File rakarrack.changes of Package rakarrack

Thu Feb 04 17:27:45 VLAT 2016 -

- update to 0.6.2
- build with autotools from latest git source Thu Aug 13 2015
- Move AUTHORS ChangeLog COPYING README NEWS to main package
- Build doc explicit noarch
- Now rakarrack needs fftw3
- Fixed Tuner to recognize Low notes
- some bug fixes
- Add jack session support
- Add "Portamento mode" to shifter effect
- Add Seq Delay mode to Sequence effect using delayline
- Echotron and Echoverse use new delayline utility.
- Dual Flange Intense mode with delayline
- Chorus and Flanger Mode Awesome with the a delayline
- Echo now use new delayline
- Add delayline, interpolated delay line object
- Added beattracker to TapTempo
- Added effect Infinity
- Added fast sin functions
- Added +6dB option in settings to the final Limiter
- Added fast f_pow functions
- Improved handling of jackd shutdown.
- Improved Dual Flanger
- New Mode on MuTroMojo
- Store/Retrieve Last Selected Bank

Thu Oct 29 17:05:44 UTC 2015 -

- Fixed build:
  * Removed unneeded and wrong autotools callings
  * Removed rpmlintrc
  * Split doc (so we get rid of the "huge documentation"-warning)
  * Cleaned up spec file

Tue Dec 31 09:35:36 UTC 2013 -

- fixed build due to broken license string
- re-enabled patch for desktop file: rakarrack-desktop.file.diff

Tue Jun  5 07:37:53 UTC 2012 -

- fixed build

Tue Nov  9 08:47:19 UTC 2010 -
- update to 0.6.1
 * Added Rndom PReset Generator
 * Added Time Position in Looper
 * Added Richard Fernandes Presets
 * Changed default downsample settings
 * Fix Window Bank preset change
 * Added Program Change MIDI table.
 * Added LFO type Sample % Hold.
 * Added LFO type Lorentz Fractal XY.
 * Fix MIDI Converter octave change.
 * Fix MuTroMojo now display the internal preset "Mode"
 * Fix Echotron Length save/restore
 * Improved RBFilter. Mode to maintain sound version compatibility.
 * Tap Tempo can be set in the main screen.
 * Added Metronome as internal module switchable with MIDI Converter, both
   can be active, but for GUI space reasons need to be in that way.
 * Looper Tempo,Start & Stop can be synced now with Jack Transport in slave
 * mode, MIDI only accepts Start/Stop commands. 
 * Drag & Drop to switch effects on the main window to change the order,
   (Label to Label)
 * Add Hide function for unused presets (F9)
 * Speed up the preset change process
 * Added Menu entry to import Internal Preset Archives
 * Added MIDI Converter Octave +/- 24
 * Improved Final Limiter
 * User Internal Effect Presets can be added and Removed with Insert/Delete
 * F2/F3 Down/Up Output Volume
 * Auto Assign option in settings, MIDI Control is assigned when rigth mouse
   a parameter and MIDI Control message comes.
 * Rigth mouse on parameter open MIDI Learn with the parameter selected.
 * Fix GUI, now all the On/Off MIDI events are updated.
 * Added +10dB booster button.
 * Added upsample x7,x8,x9,x10,x11,x12.
 * Added Vibe Effect.
 * Added Optimization Filters for instruments on Recognize Note.
 * Added Trigger to Recognize Note input signal value.
 * Added User Directory banks.
 * Added Extra1 bank to release.
 * Added Opticaltrem effect.
 * DnD swap presets on Bank Window
 * Added CompBand effect.
 * Added Downsample Vocoder.
 * Added Vocoder bands selectable.
 * Added StereoHarm effect.
Wed Jun 30 08:35:12 UTC 2010 -

