File time-debian-non-normal-exit.patch of Package time

Subject: Adjust non-normal exit code

  * Introduced in Debian time version 1.7-16
  * time.c: When time exits in a non-normal way, return 128 plus the 
    number of the signal which caused time to stop or abort. Thanks to
    Steve Greenland and Herbert Xu for some clarification in this matter.

Author: Dirk Eddelbuettel

--- time-1.7.orig/time.c
+++ time-1.7/time.c
@@ -664,9 +664,9 @@
   fflush (outfp);
   if (WIFSTOPPED (res.waitstatus))
-    exit (WSTOPSIG (res.waitstatus));
+    exit (WSTOPSIG (res.waitstatus) + 128);
   else if (WIFSIGNALED (res.waitstatus))
-    exit (WTERMSIG (res.waitstatus));
+    exit (WTERMSIG (res.waitstatus) + 128);
   else if (WIFEXITED (res.waitstatus))
     exit (WEXITSTATUS (res.waitstatus));