for JUnit XML reports (#533).
   * Added an ini option doctest_encoding to specify which encoding to use for doctest files.
     Thanks @wheerd for the PR (#2101).
   * pytest.warns now checks for subclass relationship rather than
     class equality. Thanks @lesteve for the PR (#2166)
   * pytest.raises now asserts that the error message matches a text or regex
     with the match keyword argument. Thanks @Kriechi for the PR.
   * pytest.param can be used to declare test parameter sets with marks and test ids.
     Thanks @RonnyPfannschmidt for the PR.
  * Changes
   * remove all internal uses of pytest_namespace hooks,
     this is to prepare the removal of preloadconfig in pytest 4.0
     Thanks to @RonnyPfannschmidt for the PR.
   * pytest now warns when a callable ids raises in a parametrized test. Thanks @fogo for the PR.
   * It is now possible to skip test classes from being collected by setting a
     __test__ attribute to False in the class body (#2007). Thanks
     to @syre for the report and @lwm for the PR.
   * Change to produce reports that comply with Junitxml schema.
     If the same test fails with failure in call and then errors in teardown
     we split testcase element into two, one containing the error and the other
     the failure. (#2228) Thanks to @kkoukiou for the PR.
   * Testcase reports with a url attribute will now properly write this to junitxml.
     Thanks @fushi for the PR (#1874).
   * Remove common items from dict comparision output when verbosity=1. Also update
     the truncation message to make it clearer that pytest truncates all
     assertion messages if verbosity < 2 (#1512).
     Thanks @mattduck for the PR
   * --pdbcls no longer implies --pdb. This makes it possible to use
     addopts=--pdbcls=module.SomeClass on pytest.ini. Thanks @davidszotten for
     the PR (#1952).
   * fix #2013: turn RecordedWarning into namedtuple,
     to give it a comprehensible repr while preventing unwarranted modification.
   * fix #2208: ensure a iteration limit for _pytest.compat.get_real_func.
     Thanks @RonnyPfannschmidt for the report and PR.
   * Hooks are now verified after collection is complete, rather than right after loading installed plugins. This
     makes it easy to write hooks for plugins which will be loaded during collection, for example using the
     pytest_plugins special variable (#1821).
     Thanks @nicoddemus for the PR.
   * Modify pytest_make_parametrize_id() hook to accept argname as an
     additional parameter.
     Thanks @unsignedint for the PR.
   * Add venv to the default norecursedirs setting.
     Thanks @The-Compiler for the PR.
   * PluginManager.import_plugin now accepts unicode plugin names in Python 2.
     Thanks @reutsharabani for the PR.
   * fix #2308: When using both --lf and --ff, only the last failed tests are run.
     Thanks @ojii for the PR.
   * Replace minor/patch level version numbers in the documentation with placeholders.
     This significantly reduces change-noise as different contributors regnerate
     the documentation on different platforms.
     Thanks @RonnyPfannschmidt for the PR.
   * fix #2391: consider pytest_plugins on all plugin modules
     Thanks @RonnyPfannschmidt for the PR.
  * Bug Fixes
   * Fix AttributeError on sys.stdout.buffer / sys.stderr.buffer
     while using capsys fixture in python 3. (#1407).
     Thanks to @asottile.
   * Change's DontReadFromInput class to throw io.UnsupportedOperation errors rather
     than ValueErrors in the fileno method (#2276).
     Thanks @metasyn and @vlad-dragos for the PR.
   * Fix exception formatting while importing modules when the exception message
     contains non-ascii characters (#2336).
     Thanks @fabioz for the report and @nicoddemus for the PR.
   * Added documentation related to issue (#1937)
     Thanks @skylarjhdownes for the PR.
   * Allow collecting files with any file extension as Python modules (#2369).
     Thanks @Kodiologist for the PR.
   * Show the correct error message when collect "parametrize" func with wrong args (#2383).
     Thanks @The-Compiler for the report and @robin0371 for the PR.

