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View File murmur.apparmor of Package mumble (Project home:draht)

# Last Modified: Thu Mar 24 13:33:08 2011
#include <tunables/global>

/usr/sbin/murmurd {
  #include <abstractions/base>
  #include <abstractions/nameservice>
  #include <abstractions/ssl_certs>
  #include <abstractions/user-tmp>

  /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf r,
  /etc/ssl/certs/** r,
  deny /usr/share/ssl/ r,
  deny /usr/share/ssl/** r,

# FIXME: mumble has weird capability handling. None of the first four should be
# needed if the code is adjusted
  capability dac_override,
  capability setgid,
  capability setuid,
  capability chown,

# needed for real time scheduling of the mixer threads
  capability sys_resource,
# not needed anymore
# capability net_admin,

  network inet stream,

  /etc/mumble-server.ini rk,
  /usr/bin/lsb_release cx,
  /var/lib/mumble-server/ rwk,
  /var/lib/mumble-server/** rwk,
  /var/log/mumble-server/murmur.log w,
  /var/run/mumble-server/mumble-server.pid w,

  profile /usr/bin/lsb_release {
    #include <abstractions/base>
    #include <abstractions/consoles>

    /bin/bash r,
    /proc/meminfo r,
    /usr/bin/getopt rix,
    /usr/bin/head rix,
    /usr/bin/grep rix,
    /usr/bin/sed rix,
    /usr/bin/cut rix,
    /usr/bin/lsb_release r,
    /etc/SuSE-release r,