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-Up to now xenpaging is not integrated into libxl/xend, so it has to be
-started manually for each guest.
+Up to now xenpaging is only integrated into xm/xend.
-Once the guest is running, run xenpaging with the guest_id and the path
-to the pagefile:
- /usr/lib/xen/bin/xenpaging -f /path/to/page_file -d dom_id &
-Once xenpaging runs it needs a memory target, which is the memory
-footprint of the guest. This value (in KiB) must be written manually to
-xenstore. The following example sets the target to 512MB:
- xenstore-write /local/domain/<dom_id>/memory/target-tot_pages $((1024*512))
-Now xenpaging tries to page-out as many pages to keep the overall memory
-footprint of the guest at 512MB.
+To enable xenpaging for a guest add the option 'actmem=' to the guests
+config file and run 'xm new <vm_config_file>' to make the changes
+active. actmem= takes the amount of memory in MB which a guest is
+allowed to use at a given time. Everything above this limit will be
+paged out. This paging is transparent to the guest.
+ memory=4096
+ actmem=1024
+In this example a guest gets the impression it has 4GB of memory and
+the guest OS has to configure itself for this amount of memory. But
+xenpaging will page-out 3072MB, leaving only 1024MB active at a time.
+At runtime the configured value of actmem= can be changed with the "xm
+mem-swap-target" command.
+ xm mem-swap-target <domain_name> 512
+Additional cmdline options for the xenpaging binary can be specified
+with the xenpaging_extra= config file option:
+ xenpaging_extra=[ '-f', '/dev/shm/pagefile-guest_name', '-v' ]
+To get a list of available options, run /usr/lib/xen/bin/xenpaging -h:
+  xenpaging [options] -f <pagefile> -d <domain_id>
+ -d <domid>     --domain=<domid>         numerical domain_id of guest. This option is required.
+ -f <file>      --pagefile=<file>        pagefile to use. This option is required.
+ -m <max_memkb> --max_memkb=<max_memkb>  maximum amount of memory to handle.
+ -r <num>       --mru_size=<num>         number of paged-in pages to keep in memory.
+ -v             --verbose                enable debug output.
+ -h             --help                   this output.
 - integrate xenpaging into libxl