File blender-rpm-macros-openSUSE_Leap_15.0.spec of Package blender-rpm-macros

%define blender_api 2.79

Name:      blender-rpm-macros
Version:   0
Release:   1%{?dist}
License:   CC0-1.0
Summary:   Blender RPM macros
Source:    macros.blender
Group:     Development/Sources
BuildArch: noarch
BuildRoot: %{_builddir}/%{name}-root
BuildRequires: blender >= %{blender_api}
BuildRequires: blender <= %{blender_api}z
RPM macros to support cross-distribution .spec files for blender addons


sed -e "s:@BLENDER_API@:%{blender_api}:g" "%{SOURCE0}" > macros.blender

install -d "%{buildroot}/%{_prefix}/lib/rpm/macros.d"
install -t "%{buildroot}/%{_prefix}/lib/rpm/macros.d" -m 0644 macros.blender

%dir %{_prefix}/lib/rpm/macros.d

* Mon May 30 2016 Daniel Scharrer <> - 0-1
- Initial version
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