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Sun Oct 18 08:34:29 UTC 2015 -

- update to 4.4
  There are no 4.3 release
  - Substantive Changes/Features/Fixes
    - Fixed solo logic in deep ways. Most notably this prevents 
      various "stuck solo" problems, but also a number of other 
      issues with solo when using complex routing between tracks 
      and busses.
    - Fixed loop recording (inadvertently broken for several 
    - Added support for RF64 and MBWF audio file formats. These are 
      both 64 bit file formats, capable of recording impossibly 
      large amounts of audio. MBWF is the 64 bit version of 
      Broadcast WAV. .
    - When using either format, if recorded files are smaller than 
      the RIFF (WAV) size limit, convert the header to RIFF so as 
      to be compatible with normal WAV-handling software.
  - General Changes
    - "Save As" will refuse to write to an existing folder/directory.
    - "Save As" now defaults to the current session name as the 
      name of the new session, making it easier to add suffixes or 
      otherwise tweak the name.
    - Allow export of loop range without actually looping.
    - Improve CPU AVX support detection.
    - Fixed locating to current wallclock time for large time 
    - Fixed an issue where if an audio region was locked and locked 
      to video, the audio-region always stayed put and the video 
      could only be moved forward.
    - Fixed various potential issues at session closing.
    - Improve error reporting from AudioEngine when trying to 
      configure audio hardware.
    - Provide more details if a sessions fails to be created.
    - Improve loading speed for large sessions (1000 tracks).
    - Fixed a deadlock when removing tracks/busses and using JACK1.
    - Prevent importing files with names like "Master" or "Click" 
      from causing session breakage. This also applies to attempts 
      to name tracks or busses with similar names.
    - Ensure that correct audio is heard when region layering is 
    - Use a single consistent method for computing DSP load on all
      platforms, with all backends.
    - Avoid creating excessively short regions during Strip Silence 
    - Avoid possible endless loop while detecting silence.
    - Reduce chances of a bug in the OS X locale libraries from 
      causing crashes.
    - Fixed duplication of multiple selected regions.
    - Correctly and consistently initialize track/bus group 
    - Fixed crash during session region cleanup.
    - Ensure identical XML in session files if the session does 
      not change, thus allowing tracking state changes in a 
      revision control system (e.g. git).
    - Bring Ardour's Broadcast WAVE USID value into compliance with
    - Fixed install on systems where using su(1) changes 
    - Fixed broken onset analysis.
  - Plugins
    - Refuse to load LV2 plugins if their buffer size requirements 
      cannot be satisfied.
    - Do not list LV2 plugins that cannot be used because they 
      require a fixed blocksize.
    - Generally improve handling of missing plugins so that 
      sessions are not damaged by the temporary unavailability of 
      a plugin.
    - Fixed the position of cut/copy-and-pasted plugins.
    - Fixed AudioUnit port count, which allows loading various 
      Native Instrument plugins such as Reaktor 5.
    - Added command line option to completely disable plugins.
    - Fixed handling of VST audioMasterPinConnected callback.
    - Allow loading of huge (10MB) VST plugin state.
  - GUI
    When describing keybindings below, "Primary" is used to
    describe Control on Linux and Windows, and Command on OS X
    - Fixed waveform display issues when changing waveform shape 
      from rectified to normal or vice versa.
    - Added a reset option to the context menu for the shuttle 
