File of Package mingw64-lua51-wxlua

import argparse
import re
import string
import subprocess
import sys

__astrStandardDlls = [

def main(argv):
	tParser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Check the DLL dependencies of an executable.')
	tParser.add_argument('infile', nargs='+',
	                     help='read the input data from INPUT_FILENAME', metavar='INPUT')
	tParser.add_argument('-o', '--objdump', dest='strObjDump', default='objdump',
	                     help='use OBJDUMP to extract the dependencies', metavar='OBJDUMP')
	tParser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', dest='fVerbose', action='store_true', default=False,
	                     help='be more verbose')
	tParser.add_argument('-u', '--userdll', dest='astrUserDlls', action='append',
	                     help='add DLL to the list of known user DLLs', metavar='DLL')
	aOptions = tParser.parse_args()
	# Build the combined list of DLLs.
	astrAllowedDlls = __astrStandardDlls
	if not aOptions.astrUserDlls is None:
		for strDll in aOptions.astrUserDlls:
	for strInFile in aOptions.infile:
		if aOptions.fVerbose==True:
			print 'Checking %s...' % strInFile
		# Get all DLL dependencies from the file.
		aCmd = [aOptions.strObjDump, '-p', strInFile]
		tProc = subprocess.Popen(aCmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
		strOutput = tProc.communicate()[0]
		if tProc.returncode!=0:
			raise Exception('The command failed with return code %d: %s' % (tProc.returncode, ' '.join(aCmd)))
		# Find all DLL dependencies.
		for tMatch in re.finditer('DLL Name:\s+(.+).dll', strOutput):
			# Strip all leading and trailing spaces from the DLL name and convert it to lower case.
			strDll = string.lower(string.strip(
			if aOptions.fVerbose==True:
				print 'Found dependency %s.dll' % strDll
			if not strDll in astrAllowedDlls:
				raise Exception('The DLL dependency %s is not part of the standard system DLLs.' % strDll)

if __name__ == '__main__':
	print("All OK!")