File altgr_2.patch of Package xen

When access domU from Windows VNC client, spanish keyboard altgr key 
doesn't work. According to log info, we found that the keycodes passed
from vncclient to qemu vncserver have something wrong. When altgr and "2"
pressed, keycodes vncserver receives are:
ALT_R down, 
CTRL_L down, 
CTRL_L up,
ATL_R up, 
"2" down,
"2" up,
Since when send "2" down, there is no altgr modifier, the char displayed 
on screen will be "2" but not "@".

To solve this problem, there is another patch applied by upstream which 
sends an additional altgr modifier before "2" down in the above case. 
It works well when domU is windows, but on sles10 sp3 domU, sometimes it
display "@" and sometimes it still displays "2", especially when press 
altgr+2 continuously.

For the sles10 sp3 domU problem, maybe because there are two many alt_r (same 
keycode as altgr on "es") up and down events and the domU OS couldn't handle
it well. 

To furtherly solve this problem, I write this patch, when vncserver
is "es" and receives a alt_r keysym (this is already abnormal since "es" has
no alt_r), then treat the alt_r as alt_l. This can avoid too many altgr 
keycodes up and down events and make sure the intentionally added altgr keycode can take effect.

Signed-off by Chunyan Liu (

Index: xen-4.9.0-testing/tools/qemu-xen-traditional-dir-remote/vnc.c
--- xen-4.9.0-testing.orig/tools/qemu-xen-traditional-dir-remote/vnc.c
+++ xen-4.9.0-testing/tools/qemu-xen-traditional-dir-remote/vnc.c
@@ -1410,6 +1410,9 @@ static void key_event(VncState *vs, int
     int keycode;
     int shift = 0;
+    if ( sym == 0xffea && keyboard_layout && !strcmp(keyboard_layout,"es") )
+        sym = 0xffe9;
     if (sym >= 'A' && sym <= 'Z' && is_graphic_console()) {
        sym = sym - 'A' + 'a';
        shift = 1;