File README.Japanese-XIM of Package vim

To select the style of XIM Input the following command line arguments,
which are handled by GTK internally, are available:

    --xim-preedit [none|nothing|area|position|callbacks]
    --xim-status  [none|nothing|area|callbacks]

To use OnTheSpot input style, start gvim like

    ~$ gvim [--xim-preedit callbacks] [--xim-status callbacks]

This is also the default, which you will get without any command line arguments.

To use OverTheSpot input style, start gvim like

    ~$ gvim --xim-preedit position [--xim-status callbacks]

OnTheSpot input is still buggy and does not yet work right for Japanese,
therefore it is recommended to use OverTheSpot input style for Japanese.

(For Korean, OnTheSpot input style works well).

Fri Jan 26 17:57:39 2001  Mike Fabian  <>
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