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File exabgp.changes of Package exabgp

Tue Jun 26 14:17:52 UTC 2018 - mrueckert@suse.de

- update to 4.0.6
  See /usr/share/doc/packages/exabgp/CHANGELOG
- switch package to python3

Tue Jun 28 09:22:47 UTC 2016 - mardnh@gmx.de

- update to Version 3.4.16
  * Feature: allow users to decide if processes must be run before or after we
    drop privileges
  * Fix: correctly look in /etc/exabgp for programs to run when the path
    is relative
  * Fix: missing handler for NOTIFICATION

 Version 3.4.15
  * Fix: the ttl-security parameter didnĀ“t really work. Fixed for outgoing
    connections now.
  * Fix: configuration leak between processes for neighbor-changes and
  * Feature: add per neighbor connection port
  * Fix: ASN4 boundary off by one
  * Fix: Bad peer IP when using show routes
  * Fix: Missing next-hop in the text api
  * Fix: broken route-refresh command
  * Fix: wrongly announcing connection issue with peer on the API

- change source url

Sat Oct 17 00:55:55 UTC 2015 - mrueckert@suse.de

- initial package