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View File __NOTES__.txt of Package mingw64-lua51-wxlua (Project home:doc_bacardi)


wxLua SVN snapshot
with patches for x86_64 from https://github.com/muhkuh-sys/wxlua.git
Fetch with...
  git clone --recursive https://github.com/muhkuh-sys/wxlua.git

Build the package on the local host:

  osc build xUbuntu_14.04 x86_64 lua51-wxlua_2.8.12.3-1.dsc

... or if you have run this before:

  osc build --no-init xUbuntu_14.04 x86_64 lua51-wxlua_2.8.12.3-1.dsc

How to work on this package?

To make life a bit easier, all scripts and debian control files are in the build.tar.gz folder.
After a checkout or update, just untar the build.tar.gz . Then modify the files in the build folder and run the "generate.sh" script in this folder.
The generate.sh script builds the debian, orig and build archives and updates the checksums and file sizes in the dsc file.