File php5-pear-phpexcel.changes of Package php5-pear-phpexcel

Mon Aug 29 12:13:17 UTC 2016 -

- Updated to version 1.8.1 from new Github repository

- version v1.8.1:
 * Bugfix:   (goncons)         Work Item GH-397  - Fix for Writing an Open Document cell with non-numeric formula
 * Bugfix:   (sarciszewski)    Work Item GH-329  - Avoid potential divide by zero in basedrawing
 * Bugfix:   (ymaerschalck)    Work Item GH-405  - XML External Entity (XXE) Processing, different behaviour between simplexml_load_string() and simplexml_load_file().
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)                            - Fix to ensure that current cell is maintained when executing formula calculations
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item GH-350  - Keep/set the value on Reader _loadSheetsOnly as NULL, courtesy of Restless-ET 
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item CP18105 - Loading an Excel 2007 spreadsheet throws an "Autofilter must be set on a range of cells" exception
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item GH-388  - Fix to autoloader registration for backward compatibility with PHP 5.2.0 not accepting the prepend flag
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item GH-384  - DOM loadHTMLFile() failing with options flags when using PHP < 5.4.0
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)                            - Fix for percentage operator in formulae for BIFF Writer
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)                            - Fix to getStyle() call for cell object
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)                            - Discard Autofilters in Excel2007 Reader when filter range isn't a valid range
 * Bugfix:   (frozenstupidity) Work Item GH-423  - Fix invalid NA return in VLOOKUP
 * Bugfix:   (wiseloren)       Work Item CP21454 - "No Impact" conditional formatting fix for NumberFormat
 * Bugfix:   (bobwitlox)       Work Item GH-467  - Bug in Excel2003XML reader, parsing merged cells
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item GH-302  - Fix for CEIL() and FLOOR() when number argument is zero
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)                            - Remove cells cleanly when calling RemoveRow() or RemoveColumn()
 * General:  (MBaker)                            - Small performance improvement for autosize columns
 * General:  (frost-nzcr4)     Work Item GH-379  - Change the getter/setter for zeroHeight to camel case
 * General:  (MBaker)          Work Item GH-394  - DefaultValueBinder is too much aggressive when converting string to numeric
 * General:  (MBaker)                            - Default precalculate formulas to false for writers
 * General:  (MBaker)                            - Set default Cyclic Reference behaviour to 1 to eliminate exception when using a single cyclic iteration in formulae
 * General:  (MBaker)          Work Item GH-396  - Some Excel writer libraries erroneously use Codepage 21010 for UTF-16LE
 * Feature:  (WiktrzGE)        Work Item GH-404  - Methods to manage most of the existing options for Chart Axis, Major Grid-lines and Minor Grid-lines
 * Feature:  (frost-nzcr4)     Work Item GH-403  - ODS read/write comments in the cell
 * Feature:  (CQD)             Work Item GH-389  - Additional Mac CJK codepage definitions
 * Feature:  (bolovincev)      Work Item GH-269  - Update Worksheet.php getStyleByColumnAndRow() to allow a range of cells rather than just a single cell
 * Feature:  (MBaker)                            - New methods added for testing cell status within merge groups
 * Feature:  (cifren/MBaker)   Work Item GH-205  - Handling merge cells in HTML Reader
 * Feature:  (MBaker)                            - Helper to convert basic HTML markup to a Rich Text object
 * Feature:  (MBaker)                            - Improved Iterators
                                                    New Column Iterator
                                                    Support for row and column ranges
                                                    Improved handling for next/prev
 * Security: (MBaker)                            - XML filescan in XML-based Readers to prevent XML Entity Expansion (XEE)
                                                    (see for an explanation of XEE injection) attacks
                                                  Reference CVE-2015-3542 - Identification of problem courtesy of Dawid Golunski (Pentest Ltd.)