Thu Mar 30 09:29:28 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version  3.0.7
  * Fix issue in assertion rewriting breaking due to modules 
    silently discarding other modules when importing fails
    Notably, importing the `anydbm` module is fixed. 
    (`#2248`_). Thanks `@pfhayes`_ for the PR.
  * junitxml: Fix problematic case where system-out tag 
    occured twice per testcase element in the XML report.
    Thanks `@kkoukiou`_ for the PR.
  * Fix regression, pytest now skips unittest correctly if run 
    with ``--pdb`` (`#2137`_). Thanks to `@gst`_ for the report
    and `@mbyt`_ for the PR.
  * Ignore exceptions raised from descriptors (e.g. 
    properties) during Python test collection (`#2234`_).
    Thanks to `@bluetech`_.
  * ``--override-ini`` now correctly overrides some 
    fundamental options like ``python_files`` (`#2238`_).
    Thanks `@sirex`_ for the report and `@nicoddemus`_ for the 
  * Replace ``raise StopIteration`` usages in the code by 
    simple ``returns`` to finish generators, in accordance to
    `PEP-479`_ (`#2160`_). Thanks `@tgoodlet`_ for the report
    and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
  * Fix internal errors when an unprintable ``AssertionError`` 
    is raised inside a test. Thanks `@omerhadari`_ for the PR.
  * Skipping plugin now also works with test items generated 
    by custom collectors (`#2231`_).  Thanks to `@vidartf`_.
  * Fix trailing whitespace in console output if no .ini file 
    presented (`#2281`_). Thanks `@fbjorn`_ for the PR.
  * Conditionless ``xfail`` markers no longer rely on the 
    underlying test item being an instance of ``PyobjMixin``,
    and can therefore apply to tests not collected by the
    built-in python test collector. Thanks `@barneygale`_ for
    the PR.

- Updated source URL

Thu Feb 23 14:40:25 UTC 2017 -

- update for singlespec
- update to 3.0.6
  * fixed tests in python 3.6
- only use Python 3 to build docs

Fri Sep 16 14:25:04 UTC 2016 -

- Fix download url.

Thu Sep 15 22:20:01 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 3.0.2
  * Improve error message when passing non-string ids to ``pytest.mark.parametrize`` (`#1857`_).
    Thanks `@okken`_ for the report and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
  * Add ``buffer`` attribute to stdin stub class ``pytest.capture.DontReadFromInput``
    Thanks `@joguSD`_ for the PR.
  * Fix ``UnicodeEncodeError`` when string comparison with unicode has failed. (`#1864`_)
    Thanks `@AiOO`_ for the PR.
  * ``pytest_plugins`` is now handled correctly if defined as a string (as opposed as
    a sequence of strings) when modules are considered for assertion rewriting.
    Due to this bug, much more modules were being rewritten than necessary
    if a test suite uses ``pytest_plugins`` to load internal plugins (`#1888`_).
    Thanks `@jaraco`_ for the report and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR (`#1891`_).
  * Do not call tearDown and cleanups when running tests from
    ``unittest.TestCase`` subclasses with ``--pdb``
    enabled. This allows proper post mortem debugging for all applications
    which have significant logic in their tearDown machinery (`#1890`_). Thanks
    `@mbyt`_ for the PR.
  * Fix use of deprecated ``getfuncargvalue`` method in the internal doctest plugin.
    Thanks `@ViviCoder`_ for the report (`#1898`_).
- update to version 3.0.1
  * Fix regression when ``importorskip`` is used at module level (`#1822`_).
    Thanks `@jaraco`_ and `@The-Compiler`_ for the report and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
  * Fix parametrization scope when session fixtures are used in conjunction
    with normal parameters in the same call (`#1832`_).
    Thanks `@The-Compiler`_ for the report, `@Kingdread`_ and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
  * Fix internal error when parametrizing tests or fixtures using an empty ``ids`` argument (`#1849`_).
