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View File capseo.spec of Package capseo (Project home:grundleborg:captury)

%define name    capseo
%define version 0.2.0_157
%define release 1mdv
%define Summary Capseo Video Codec
%define api_version     0
%define lib_major       2
%define lib_name        %mklibname capseo%{api_version}

Summary:        %Summary
Name:           %name
Version:        %version
Release:        %release
License:        GPL
Group:          Video
URL:            http://rm-rf.in/captury
# the url is currently inaccessible, but according to its webmaster, it should be back soon.
Source0:        %name-%version.tar.bz2
# temporary source for the source tarball:
# http://ftp.frugalware.org/pub/other/people/crazy/source/kde4/capseo-0.2.0_157.tar.bz2

BuildRoot:      %_tmppath/%name-buildroot

Buildrequires: libogg-devel
BuildRequires: libmesagl-devel
Requires: libogg0
Requires: libmesagl1

The capseo video codec

%package -n %{lib_name}
Summary:        Libraries for the capseo video codec.
Group:          System/Libraries
Requires:       %{name} = %{version}

%description -n %{lib_name}
This package provides the libraries for using the capseo video codec

%package -n %{lib_name}-devel
Summary:        Libraries and include files for developing with capseo
Group:          Development/C
Requires:       %{lib_name} = %{version}
Provides:       %{name}-devel

%description -n %{lib_name}-devel
This package provides the necessary development libraries and include
files to allow you to develop with the capseo video codec.

%setup -q


rm -rf %buildroot



rm -rf %buildroot


%files -n %{lib_name}
%defattr(0644, root, root, 0755)
# Library files

%files -n %{lib_name}-devel
%defattr(0644, root, root, 0755)
# Files used by other software at compilation time

* Sat Apr 05 2008 George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com> 0.2_157-5.1
- rpm build fix

* Sat Apr 05 2008 George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com> 0.2_157-4.1
- fix requirements

* Sat Apr 05 2008 George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com> 0.2_157-3.1
- fix missing libraries in -devel package

* Sat Apr 05 2008 George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com> 0.2_157-2.1
- fix missing libraries

* Sat Apr 05 2008 George Goldberg <grundleborg@googlemail.com> 0.2_157-1.1
- first mandriva rpm release of capseo