File sdparm.changes of Package sdparm

Wed Aug 24 17:49:33 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 1.10
 * add --inhex=FN option for decoding without device present,
   FN is interpreted as response to mode sense(10) command
 * add --raw option to interpret FN as binary (def: ASCII hex)
 * add --pdt=PDT option for use with --inhex=FN
 * --quiet used twice hides changeable, default + saved
 * add IO advice hints grouping mode page (sbc4r06, 8)
 * add Unit serial number VPD page specific sanity check
 * add NO_PI_CHK to Supported block lengths and protection
   types VPD page
 * add Background operation control mpage (sbc4r07)
 * Read-write error recovery mpage: add Misaligned writes
   reporting field (MWR)
 * sync tape mpages with ssc5r02
 * add Block limits extension VPD page
 * add Device constituents VPD page
 * add LB protection VPD page (ssc5r02a)
 * LB provisioning VPD page: expand LBPRZ, add Minimum and
   Threshold percentage fields
 * device identification VPD page: add decoding for locally
   assigned UUIDs (spc5r08)
 * the --inhex=FN option together with --inquiry decodes
   FN as a single VPD page
 * improve lto5 and lto6 vendor mpage support
 * sync to spc5r08 and sbc4r10
 * add SAS G5 (22.5 Gbps) settings (spl4r06)
 * point svn:externals to rev 663 of sg3_utils
 * upgrade automake to version 1.15 (U15.10)
 * upgrade to buildconf 20091223 version

Sun Dec 28 15:04:12 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 1.09
  + decode Third Party Copy VPD page
  + Supported block lengths and protection types (sbc4r01) +
    Block device characteristics extension VPD pages added
  + zoned block device characterics VPD page added (zbc-r01c)
  + fix manufacturer-assigned serial number VPD page length
  + device id VPD: T10 vendor identification designator clean up
  + block device characteristics VPD: add ZONED (sbc4r04)
  + SAS/SPL disconnect-reconnect mpage: expand
  + SAS protocol specific port mpage: add MAXR field (spl4r01)
  + standard inquiry response (sinq): add LU_CONG
  + change ibm vendor code to lto5 and lto6
  + point svn:externals to rev 620 of sg3_utils
  + upgrade automake to version 1.14.1
  + configure: add --disable-libsgutils so build bypasses that
    library if present
  + win32: some --wscan and compile fixes

Wed Oct 23 15:33:48 UTC 2013 -

- Remove %fillup_prereq and %insserv_prereq; package doesn't provide
  any sysvinit script

Thu Jun 13 13:56:56 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 1.08
* New utilities: scsi_ch_swp, sas_disk_blink
* Tracked changes at since January 2012:
* device id VPD: add protocol specific port identifier
* control extension mpage: add max sense data length
* power condition mpage: FIDCPC->CCF_IDLE, FSBCPC->CCF_STAND,
  FSTCPC->CCF_STOPP (spc4r34+)
* caching mpage: add SYNC_PROG field (sbc3r33)
* block device characteristics VPD page additions sbc3r34
* extended inquiry vpd page: add max supported sense data length
* protocol-specific port information VPD page for SAS SSP,
  persistent connection (spl3r2), power disable (spl3r3)
* allow --readonly with --set= and --clear=
* add placeholder for third party copy VPD page
* supply more information if a UA occurs
- Normalized install procedure
- Build with libsgutils support

Sun Apr 22 11:46:53 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 1.07 
  - LB provisioning + Block limits VPD pages to sbc3r27
  - Enhanced phy control page: optical mode enabled (spl-r07)
  - Phy control and discover page: sync to spl2r02
  - sync with spc4r31+32 (handle status good with sense)
  - extented inquiry VPD: add POA_SUP, HRA_SUP and VSA_SUP
  - application tag mode page subcode 0xf0->0x2 (sbc3r28)
  - add 'sinq' pseudo VPD page for standard inquiry response
  - add power consumption mode and VPD pages (spc4r33)
  - point out some mode page numbers are vendor specific

Tue May 24 17:31:45 CEST 2011 -

- Update to version 1.06:
  + allow upper and lower case in field, (mode and vpd) page,
    vendor, transport or command matching
  + control mode page: add ATMPE and RWWP fields (spc4r27)
  + extended inquiry vpd page: add extended self test completion
    minutes field (spc4r27)
  + power control mode page: PM_BG_PRECEDENCE field (spc4r24)
    - FIDCPC, FSBCPC, FSTCPC fields (spc4r25)
  + sbc3r25 renames 'thin' provisioning' to 'logical block
    provisioning'; changes mode+vpd page and field names
    - add Application tag mode page
    - add SITPUA bit to logical block provisioning mode page
  + fix '-eal' problem with vendor pages
  + point svn:externals to rev 334 of sg3_utils

Fri Aug 13 11:56:39 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 1.05:
  + add '--readonly' option especially for '-C start' and
    '-C stop' on ATA disks.
  + Control mode page updates (spc4r23)
  + add Control data protection mode page (ssc4r01)
  + block device characteristics VPD page: decode form factor
  + extended inquiry VPD page: activate_microcode+r_sup (spc4r23)
  + Automation device serial number and Data transfer device
    element address VPD pages (ssc4r01)
  + add SBC Referrals VPD page (sbc3r22)
  + expand SBC Thin provisioning VPD page (sbc3r22)
  + expand SBC Block limits VPD page (sbc3r22)
  + SAS-2.1 specification split, upper layers placed in SPL
    - add enable_slumber and enable_partial fields to
      Enhanced phy control mode page
  + add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to to lessen build issues
  + build infrastructure change to use libsgutils2 if available
- Changes from version 1.04:
  + add SAT ATA Power condition mode page (sat2r06)
  + add SBC Thin provisioning mode page (sbc3r20)
  + add SBC Thin provisioning VPD page (sbc3r20)
  + sync with spc4r21
  + add Power condition, update extended inquiry VPD pages
  + smc3: add Device capabilities + Extended device
    capabilities + Transport geometry parameters mode pages
  + prepare for Thin provisioning VPD and mode pages
  + expand block limits VPD page
  + update Power condition mode page
  + rename SAS-2 phy mode page to Enhanced phy control (SAS)
  + add ADC mode (sub)page place holders
  + print mode page descriptors in full in more contexts
  + add linux bsg support
  + scripts/sas_disk_blink: moved here from sg3_utils package
  + rework the '-w' option (win32) per sg_scan in sg3_utils
  + change SDPARM_* constants to SG_LIB_*
  + remove sdparm.html, refer to its url in sdparm.8
  + sdparm.spec: correction to configure call

Tue Aug 12 18:40:54 CEST 2008 -

- Update to sdparm-1.03:
  * supports more than one device on command linx
  * speed[=val] and profile commands for MMC
  * Extended Inquiry VPD page updated (spc4r15)
  * SAS protocol-specific port mpage (add CAWT, RTOL)
  * minor cleanups

Fri May 23 10:11:29 CEST 2008 -

- Using 'Provides' keyword to clean update dependency.

Thu Apr 24 14:51:23 CEST 2008 -

- Split off from the original scsi package.