File desktoptext-config.spec of Package desktoptext-config

# norootforbuild

%define _prefix	/opt/kde3

Name:		desktoptext-config
Version:	0.3
Release:	2OS102DSB
Summary:	A KDE control center module
Source:		53118-%{name}-%{version}.tar.bz2
Patch1:		%{name}-%{version}-hidden-visibility.diff
Packager:	Donnie S Bhayangkara -
Group:		System/GUI/KDE
License:	GPL
BuildRoot:	%{_tmppath}/build-%{name}-%{version}
BuildRequires:	autoconf automake xorg-x11-devel
BuildRequires: 	kdelibs3-devel qt3-devel kdebase3 kdebase3-devel
BuildRequires: 	libstdc++-devel libpng-devel libjpeg-devel
Requires: kdelibs3 libpng libjpeg kdebase3

This little module for the control center gathers in one place all available
settings for the desktop icons texts: Font, colors and shadow.

(It extends and is meant to replace "TextShadowEdit".)

%if %suse_version >= 930
%setup -q
%if 0%{?suse_version} == 1000
%{?suse_update_config:%{suse_update_config -f}}


%configure --with-qt-libraries=/usr/lib/qt3/%_lib

%__make %{?jobs:-j%{jobs}}


find %{buildroot} -type f -o -type l | sed "s|^%{buildroot}||" >master.list

%if %suse_version < 930
%__strip "%{buildroot}%{_bindir}"/*

%__rm -rf "%{buildroot}"

%files -f master.list

* Thu Feb 15 2007 Donnie S Bhayangkara <> 0.3
- added Patch1: %{name}-%{version}-hidden-visibility.diff to fix build error on
  suse 10.0 (thanks Johannes Schriewer)

* Thu Feb 15 2007 Donnie S Bhayangkara <> 0.3
- new upstream version
- added README to doc

* Tue Feb 13 2007 Donnie S Bhayangkara <> 0.2
- added xorg-x11-devel to BuildRequires

* Mon Feb 12 2007 Donnie S Bhayangkara <> 0.2
- initial release

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# mode: rpm-spec
# tab-width: 3
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