    Thanks `@OPpuolitaival`_ for the report and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
  * Fix loader error when running ``pytest`` embedded in a zipfile.
    Thanks `@mbachry`_ for the PR.
- update to version 3.0.0
  + Incompatible changes
    * Reinterpretation mode has now been removed.  Only plain and rewrite
      mode are available, consequently the ``--assert=reinterp`` option is
      no longer available.  Thanks `@flub`_ for the PR.
    * The following deprecated commandline options were removed:
    * ``--genscript``: no longer supported;
      > ``--no-assert``: use ``--assert=plain`` instead;
      > ``--nomagic``: use ``--assert=plain`` instead;
      > ``--report``: use ``-r`` instead;
    * ImportErrors in plugins now are a fatal error instead of issuing a
      pytest warning (`#1479`_). Thanks to `@The-Compiler`_ for the PR.
    * Removed support code for Python 3 versions < 3.3 (`#1627`_).
    * Removed all ``py.test-X*`` entry points. The versioned, suffixed entry points
      were never documented and a leftover from a pre-virtualenv era. These entry
      points also created broken entry points in wheels, so removing them also
      removes a source of confusion for users (`#1632`_).
      Thanks `@obestwalter`_ for the PR.
    * ``pytest.skip()`` now raises an error when used to decorate a test function,
      as opposed to its original intent (to imperatively skip a test inside a test function). Previously
      this usage would cause the entire module to be skipped (`#607`_).
      Thanks `@omarkohl`_ for the complete PR (`#1519`_).
    * Exit tests if a collection error occurs. A poll indicated most users will hit CTRL-C
      anyway as soon as they see collection errors, so pytest might as well make that the default behavior (`#1421`_).
      A ``--continue-on-collection-errors`` option has been added to restore the previous behaviour.
      Thanks `@olegpidsadnyi`_ and `@omarkohl`_ for the complete PR (`#1628`_).
    * Renamed the pytest ``pdb`` module (plugin) into ``debugging`` to avoid clashes with the builtin ``pdb`` module.
    * Raise a helpful failure message when requesting a parametrized fixture at runtime,
      e.g. with ``request.getfixturevalue``. Previously these parameters were simply
      never defined, so a fixture decorated like ``@pytest.fixture(params=[0, 1, 2])``
      only ran once (`#460`_).
      Thanks to `@nikratio`_ for the bug report, `@RedBeardCode`_ and `@tomviner`_ for the PR.
    * ``_pytest.monkeypatch.monkeypatch`` class has been renamed to ``_pytest.monkeypatch.MonkeyPatch``
      so it doesn't conflict with the ``monkeypatch`` fixture.
    * ``--exitfirst / -x`` can now be overridden by a following ``--maxfail=N``
      and is just a synonym for ``--maxfail=1``.
    + New Features
    * Support nose-style ``__test__`` attribute on methods of classes,
      including unittest-style Classes. If set to ``False``, the test will not be
    * New ``doctest_namespace`` fixture for injecting names into the
      namespace in which doctests run.
      Thanks `@milliams`_ for the complete PR (`#1428`_).
    * New ``--doctest-report`` option available to change the output format of diffs
      when running (failing) doctests (implements `#1749`_).
      Thanks `@hartym`_ for the PR.
    * New ``name`` argument to ``pytest.fixture`` decorator which allows a custom name
      for a fixture (to solve the funcarg-shadowing-fixture problem).
      Thanks `@novas0x2a`_ for the complete PR (`#1444`_).
    * New ``approx()`` function for easily comparing floating-point numbers in
      Thanks `@kalekundert`_ for the complete PR (`#1441`_).
    * Ability to add global properties in the final xunit output file by accessing
      the internal ``junitxml`` plugin (experimental).
      Thanks `@tareqalayan`_ for the complete PR `#1454`_).
    * New ``ExceptionInfo.match()`` method to match a regular expression on the
      string representation of an exception (`#372`_).