- update to v0.5.8 
- Added Waveshaper Diode clipper
- Added Waveshapper Valve1 and Valve2
- Fast load bank buttons
- Browser index selection
- Added Lmt/Clip leds
- Added Echotron Effect.
- Added rakgit2new utility to convert old git banks to the new format.
- Bank struct extended to a maximu of 70 effects.
- Invisible Final Limiter is now after the Output Volume, you can put before
  like was in older version in settings.
- Added selection font for the main window in Settings.
- Added Upsampling to Waveshape class used in Distortion effects to
  eliminate aliasing.
- Added Downsampling in settings for Convolotron,Reverbtron,Shifter,
  Harmonizer and Sequence in order to save CPU.
- Added rakverb2 utility, rakverb utility, DynoFET waveshape, FET waveshape, 
  Lmt-NoGain waveshape, Echo Direct patch from Arnout Engelen <>, 
  Effect Reverbtron, stereo vumeters, ACI (Analog Control Interface)
- Fixed crash bug in Order window.
- Added Autoconnect for jack input ports.
- Added MTC to Tap Tempo
- Removing warning on gcc-4.5
- Added Effect Stompbox.
- Code cleaned.
- Added Soft waveshape, Effect Sequence, Overdrive waveshape, Effect Sustainer,
  Compress whaveshape,jack transport beats per minute to Tap Tempo, 
  Effect Vocoder, Effect ShelfBoost.
- MIDI learn improved.
- Removed unused code.
- Added Effect Echoverse.
- Harmonizer improved.
- Fixed CPU usage updating GUI.
- Added Tap Tempo
- Fixed Effect On/Off by effect. (See the MIDI implementation chart) also to
  use with MIDI Learn.
- Update help.
- Fixed more bugs on MIDI Learn.
- Added Effect MuTroMojo, Effect Looper, Effect Convolotron.
- Added dependencies of libsamplerate and libsndfile.
- Added Upsampling in settings (Quality,Amount).
- Added Effect VaryBand.
- Added Peak in Compressor and final Limiter.
- 260 Parameters in MIDI Learn.
- MIDI (On/Off) for effect.
- MIDI Learn Alpha Sort.
- Prog Change 81/82 -->Prev/Next Preset. 
- Freqs in effects are now displayed as real freqs.
- Fixed bug in Auto/Pan.
- Fixed bug, all windows updated when preset is changed.
- Fixed bug MIDI Learn when reasign control numbers.
- Fixed bug on final Limiter.
- Removed malloc in Echo.C when delay is changed.
- Improved Tuner and Recognize Note functions.
- Fixed second Easter Egg.
- Added Shift Arrows keyboard control increment/decrement +/- 10.
- Added Balance (FX%) as preset parameter.
- Added Effect Synthfilter, Effect Shuffle, Effect Expander, Effect DistBand,
  Effect Exciter, Effect Ring, Effect Dual Flange, Effect Valve, LFO type M.Saw
- Changed LFO Freq for Tempo, good to Synchronize with sequencers. drum machines etc.
- Utility to convert Old Bank files (rakconvert).
- New Bank structure file (60 Presets, up to 50 effects, Midi Learn Data inclosed)
- Fixed GUI

Thu May 20 14:54:00 UTC 2010 -
- updated to v0.4.2
  - WhaWha Improved.
  - Added scope.
  - Compressor can be switch Mono/Stereo.
  - Added Limiter at the end of the chain.
  - Fixed BOF in Recognize Chord, thanks to davidtimms (Fedora package maintainer)
  - New waveshape type Modulated Sqare.
  - Completly overwrite the Cabinet presets.
  - Added background image to the GUI.
  - Improves on Tuner and Harmonizer.
  - Added SubOctave in Derelict.
  - Ligth the Selected Preset in window bank.
  - Added SubOctave in Distortion effect.
  - Added new waveshape type Dirty Octave+.
  - Removed hundred of compiler warnings.
  - Derelict Dist revision.
  - Added new LFO type Modulated Square.
  - Added new LFO type Ramp Down.
  - Added new waveshape distorsion type Hard Crunch.
  - Added new LFO type Zig Zag
  - Added MIDI automatization to Analog Phaser and Derelict
  - New tuner widget.
  - added Asymetric sqared root distortion, called "Crunch" 
  - Ryan Billing adds a denormal_guard in AnalogFilter, that fix the CPU
    problem and permit to remove shit tricks. Thanks Gad.
  - fix denormals
  - added new LFO type, Ramp Up.
  - added Reverse to Echo parameter.
  - fix Compressor and Analog Phaser.
  - added New Analog Phaser Effect by Ryan Billing. 
  - Compressor code modified by Ryan Billing (a.k.a. Transmogrifox)
         --Modified DSP code to fix discontinuous gain change at threshold.
         --Improved automatic gain adjustment function
         --Improved handling of knee
         --Added support for user-adjustable knee
  - Fix stupid bug on auto connect jack ports
  - added MIDI support for On/Off effects
  - added Derelict Distorsion Effect
  - added -mfpmath=sse if sse is available and -ffast-math to config -> less CPU usage 
  - Global Wet/Dry (FX%) by Douglas McClendon
  - Input Gain now mapped to midi parameter 14 - dmc

Wed Aug 26 17:39:59 UTC 2009 -

- moved to buildservice
- fixed GPL version
- used desktop file from tarball

Thu May 14 17:39:59 UTC 2009 Toni Graffy <> -

- added alsa-utils to Requires

Tue Nov 25 17:39:59 UTC 2008 Toni Graffy <> -

- update to 0.3.0

Tue Jul 08 17:39:59 UTC 2008 Toni Graffy <> -

- update to 0.2.0

Wed May 21 17:39:59 UTC 2008 Toni Graffy <> -

- update to 0.1.2