File mod_qos.conf of Package dba-apache2-mod_qos-109

  <IfModule !mod_qos_control.c>
    LoadModule qos_control_module modules/

<IfDefine HAVE_QOS>
  <IfModule !mod_qos.c>
    LoadModule qos_module modules/

# this is the working directory where the GUI stores its metadata to
QSC_WorkingDirectory   /var/lib/mod_qos

# you must specify the location of the qsfilter2 utility which is used
# to generate generic request filer rules based on access log files
QSC_Filter2Binary    /usr/sbin/qsfilter2

# the location/url where the GUI is accessible
<Location /qos_control>
  SetHandler qos-control
  Order Deny,Allow
  Deny from All
  Allow from
  ErrorDocument 403 "Access denied per mod_qos.conf"