      Thanks `@omarkohl`_ for the complete PR (`#1502`_).
    * ``__tracebackhide__`` can now also be set to a callable which then can decide
      whether to filter the traceback based on the ``ExceptionInfo`` object passed
      to it. Thanks `@The-Compiler`_ for the complete PR (`#1526`_).
    * New ``pytest_make_parametrize_id(config, val)`` hook which can be used by plugins to provide
      friendly strings for custom types.
      Thanks `@palaviv`_ for the PR.
    * ``capsys`` and ``capfd`` now have a ``disabled()`` context-manager method, which
      can be used to temporarily disable capture within a test.
      Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
    * New cli flag ``--fixtures-per-test``: shows which fixtures are being used
      for each selected test item. Features doc strings of fixtures by default.
      Can also show where fixtures are defined if combined with ``-v``.
      Thanks `@hackebrot`_ for the PR.
    * Introduce ``pytest`` command as recommended entry point. Note that ``py.test``
      still works and is not scheduled for removal. Closes proposal
      `#1629`_. Thanks `@obestwalter`_ and `@davehunt`_ for the complete PR
    * New cli flags:
      > ``--setup-plan``: performs normal collection and reports
          the potential setup and teardown and does not execute any fixtures and tests;
      > ``--setup-only``: performs normal collection, executes setup and teardown of
        fixtures and reports them;
      > ``--setup-show``: performs normal test execution and additionally shows
          setup and teardown of fixtures;
      > ``--keep-duplicates``: py.test now ignores duplicated paths given in the command
        line. To retain the previous behavior where the same test could be run multiple
        times by specifying it in the command-line multiple times, pass the ``--keep-duplicates``
        argument (`#1609`_);
    Thanks `@d6e`_, `@kvas-it`_, `@sallner`_, `@ioggstream`_ and `@omarkohl`_ for the PRs.
    * New CLI flag ``--override-ini``/``-o``: overrides values from the ini file.
      For example: ``"-o xfail_strict=True"``'.
      Thanks `@blueyed`_ and `@fengxx`_ for the PR.
    * New hooks:
      > ``pytest_fixture_setup(fixturedef, request)``: executes fixture setup;
      > ``pytest_fixture_post_finalizer(fixturedef)``: called after the fixture's
        finalizer and has access to the fixture's result cache.
    Thanks `@d6e`_, `@sallner`_.
    * Issue warnings for asserts whose test is a tuple literal. Such asserts will
      never fail because tuples are always truthy and are usually a mistake
      (see `#1562`_). Thanks `@kvas-it`_, for the PR.
    * Allow passing a custom debugger class (e.g. ``--pdbcls=IPython.core.debugger:Pdb``).
      Thanks to `@anntzer`_ for the PR.
  + Changes
    * Plugins now benefit from assertion rewriting.  Thanks
      `@sober7`_, `@nicoddemus`_ and `@flub`_ for the PR.
    * Change ``report.outcome`` for ``xpassed`` tests to ``"passed"`` in non-strict
      mode and ``"failed"`` in strict mode. Thanks to `@hackebrot`_ for the PR
      (`#1795`_) and `@gprasad84`_ for report (`#1546`_).
    * Tests marked with ``xfail(strict=False)`` (the default) now appear in
      JUnitXML reports as passing tests instead of skipped.
      Thanks to `@hackebrot`_ for the PR (`#1795`_).
    * Highlight path of the file location in the error report to make it easier to copy/paste.
      Thanks `@suzaku`_ for the PR (`#1778`_).
    * Fixtures marked with ``@pytest.fixture`` can now use ``yield`` statements exactly like
      those marked with the ``@pytest.yield_fixture`` decorator. This change renders
      ``@pytest.yield_fixture`` deprecated and makes ``@pytest.fixture`` with ``yield`` statements
      the preferred way to write teardown code (`#1461`_).
