File pnp4nagios-README.SUSE-Icinga of Package pnp4nagios

= General information =

Please follow the descriptions in 

= Icinga users =

pnp4nagios is also available for Icinga users - but the primary setup
of the package just considers Nagios for historical reasons.

So please check the following steps to get the package working with 
Icinga - even after an update.

== Setting the right file permissions ==

Please check the file /etc/permissions.d/pnp4nagios and uncomment the
permission lines inside this file. Afterward, please run:
 chkstat --system --set
as root (on newer openSUSE systems) or:
 SuSEconfig --module permissions
as root (on SLES or older openSUSE systems).

== Adapting logrotate snipplet ==

Please change the line 
 su nagios nagios
in /etc/logrotate.d/pnp4nagios to
 su icinga icinga

== Apapting the Apache configuration ==

Please change the line: 
 AuthUserFile  /etc/nagios/htpasswd.users
in /etc/apache2/conf.d/pnp4nagios.conf to fit with your installation.
If you use the default Icinga installation, this would be:
 AuthUserFile /etc/icinga/htpasswd.users

== /etc/sysconfig/pnp4nagios ==

This file should be checked if you run the pnp_gearman_worker for the 
right user.
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