File README.SUSE of Package zookeeper

SUSE Specific Changes

When packaging Zookeeper we made the following changes:

* Zookeeper executables and binaries reside in __LIBEXECDIR__/zookeeper.
  All executables are run through zookeeper-wrapper which resides in

* The cli_mt, cli_st, load_gen executables have been renamed to zkcli_mt,
  zkcli_st and zkload_gen respectively.

* All configuration resides in __CONFDIR__.

* All logging goes to the log files in __LOGDIR__.

* Zookeeper is best started through the systemd service zookeeper.service.

* All state resides in __STATEDIR__. In particular, this Zookeeper instance's
  cluster ID is set in __STATEDIR__/data/myid and defaults to `1`. This will 
  work for a single node setup, but for a multi node setup you need to set this
  ID to a distinct value on each node (see
  for details).
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