      Thanks `@csaftoiu`_ for bringing this to attention and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
    * Explicitly passed parametrize ids do not get escaped to ascii (`#1351`_).
      Thanks `@ceridwen`_ for the PR.
    * Fixtures are now sorted in the error message displayed when an unknown
      fixture is declared in a test function.
      Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
    * ``pytest_terminal_summary`` hook now receives the ``exitstatus``
      of the test session as argument. Thanks `@blueyed`_ for the PR (`#1809`_).
    * Parametrize ids can accept ``None`` as specific test id, in which case the
      automatically generated id for that argument will be used.
      Thanks `@palaviv`_ for the complete PR (`#1468`_).
    * The parameter to xunit-style setup/teardown methods (``setup_method``,
      ``setup_module``, etc.) is now optional and may be omitted.
      Thanks `@okken`_ for bringing this to attention and `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
    * Improved automatic id generation selection in case of duplicate ids in
      Thanks `@palaviv`_ for the complete PR (`#1474`_).
    * Now pytest warnings summary is shown up by default. Added a new flag
      ``--disable-pytest-warnings`` to explicitly disable the warnings summary (`#1668`_).
    * Make ImportError during collection more explicit by reminding
      the user to check the name of the test module/package(s) (`#1426`_).
      Thanks `@omarkohl`_ for the complete PR (`#1520`_).
    * Add ``build/`` and ``dist/`` to the default ``--norecursedirs`` list. Thanks
      `@mikofski`_ for the report and `@tomviner`_ for the PR (`#1544`_).
    * ``pytest.raises`` in the context manager form accepts a custom
      ``message`` to raise when no exception occurred.
      Thanks `@palaviv`_ for the complete PR (`#1616`_).
    * ```` files now benefit from assertion rewriting; previously it
      was only available for test modules. Thanks `@flub`_, `@sober7`_ and
      `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR (`#1619`_).
    * Text documents without any doctests no longer appear as "skipped".
      Thanks `@graingert`_ for reporting and providing a full PR (`#1580`_).
    * Ensure that a module within a namespace package can be found when it
      is specified on the command line together with the ``--pyargs``
      option.  Thanks to `@taschini`_ for the PR (`#1597`_).
    * Always include full assertion explanation during assertion rewriting. The previous behaviour was hiding
      sub-expressions that happened to be ``False``, assuming this was redundant information.
      Thanks `@bagerard`_ for reporting (`#1503`_). Thanks to `@davehunt`_ and
      `@tomviner`_ for the PR.
    * ``OptionGroup.addoption()`` now checks if option names were already
      added before, to make it easier to track down issues like `#1618`_.
      Before, you only got exceptions later from ``argparse`` library,
      giving no clue about the actual reason for double-added options.
    * ``yield``-based tests are considered deprecated and will be removed in pytest-4.0.
      Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
    * ``[pytest]`` sections in ``setup.cfg`` files should now be named ``[tool:pytest]``
      to avoid conflicts with other distutils commands (see `#567`_). ``[pytest]`` sections in
      ``pytest.ini`` or ``tox.ini`` files are supported and unchanged.
      Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
    * Using ``pytest_funcarg__`` prefix to declare fixtures is considered deprecated and will be
      removed in pytest-4.0 (`#1684`_).
      Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
    * Passing a command-line string to ``pytest.main()`` is considered deprecated and scheduled
      for removal in pytest-4.0. It is recommended to pass a list of arguments instead (`#1723`_).
    * Rename ``getfuncargvalue`` to ``getfixturevalue``. ``getfuncargvalue`` is
      still present but is now considered deprecated. Thanks to `@RedBeardCode`_ and `@tomviner`_
      for the PR (`#1626`_).
    * ``optparse`` type usage now triggers DeprecationWarnings (`#1740`_).
    * ``optparse`` backward compatibility supports float/complex types (`#457`_).
    * Refined logic for determining the ``rootdir``, considering only valid
      paths which fixes a number of issues: `#1594`_, `#1435`_ and `#1471`_.
