File libmikmod-rpmlintrc of Package libmikmod

# This line is mandatory to access the configuration functions
from Config import *

# The development of libmikmod has stopped in mid-2004, it is highly unlikely
# that there will ever be a newer version, installing this version in parallel
# an even older version sounds something which only experts would do while
# debugging, and an application build must be very old to need libmikmod < 2.0,
# so there is little priority in a rename in libmikmod due to these:
# W: libmikmod shlib-policy-nonversioned-dir /usr/share/doc/packages/libmikmod
# Your shared library package contains non-versioned directories. Those will not
# allow to install multiple versions of the package in parallel.
# W: libmikmod shlib-legacy-policy-name-error libmikmod2

addFilter("libmikmod shlib-policy-nonversioned-dir")
addFilter("libmikmod shlib-legacy-policy-name-error libmikmod2")