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.\" Copyright (C) 2013 Kyrill Detinov <>
.\" This manual page is distributed under the terms
.\" of the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.3.
.TH UNRAR "1" "2013-05-28" "unrar 5.0" "User Commands"

unrar \- extract, test, and view RAR archives

.BI unrar \ command
.RI [ option1 ]\ [ optionN ]\  archive
.RI [ files... ]\ [ @listfiles... ]\ [ path_to_extract/ ]

The \fBunrar\fR utility is a freeware program distributed with source
code and developed for extracting, testing, and viewing the contents of
archives created with the RAR archiver.

.B e
Extract files without archived paths.
.B l[t[a],b]
List archive [technical[all],bare].
.B p
Print file to stdout.
.B t
Test archive files.
.B v[t[a],b]
Verbosely list archive [technical[all],bare].
.B x
Extract files with full path.

.B \-
Stop switches scanning.
.B \-@[+]
Disable [enable] file lists.
.B \-ad
Append archive name to destination path.
.B \-ai
Ignore file attributes.
.BI \-ap path
Set \fIpath\fR inside archive.
.B \-c\-
Disable comments show.
.B \-cfg\-
Disable read configuration.
.B \-cl
Convert names to lower case.
.B \-cu
Convert names to upper case.
.B \-dh
Open shared files.
.B \-ep
Exclude paths from names.
.B \-ep3
Expand paths to full including the drive letter.
.B \-f
Freshen files.
.B \-id[c,d,p,q]
Disable messages.
.B \-ierr
Send all messages to stderr.
.B \-inul
Disable all messages.
.B \-kb
Keep broken extracted files.
.BI \-n file
Additionally filter included \fIfiles\fR.
.B \-n@
Read additional filter masks from stdin.
.BI \-n@ list
Read additional filter masks from \fIlist\fR file.
.B \-o[+|\-]
Set the overwrite mode [yes|no].
.B \-or
Rename files automatically.
.B \-ow
Save or restore file owner and group.
.B \-p[password]
Set password.
.B \-p\-
Do not query password.
.B \-r
Recurse subdirectories.
.BI \-sl size
Process files with \fIsize\fR less than specified.
.BI \-sm size
Process files with \fIsize\fR more than specified.
.BI \-ta date
Process files modified after \fIdate\fR in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format.
.BI \-tb date
Process files modified before \fIdate\fR in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format.
.BI \-tn time
Process files newer than \fItime\fR.
.BI \-to time
Process files older than \fItime\fR.
.B \-ts[m,c,a][N]
Save or restore file time [modification, creation, access].
.B \-u
Update files.
.B \-v
List all volumes.
.B \-ver[n]
File version control.
.B \-vp
Pause before each volume.
.BI \-x file
Exclude specified \fIfile\fR.
.B \-x@
Read file names to exclude from stdin.
.BI \-x@ list
Exclude files listed in specified \fIlist\fR file.
.B \-y
Assume Yes on all queries.

.B 0
Successful operation.
.B 1
Warning. Non fatal error(s) occurred.
.B 2
A fatal error occurred.
.B 3
Invalid checksum. Data is damaged.
.B 5
Write error.
.B 6
File open error.
.B 7
Wrong command line option.
.B 8
Not enough memory.
.B 9
File create error.
.B 10
No files matching the specified mask and options were found.
.B 11
Wrong password.
.B 255
User break.

.B unrar
reads configuration from the \fI~/.rarrc\fR file.
.SS "File syntax:"
switches= option1 option2 ... optionN

.BR rar (1)