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View File libkdcraw4.changes of Package libkdcraw4 (Project home:draht)

Mon Apr 20 16:48:18 CEST 2009 - dmueller@suse.de

- fix build for older distros again

Wed Feb 25 14:43:02 CET 2009 - wstephenson@suse.de

- rename to libkdcraw4
- update to 0.1.8:
  Updated to libraw 0.6.13:
   - Bugfixes in RIFF reading code. . 
  Updated to libraw 0.6.12: 
   - Hasselblad V96C support. 
  Updated to libraw 0.6.11: 
   - Fixed serious bug in loading metadata from external JPG file.
  Updated to libraw 0.6.10:
   - Support for loading White Balance data from Sony ARW files
     edited with Sony IDC software.
  Updated to libraw 0.6.9:
   - Better support for Samsung S85.
   - Fixed possible integer overflow in wavelet denoising code.
  Updated to libraw 0.6.8:
   - Changes in QuickTake 100 files processing.
  Updated to libraw 0.6.7:
   - Added support for Samsung S85.
   - Changes in external jpeg (metadata) processing.
  Updated to libraw 0.6.6:
   - Changes in Panasonic FZ50 processing code.
  Updated to libraw 0.6.5:
   - Fixed file descriptor and buffer memory leak when thumbnail
     extractor is called, but library object is not properly
   - Fixes in Imacon files unpacking.
   - Fixes in Hasselblad .fff files unpacking.

Fix PPM color preview extraction.

- update to 0.1.7:
  - Updated to LibRaw 0.6.3 : NEF processing code changed
    (some overflow control added).
  - Updated to LibRaw 0.6.2.
    New cameras: Canon G10 & 5D Mk2, Leaf AFi 7, Leica D-LUX4, 
             Panasonic FX150 & G 1, Fujifilm IS Pro.
- update to 0.1.6:
  - Updated to LibRaw 0.6.1.
    Ported to LibRaw 0.6.0 Api. Removed dcraw.c and DcrawBinary class.
     New cameras: Canon 50D, Sony A900, Nikon D90 & P6000,
     Panasonic LX3 FZ28.
- update to 0.1.5:
  - API changed: Add white point settings support (dcraw -S option)
               Add new method to set/check brigness settings aviability
               Raw decoding settings widget re-designed to group each 
               options by features using tabs.
               Add support dcraw options -m -A -P -p -o.
               Add new signal emited when something is changed in settings.
               Add new integer and double slider widgets with
               default values and reset buttons.
               Add new combo box widget with a default item and reset button.
               Add new method to extract whole embedded JPEG image data as a 
               byte array.

  - Updated dcraw to 8.87
    New camera : Kodak C603, Nikon D700, Canon EOS 1000D,
    Canon PowerShot SD300, and Olympus E-520.
    Removed useless code from ppg_interpolate().
  - Updated dcraw to 8.86
    New camera : Sony A300.
    Fixed camera WB on the A200.
    Set model-specific saturation levels in adobe_coeff().
    No new options introduced.
  - Updated dcraw to 8.85
    New camera : Olympus E-420.
    No new options introduced.
  - Updated dcraw to 8.84
    New cameras: Canon EOS 450D, Nikon D60, and Fuji S100FS.
    Copied new matrices from Adobe DNG Converter 4.4.
    sRAW support in 1.393 broke Fuji DNG files, now fixed.
    No new options introduced.

Mon Feb 16 12:17:54 CET 2009 - coolo@suse.de

- fix build with sr@Latn

Tue Dec 16 14:23:44 CET 2008 - coolo@suse.de

- require lang subpackage

Wed Nov  5 13:23:52 CET 2008 - dmueller@suse.de

- rename libkdcraw-devel to libkdcraw3-devel

Wed May  7 00:29:36 CEST 2008 - dmueller@suse.de

- update to 0.1.4:
  - updated dcraw to 8.83
   new cameras: Apple QuickTake 200, Fuji IS-1, Sony DSLR-A350, Pentax K20D,
                Nokia N95, Canon PowerShots A460, Canon PowerShots A530,
                Canon PowerShots A650.
                Sony DSLR-A200, Sony DSLR-A700, Sony XCD-SX910CR, STV680 VGA
   no new options introduced.

Sun Dec 30 10:59:22 CET 2007 - coolo@suse.de

- update to version 0.1.3
  Updated dcraw to 8.80
   New cameras: Hasselblad H3D, Olympus E-3, Canon EOS 40D, 
   Canon PowerShot G9, Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, AVT F-080C, 
   Nikon D3, Nikon D300, Nikon Coolpix S6, Panasonic DMC-FZ18, 
   Sony DSLR-A700
  Updated dcraw to 8.81
   New cameras: Canon G7, Fuji FinePix S9100/S9600, 
   Olympus SP560UZ, Panasonic DMC-L10

Mon Oct 29 13:06:15 CET 2007 - dmueller@suse.de

- rename package after so version bump in last checkin 

Sun Oct 21 12:19:50 CEST 2007 - coolo@suse.de

- update to version 0.1.2:
   * updated internal dcraw from 8.60 to 8.77. API changed
   * add new chromatic aberration reduction options 

Mon Aug  6 23:23:59 CEST 2007 - dmueller@suse.de

- fix package name

Mon Jun 18 15:03:26 CEST 2007 - stbinner@suse.de

- update to version 0.1.1:
   * KDcraw destructor is now virtual.
   * Added DcrawSettingsContainer destructor.
   * Separate embedded JPEG preview extraction and half decoding
     methods to get a preview of RAW pictures.

Thu Apr 19 13:22:23 CEST 2007 - dmueller@suse.de

- Initial package (0.0.0svn655772)