      Updated the documentation according to current behavior. Thanks to 
      `@blueyed`_, `@davehunt`_ and `@matthiasha`_ for the PR.
    * Always include full assertion explanation. The previous behaviour was hiding
      sub-expressions that happened to be False, assuming this was redundant information.
      Thanks `@bagerard`_ for reporting (`#1503`_). Thanks to `@davehunt`_ and
      `@tomviner`_ for PR.
    * Better message in case of not using parametrized variable (see `#1539`_).
      Thanks to `@tramwaj29`_ for the PR.
    * Updated docstrings with a more uniform style.
    * Add stderr write for ``pytest.exit(msg)`` during startup. Previously the message was never shown.
      Thanks `@BeyondEvil`_ for reporting `#1210`_. Thanks to `@JonathonSonesen`_ and
      `@tomviner`_ for the PR.
    * No longer display the incorrect test deselection reason (`#1372`_).
      Thanks `@ronnypfannschmidt`_ for the PR.
    * The ``--resultlog`` command line option has been deprecated: it is little used
      and there are more modern and better alternatives (see `#830`_).
      Thanks `@nicoddemus`_ for the PR.
    * Improve error message with fixture lookup errors: add an 'E' to the first
      line and '>' to the rest. Fixes `#717`_. Thanks `@blueyed`_ for reporting and
      a PR, `@eolo999`_ for the initial PR and `@tomviner`_ for his guidance during
      EuroPython2016 sprint.
  + Bug Fixes
    * Parametrize now correctly handles duplicated test ids.
    * Fix internal error issue when the ``method`` argument is missing for
      ``teardown_method()`` (`#1605`_).
    * Fix exception visualization in case the current working directory (CWD) gets
      deleted during testing (`#1235`_). Thanks `@bukzor`_ for reporting. PR by
    * Improve test output for logical expression with brackets (`#925`_).
      Thanks `@DRMacIver`_ for reporting and `@RedBeardCode`_ for the PR.
    * Create correct diff for strings ending with newlines (`#1553`_).
      Thanks `@Vogtinator`_ for reporting and `@RedBeardCode`_ and
      `@tomviner`_ for the PR.
    * ``ConftestImportFailure`` now shows the traceback making it easier to
      identify bugs in ```` files (`#1516`_). Thanks `@txomon`_ for
      the PR.
    * Text documents without any doctests no longer appear as "skipped".
      Thanks `@graingert`_ for reporting and providing a full PR (`#1580`_).
    * Fixed collection of classes with custom ``__new__`` method.
      Fixes `#1579`_. Thanks to `@Stranger6667`_ for the PR.
    * Fixed scope overriding inside metafunc.parametrize (`#634`_).
      Thanks to `@Stranger6667`_ for the PR.
    * Fixed the total tests tally in junit xml output (`#1798`_).
      Thanks to `@cryporchild`_ for the PR.
    * Fixed off-by-one error with lines from ``request.node.warn``.
      Thanks to `@blueyed`_ for the PR.
- update to version 2.9.2:
  * fix #510: skip tests where one parameterize dimension was empty
    thanks Alex Stapleton for the Report and @RonnyPfannschmidt for
    the PR
  * Fix Xfail does not work with condition keyword argument. Thanks
    @astraw38 for reporting the issue (#1496) and @tomviner for PR the
  * Fix win32 path issue when puttinging custom config file with
    absolute path in pytest.main("-c your_absolute_path").
  * Fix maximum recursion depth detection when raised error class is
    not aware of unicode/encoded bytes. Thanks @prusse-martin for the
    PR (#1506).
  * Fix pytest.mark.skip mark when used in strict mode. Thanks
    @pquentin for the PR and @RonnyPfannschmidt for showing how to fix
    the bug.
  * Minor improvements and fixes to the documentation. Thanks
    @omarkohl for the PR.
  * Fix --fixtures to show all fixture definitions as opposed to just
    one per fixture name. Thanks to @hackebrot for the PR.
