File _service of Package novaprova-release


  <!-- Download from a version control system and build a tarball. -->
  <service name="tar_scm">

    <param name="scm">git</param>

    <!-- Git URL pointing at the repo.  The default tarball
	 basename is derived from the basename of this url. -->
    <param name="url"></param>

    <!-- The tarball version is the last release tag -->
    <param name="version">1.4</param>

    <!-- Use param 'revision' to specify a branch to build.
	 Values should be "master" for testing, and
	 "refs/tags/novaprova-1.4" for release.  -->
    <!-- temporary value for testing -->
    <param name="revision">master</param>


  <!-- The "tar_scm" service produces an uncompressed tarball.
       So we compress it for the specfile -->
  <service name="recompress">
    <param name="compression">gz</param>
    <param name="file">*.tar</param>

  <!-- Extract version-controlled packaging control
       files from the tarball. -->
  <service name="extract_file">
    <param name="archive">*.tar.gz</param>
    <param name="files">novaprova*/build/obs/rel/novaprova.*</param>
    <param name="files">novaprova*/build/obs/rel/debian.*</param>

  <!-- Modify .dsc and .spec files to replace Version: metadata
       with a dotted-numeric version string detected from the
       name of any tarballs present. -->
  <service name="set_version">

  <!-- salt to make this file unique every time we run the script, thus ensuring a rebuild,
       is 2015-08-30T19:15:40.879492 -->


<!-- vim: set ft=xml: -->