    - Allow creation of new points on a region envelope by clicking 
      on the envelope line.
    - Added column titles in the list of "Recent Sessions".
    - Alter "Stop" button in the Audio/MIDI setup dialog to 
      function as a "Start/Stop" button, and remove the "Apply"
    - Fixed issues where waveform display used the wrong data.
    - Cancel button for Import dialog is now a Close button.
    - Change OK button on Import dialog to "Import".
    - Correctly display plugin parameter values when dragging 
      automation points/lines.
    - Fixed log-scaled automation parameter display.
    - Visually indicate regions waiting for their audio peak data 
      to be generated.
    - Fixed inconsistent text sizing in the editing canvas.
    - Added avoiding GPU rendering to preferences dialog. This is 
      helpful on some Linux systems with buggy video device 
      drivers. See Edit > Preferences > GUI > Disable Graphics 
      Hardware Acceleration.
    - Allow overriding lock-to-video when moving video or audio.
    - Fixed drawing of short cross fades.
    - Sort "Recent Sessions" by modification time.
    - Don't try to split a region when dragging.
    - Update Import dialog options when/if track selection changes.
    - Fixed marker display after a marker is removed.
    - When editing a clock display, swallow illlegal keys rather 
      than passing them onto the main window where they might have
      some unintended effect.
    - Primary-Shift-click on the solo lock button now applies to
      all tracks/busses, consistent with Primary-Shift-click on
      other buttons.
    - Avoid a case where the color of selected text was the same as 
      the background, making it invisible.
    - Correctly set waveform height when switching between stacked 
      and overlaid view modes.
    - Make all entries in the track list context menu actually 
    - Fixed incorrect setting for "Import to Region List" on first
      use of the import dialog.
    - Avoid duplicate shortcut folders in file browsers.
  - Windows
    - Drop the use of C++ fstreams to reduce issues with non-Latin 
      characters in filenames on Windows.
    - Option to install without WASAPI support, which helps startup
      on Windows 10.
    - Close all files before Session > Cleanup, so that it can work
      on Windows.
    - Fixed MIDI Sysex I/O on Windows.
    - Fixed issues with onset analysis on Windows.
    - Added "Refresh Devices" button to the Audio/MIDI setup dialog 
      on Windows to pick up new
    - Added a "None" device to the PortAudio backend, allowing 
      disabling either input or output, but not both.
    - devices or external ASIO buffer size changes. 
  - Click/Metronome
    - Added an easy way to reset the click sound(s) to their 
    - The click sounds are now normalized to -6dBFS.
    - Allow enabling/disabling of the click "emphasis" sound.
  - MIDI
    - MIDI Tracer window now shows MSB of appropriate messages.
    - Fixed a subtle bug in ordering of MIDI events that caused 
      missing note-off messages.
    - Highlight notes based on mouse position on track header
    - Exclude MIDI CC parameters with no data from being displayed 
      when "Show Existing Automation" is chosen.
    - Fixed issues with linked (cloned) MIDI regions on different 
    - Fixed issues with de-selecting MIDI notes.
    - Handle a missing MIDI file without crashing.
  - MIDI/Mackie Control Surfaces
    - Save/restore generic MIDI control surface "motorized" 
    - New Mackie Control device files for configurations with 
      3 surfaces.
    - A substantial amount of work has been done on Mackie Control 
      support. There is no simple summary that would describe all 
      the changes, but suffice it to say that (1) it works much 
      better (2) it is easier to get started (3) has been tested on
      an even wider range of equipment.

