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File apache2-check_forensic of Package apache2-virtualmin


# check_forensic <forensic log file>
# Author: Peter Poeml <apache@suse.de>

# check the forensic log for requests that did not complete
# output the request log for each one

# This script is based on Ben Laurie's check_forensic, but is adjusted for GNU
# tools (as used on Linux) and it works in a safe tmpdir directory. 
# todo: rewrite in a form that allows running on more operating systems.

F=${1:?give filename as argument. cannot read from stdin.}

tdir=$(mktemp -d $tmpprefix); test $? = 0 || { echo >&2 Could not create tmpdir. Exiting; exit 1; }

cut -f 1 -d '|' $F  > $tdir/fc-all.$$
grep ^+ < $tdir/fc-all.$$ | cut -c2- | sort > $tdir/fc-in.$$
grep -- ^- < $tdir/fc-all.$$ | cut -c2- | sort > $tdir/fc-out.$$
join -v 1 $tdir/fc-in.$$ $tdir/fc-out.$$ | xargs -ixx egrep "^\\+xx" $F
rm $tdir/fc-all.$$ $tdir/fc-in.$$ $tdir/fc-out.$$
rmdir $tdir