File Dockerfile of Package buildahimage

#!BuildTag: buildahimage
FROM opensuse/tumbleweed

RUN zypper ref && \
    zypper in -y --no-recommends buildah fuse-overlayfs cni-plugins shadow timezone && \
    zypper clean -a
ADD containers.conf /etc/containers/
RUN useradd build

# Adjust storage.conf to enable Fuse storage.
RUN chmod 644 /etc/containers/containers.conf; sed -i -e 's|^#mount_program|mount_program|g' -e '/additionalimage.*/a "/var/lib/shared",' -e 's|^mountopt[[:space:]]*=.*$|mountopt = "nodev,fsync=0"|g' /etc/containers/storage.conf
RUN mkdir -p /var/lib/shared/overlay-images /var/lib/shared/overlay-layers /var/lib/shared/vfs-images /var/lib/shared/vfs-layers; touch /var/lib/shared/overlay-images/images.lock; touch /var/lib/shared/overlay-layers/layers.lock; touch /var/lib/shared/vfs-images/images.lock; touch /var/lib/shared/vfs-layers/layers.lock

# Set an environment variable to default to chroot isolation for RUN
# instructions and "buildah run".
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