Sun Sep 13 10:26:24 UTC 2015 -

- update to 4.2
  - General Changes
    - Fix region brush drag
    - Speed up removal of multiple tracks/busses
    - Speed up solo operations applied to many tracks/busses
    - Fix several bugs with reversible commands
    - Try to avoid coincident tempo/meter markers when removing
    - Improve window layering relationship between editor & 
    - Add keybindings for region layering (2ndary-9 (lower), 
      2ndary-0 (raise)
    - Adjust some window keybindings. (2ndary-C is now the big 
      clock, 2ndary-B is the meterbridge, 2ndary-V is the video 
    - Fix swing quantization
    - Fix pre-fader send mute-point so that input trim still works 
      when mute is engaged
    - Add configuration variable for maximum shuttle speed
    - Improve size and position of panner value displays
    - Save auto loop range and more markers in session templates
    - Mark session dirty after various region property changes
    - No longer save session after adding tracks/busses
    - Fix cleanup of any temporary files after export
    - Fix looping when using loop-is-mode and seamless looping
    - Add 176.4kHz to export sample rate list
    - Fix unintentional limits on track name length
    - Disk buffering is now defined by presets, with 3 possible 
      settings as well as custom
    - When using loop-is-mode, enabling recording cancels loop
    - Attempt to reconnect LTC ports after a backend change or 
    - Catch attempt to save a session with its current name as the 
      new name
    - Fix flickering of certain popup windows
    - Indicate port-connections of non-track type on the mixer 
      strip output button.
      (Previously a MIDI track with synth showed "—" for the output 
      even if the audio output ports were connected, because only 
      MIDI connections were displayed on the button).
    - Avoid crashing when cleanup unused sources
    - Fix various issues when deleting midi region during step-edit
    - Stationary playhead implies follow playhead, so make it so.
    - improve performance and reduce visual jitter when using 
      stationary playhead
    - Add new configuration parameter for the default meter type to 
      use with new tracks/busses
    - Add context menu to hide/show Midi-tracks — fixes #6430
    - Use “1” as the small-step size when incrementing/decrementing 
      integer controls/parameters
    - Use power of 2 log-scale for logarithmic controls/parameters.
    - Remove insanely fast meter fall-off (this gave an inaccurate
      view of meter levels)
    - Fix solo isolate implementation to handle more complex 
      routing pathways
    - Remove “Refresh” button in Plugin manager; 
      use Preferences > Plugins
    - Fix auditioning on systems with larger disk read chunk sizes.
    - Do not crash if taglib cannot open a file
    - Fix state restoration in Audio/MIDI setup
    - Fix auditioning of audio at very different sample rates
    - Fix loss of variable amounts of final audio when importing 
      from files with different sample rate than Ardour is using.
  - Plugins
    - For AU and VST plugins, differentiate between "scanning" for
      plugins (which checks that known plugins are still 
      installed), and "discovery" (which potentially finds new 
      plugins on the computer).
    - Offer to discover (all) plugins at first start
    - Fix LV2 freewheeling support
    - Correctly inform LV2 plugins of entire possible block size 
      range (fixes some LV2 plugins which rely on this being 
    - Fix audio buffering for VST plugins (fixes lack of output or 
      phased output from a variety of VST plugins)
    - With AU plugins, ensure that the plugin settings are used
      during plugin signal processing analysis
    - For AU plugins, when given a choice of picking any channel
      output count, choose stereo (not the master bus output count)
    - VST cache is now per user and per architecture (no longer 
      system-wide) — this allows parallel installs of 32 & 
      64bit ardour
    - By some unexplained magic, various AU plugins now load 
      without crashing (notably several from Native Instruments 
      such as Kontakt)
    - Add optional verbose option for VST plugin scanning
  - Automation Editing
    - Add undo/redo for touch mode and write mode
    - Selection and undo/redo behaviour when choosing control 
    - Display selected control points in region gain lines
    - Display selected points in internal edit mode
    - Allow dragging of region gain lines in internal edit mode
    - Make automation line / gain line cursors consistent.
    - Clicking an automation track line without a move adds a point 
      on the line.
    - Fix line drag crash
  - Video
    - Possible fix for stack overflow when parsing video info
    - Fix ability to connect to Harvid on systems lacking 
      "localhost" (even though this is specified as part of IPv4 
      and IPv6). Examples: Chromebooks and some OS X systems.
    - Fix video-metadata for Windows.
    - Add in MXF file as a supported video format
    - Allow to select video-files regardless of file ext.
  - MIDI/Mackie Control Surfaces
    - Move learned midi binding reload after midi map load 
      (fixes #6405)
    - Add a midimap for using a WiiMote via midikb.
    - Fixed generic MIDI program change event size to two bytes 
      (fixes #6426)
    - Fixed pitchbend use in toggle mode so that it switches on/off 
      at half way (fixes #6424)
    - Allow any one midi event to control only one thing.
    - Make program change message turn toggle controls on/off, and 
      set other controls to 1.
    - Add support for 4 common types of encoders. Encoders are 
      devices which use MIDI messages to send incremental rather 
      than absolute position.
    - Make Mackie Control MasterPosition match MIDI port number.

Thu Jun 25 16:13:12 UTC 2015 -

- update to 4.1
  - New Functionality
    - Input Gain Control
    - Playback- or Capture-only device support for ALSA & Coreaudio
    - Save As
    - Windows assembler metering support.
    - Click-free changes to processor order and meter position
  - User Interface Changes
    - Waveform rendering
    - Stationary playhead option
    - Layering: later is higher
    - hi-DPI support, part one
    - hi-DPI support, part two
    - Relative snap
    - X-run counter in status bar
    - Plugin parameter reset button
    - Allow deletion of MIDI Program Changes using the Delete key
    - Peak meters now have sample-accurate fall-off, no visual 
    - Automation-lane log-scale parameter support
    - New 0dBFS peak meter
    - Tap tempo
    - Remove time
    - No more x-runs & noise on session-open/close
    - Fix stuck midi notes during save/auto-save
    - Fix stuck midi notes if loop-range is present
    - Various MCP improvements & tweaks
    - Properly display JACK buffersize
    - Fix importing old A2/A3 automation
    - Fix Non Session Manager support
    - VST plugins are now searched for using a case insensitive 
      comparison of their filename extension
    - Relax gain/fader LPF to 25Hz (was 10Hz)
    - Fix monitor-section polarity invert
    - Fix crash when switching backends.

Sun Apr 19 17:42:28 UTC 2015 -

- initial version 4.0