- update to version 2.9.1:
  * Improve error message when a plugin fails to load. Thanks
    @nicoddemus for the PR.
  * Fix (#1178): with non-ascii characters raises an
    internal pytest error. Thanks @nicoddemus for the PR.
  * Fix (#469): junit parses report.nodeid incorrectly, when params
    IDs contain ::. Thanks @tomviner for the PR (#1431).
  * Fix (#578): SyntaxErrors containing non-ascii lines at the point
    of failure generated an internal py.test error. Thanks @asottile
    for the report and @nicoddemus for the PR.
  * Fix (#1437): When passing in a bytestring regex pattern to
    parameterize attempt to decode it as utf-8 ignoring errors.
  * Fix (#649): parametrized test nodes cannot be specified to run on
    the command line.
- update to version 2.9.0:
  * New Features
    + New pytest.mark.skip mark, which unconditionally skips marked
      tests. Thanks @MichaelAquilina for the complete PR (#1040).
    + --doctest-glob may now be passed multiple times in the
      command-line. Thanks @jab and @nicoddemus for the PR.
    + New -rp and -rP reporting options give the summary and full
      output of passing tests, respectively. Thanks to @codewarrior0 for
      the PR.
    + pytest.mark.xfail now has a strict option which makes XPASS
      tests to fail the test suite, defaulting to False. There’s also a
      xfail_strict ini option that can be used to configure it
      project-wise. Thanks @rabbbit for the request and @nicoddemus for
      the PR (#1355).
    + Parser.addini now supports options of type bool. Thanks
      @nicoddemus for the PR.
    + New ALLOW_BYTES doctest option strips b prefixes from byte
      strings in doctest output (similar to ALLOW_UNICODE). Thanks
      @jaraco for the request and @nicoddemus for the PR (#1287).
    + give a hint on KeyboardInterrupt to use the –fulltrace option to
      show the errors, this fixes #1366. Thanks to @hpk42 for the report
      and @RonnyPfannschmidt for the PR.
    + catch IndexError exceptions when getting exception source
      location. This fixes pytest internal error for dynamically
      generated code (fixtures and tests) where source lines are fake by
  * Changes
    + Important: py.code has been merged into the pytest repository as
      pytest._code. This decision was made because py.code had very few
      uses outside pytest and the fact that it was in a different
      repository made it difficult to fix bugs on its code in a timely
      manner. The team hopes with this to be able to better refactor out
      and improve that code. This change shouldn’t affect users, but it
      is useful to let users aware if they encounter any strange
    + Keep in mind that the code for pytest._code is private and
      experimental, so you definitely should not import it explicitly!
    + Please note that the original py.code is still available in
    + pytest_enter_pdb now optionally receives the pytest config
      object. Thanks @nicoddemus for the PR.
    + Removed code and documentation for Python 2.5 or lower versions,
      including removal of the obsolete _pytest.assertion.oldinterpret
      module. Thanks @nicoddemus for the PR (#1226).
    + Comparisons now always show up in full when CI or BUILD_NUMBER
      is found in the environment, even when -vv isn’t used. Thanks
      @The-Compiler for the PR.
    + --lf and --ff now support long names: --last-failed and
      --failed-first respectively. Thanks @MichaelAquilina for the PR.
    + Added expected exceptions to pytest.raises fail message
    + Collection only displays progress (“collecting X items”) when in
      a terminal. This avoids cluttering the output when using
      --color=yes to obtain colors in CI integrations systems (#1397).
  * Bug Fixes
    + The -s and -c options should now work under xdist;
      Config.fromdictargs now represents its input much more
      faithfully. Thanks to @bukzor for the complete PR (#680).
    + Fix (#1290): support Python 3.5’s @ operator in assertion
      rewriting. Thanks @Shinkenjoe for report with test case and
      @tomviner for the PR.
