File perl-Cache-Memcached-Fast.changes of Package perl-Cache-Memcached-Fast

Mon Apr 13 17:49:29 UTC 2015 -

- updated to 0.23
   see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Cache-Memcached-Fast/Changes

  0.23  2014-11-15
          - add touch and touch_multi commands, speedup for the case
          when application threads have per-thread Perl interpreters
          (multithreaded Apache, etc.).
          Changes since 0.22:
          Alexandr Evstigneev ( provided patches that
          make querying per-thread Perl state more efficient, and also
          fix compilation warnings on Win64.
          neguse ( provided patches that implement
          "touch" and "touch_multi" commands that appeared in memcached
  0.22  2014-04-28
          - warn about UTF-8 strings when utf8 option is disabled.
          Changes since 0.21:
          Fix RT#92678: behaviour with utf8=0.  When utf8 option is
          disabled C::M::F will try to downgrade UTF-8 strings and will
          croak if failed to do so.
          Also updated ppport.h and removed outdated test case
  0.21  2013-04-06
          - regenerate distribution archive to include META.json and
          META.yml.  There's no need to upgrade as these files are used
          only by CPAN itself.
          Changes since 0.20:
          There are no changes since 0.20.  CPAN::Meta hasn't been
          installed on the build host and this resulted in creation of
          0.20 distribution missing META.json/META.yml without any
          warning.  Turns out the absence of these files prevents the
          released module from being tested on CPAN tester network.
  0.20  2013-04-03
          - finally fix magic.t failure.  Magic handling introduced in
          0.18 wasn't correct until this release.  Upgrade if you use
          Perl 'tie' feature or its derivatives like Readonly.
          Changes since 0.19:
          Fix RT#57150, RT#67106: magic.t failure.  Thanks to
          <listposter@...> for instructions on how to reproduce the
          Fix RT#77254: typo in POD documentation.  Tnanks to Alex
          Fix RT#81782: Unnecessary string eval in constructor.  Thanks
          to Andrew Holland for the patch.

Wed Dec  1 13:30:49 UTC 2010 -

- switch to perl_requires macro

Mon Nov 29 18:29:25 UTC 2010 -

- remove /var/adm/perl-modules

Sun Apr 25 22:51:32 UTC 2010 -

- update from 0.12 to 0.19 as recommended by CPAN RSS Reader  " <">"