    + Fix formatting utf-8 explanation messages (#1379). Thanks @biern
      for the PR.
    + Fix traceback style docs to describe all of the available
      options (auto/long/short/line/native/no), with auto being the
      default since v2.6. Thanks @hackebrot for the PR.
    + Fix (#1422): junit record_xml_property doesn’t allow multiple
      records with same name.
- Move %check to -doc subpackage to avoid dependency loop
  with new python3-hypothesis test dependency.

Mon Feb  1 11:02:42 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 2.8.7:
  * fix #1338: use predictable object resolution for monkeypatch
- changes from version 2.8.6:
  * fix #1259: allow for double nodeids in junitxml, this was a
    regression failing plugins combinations like pytest-pep8 +
  * Workaround for exception that occurs in pyreadline when using
    --pdb with standard I/O capture enabled. Thanks Erik M. Bray for
    the PR.
  * fix #900: Better error message in case the target of a monkeypatch
    call raises an ImportError.
  * fix #1292: monkeypatch calls (setattr, setenv, etc.) are now
    O(1). Thanks David R. MacIver for the report and Bruno Oliveira
    for the PR.
  * fix #1223: captured stdout and stderr are now properly displayed
    before entering pdb when --pdb is used instead of being thrown
    away. Thanks Cal Leeming for the PR.
  * fix #1305: pytest warnings emitted during pytest_terminal_summary
    are now properly displayed. Thanks Ionel Maries Cristian for the
    report and Bruno Oliveira for the PR.
  * fix #628: fixed internal UnicodeDecodeError when doctests contain
    unicode. Thanks Jason R. Coombs for the report and Bruno Oliveira
    for the PR.
  * fix #1334: Add captured stdout to jUnit XML report on setup
    error. Thanks Georgy Dyuldin for the PR.
- Update to version 2.8.5
  * fix #1243: fixed issue where class attributes injected during
    collection could break pytest.
    fix #1074: precompute junitxml chunks instead of storing the
    whole tree in objects
    fix #1238: fix pytest.deprecated_call() receiving multiple
    arguments (Regression introduced in 2.8.4).
- update to version 2.8.4:
  * fix #1190: deprecated_call() now works when the deprecated
    function has been already called by another test in the same
    module. Thanks Mikhail Chernykh for the report and Bruno Oliveira
    for the PR.
  * fix #1198: --pastebin option now works on Python 3. Thanks Mehdy
    Khoshnoody for the PR.
  * fix #1219: --pastebin now works correctly when captured output
    contains non-ascii characters. Thanks Bruno Oliveira for the PR.
  * fix #1204: another error when collecting with a nasty
    __getattr__(). Thanks Florian Bruhin for the PR.
  * fix the summary printed when no tests did run. Thanks Florian
    Bruhin for the PR.
  * a number of documentation modernizations wrt good
    practices. Thanks Bruno Oliveira for the PR.
- update to version 2.8.3:
  * fix #1169: add __name__ attribute to testcases in TestCaseFunction
    to support the @unittest.skip decorator on functions and methods.
    Thanks Lee Kamentsky for the PR.
  * fix #1035: collecting tests if test module level obj has
    __getattr__().  Thanks Suor for the report and Bruno Oliveira /
    Tom Viner for the PR.
  * fix #331: don't collect tests if their failure cannot be reported
    correctly e.g. they are a callable instance of a class.
  * fix #1133: fixed internal error when filtering tracebacks where
    one entry belongs to a file which is no longer available.  Thanks
    Bruno Oliveira for the PR.
  * enhancement made to highlight in red the name of the failing tests
    so they stand out in the output.  Thanks Gabriel Reis for the PR.
  * add more talks to the documentation
  * extend documentation on the --ignore cli option
  * use pytest-runner for setuptools integration
  * minor fixes for interaction with OS X El Capitan system integrity
    protection (thanks Florian)

Sun May 24 10:57:07 UTC 2015 -

- Split documentation into separate package to avoid build loop
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