version: v1.8.0:
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work item CP19830 - Undefined variable: fileHandle in CSV Reader
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work item CP19968 - Out of memory in style/supervisor.php
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)                            - Style error with merged cells in PDF Writer
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)                            - Problem with cloning worksheets
 * Bugfix:   (tavoarcila)      Work Item GH-259  - Bug fix reading Open Office files
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work item CP20397 - Serious bug in absolute cell reference used in shared formula
                                                  Would also have affected insert/delete column/row
 * Bugfix:   (RomanSyroeshko)  Work Item GH-267  - CHOOSE() returns "#VALUE!" if the 1st entry is chosen
 * Bugfix:   (Gemorroj)        Work Item GH-268  - When duplicating styles, styles shifted by one column to the right
                                                  Fix also applied to duplicating conditional styles
 * Bugfix:   (IndrekHaav)      Work Item GH-212  - Fix for formulae that reference a sheet whose name begins with a digit:
                                                  these were erroneously identified as numeric values, causing the parser to throw an undefined variable error.
 * Bugfix:   (IndrekHaav)      Work Item CP16208 - Fixed undefined variable error due to $styleArray being used before it's initialised
 * Bugfix:   (PowerKiKi)       Work Item GH-273  - ISTEXT() return wrong result if referencing an empty but formatted cell
 * Bugfix:   (PowerKiKi)       Work Item GH-270/GH-31  - Binary comparison of strings are case insensitive
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item GH-275  - Insert New Row/Column Before is not correctly updating formula references
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item GH-257  - Passing an array of cells to _generateRow() in the HTML/PDF Writer causes caching problems with last cell in the range
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item GH-193  - Fix to empty worksheet garbage collection when using cell caching
 * Bugfix:   (Jazzo)           Work Item GH-248  - Excel2007 does not correctly mark rows as hidden
 * Bugfix:   (Roy Shahbazian)  Work Item GH-299  - Fixed typo in Chart/Layout set/getYMode()
 * Bugfix:   (EliuFlorez)      Work item GH-279  - Fatal error: Call to a member function cellExists() line: 3327 in calculation.php if referenced worksheet doesn't exist
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item GH-290  - AdvancedValueBinder "Division by zero"-error
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work Item CP20604 - Adding Sheet to Workbook Bug
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work item CP20703 - Calculation engine incorrectly evaluates empty cells as #VALUE
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work item CP20760 - Formula references to cell on another sheet in ODS files
 * Bugfix:   (MBaker)          Work item GH321,GH158,CP17824 - LibreOffice created XLSX files results in an empty file.
 * Feature:  (amerov)                            - Implementation of the Excel HLOOKUP() function
 * Feature:  (MBaker)                            - Added "Quote Prefix" to style settings (Excel2007 Reader and Writer only)
 * Feature:  (MBaker)                            - Added Horizontal FILL alignment for Excel5 and Excel2007 Readers/Writers, and Horizontal DISTRIBUTED alignment for Excel2007 Reader/Writer
 * Feature:  (trvrnrth)        Work Item GH-261  - Add support for reading protected (RC4 encrypted) .xls files
 * Feature:  (LWol)            Work Item GH-252  - Adding support for macros, Ribbon in Excel 2007
 * General:  (cdhutch)         Work item CP20055 - Remove array_shift in ReferenceHelper::insertNewBefore improves column or row delete speed
 * General:  (MBaker)                            - Improve stock chart handling and rendering, with help from Swashata Ghosh
 * General:  (MBaker)                            - Fix to calculation properties for Excel2007 so that the opening application will only recalculate on load if it's actually required
 * General:  (MBaker)                            - Modified Excel2007 Writer to default preCalculateFormulas to false
                                                  Note that autosize columns will still recalculate affected formulae internally
 * General:  (dresenhista)     Work Item GH-242  - Functionality to getHighestRow() for a specified column, and getHighestColumn() for a specified row
 * General:  (adamriyadi)      Work Item GH-247  - Modify PHPExcel_Reader_Excel2007 to use zipClass from PHPExcel_Settings::getZipClass()
                                                  This allows the use of PCLZip when reading for people that don't have access to ZipArchive
 * General:  (infojunkie)      Work Item GH-276  - Convert properties to string in OOCalc reader
 * Security: (maartenba)       Work Item GH-322  - Disable libxml external entity loading by default.
                                                  This is to prevent XML External Entity Processing (XXE) injection attacks (see for an explanation of XXE injection).
                                                  Reference CVE-2014-2054

Thu Oct 17 13:37:58 UTC 2013 -

- Version 1.7.9
  * Feature Include charts option for HTML Writer 
  * Feature Added composer file 
  * Feature Added getStyle() method to Cell object 
  * Bugfix #18777 - Error in PHPEXCEL/Calculation.php script on line 2976
    (stack pop check)
  * Bugfix #18794 - CSV files without a file extension being
    identified as HTML
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#66 - Wrong check for maximum number of rows in
    Excel5 Writer 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#67 - Cache directory for DiscISAM
    cache storage cannot be set 
  * Bugfix #17976 - Fix to Excel2007 Reader for hyperlinks with an anchor
    fragment (following a #), otherwise they were treated as sheet references
  * Bugfix #18963 - getSheetNames() fails on numeric (floating point style)
    names with trailing zeroes 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#130 - Single cell print area 
  * General gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#69 - Improved AdvancedValueBinder for currency 
  * General #17936 and 17840 - Fix for environments where there is no access to
    /tmp but to upload_tmp_dir:
    Provided an option to set the sys_get_temp_dir() call to use the
    upload_tmp_dir; though by default the standard temp directory will still be
  * General gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#84 - Search style by identity in
  * PHPExcel_Worksheet 
  * General gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#85 - Fill SheetView IO in Excel5 
  * General #18958 - Memory and Speed improvements in PHPExcel_Reader_Excel5 
  * General gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#78 - Modify listWorksheetNames() and
    listWorksheetInfo to use XMLReader with streamed XML rather than SimpleXML
  * General Restructuring of PHPExcel Exceptions 
  * General #16926 and 15145 - Refactor Calculation Engine from singleton to a
    Ensures that calculation cache is maintained independently for different workbooks 
  * General Modify cell's getCalculatedValue() method to return the content of
    RichText objects rather than the RichText object itself 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#70 - Fixed formula/formatting bug when removing rows 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#63 - Fix to cellExists for non-existent namedRanges 
  * Bugfix #18844 - cache_in_memory_gzip "eats" last worksheet line,
    cache_in_memory doesn't 
  * Feature gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#22 - Sheet View in Excel5 Writer 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#82 - PHPExcel_Worksheet may not return last
    cached cell 
  * Bugfix #18551 - Rich Text containing UTF-8 characters creating unreadable
    content with Excel5 Writer 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#104 - echo statements in HTML.php 
  * Feature gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#8/CP11704 : Conditional formatting in Excel 5
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#113 - canRead() Error for GoogleDocs ODS files:
    in ODS files from Google Docs there is no mimetype file 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#80 - "Sheet index is out of bounds." Exception 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#105 - Fixed number format fatal error 
  * Bugfix - Add DROP TABLE in destructor for SQLite and SQLite3 cache
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#154 - Fix merged-cell borders on HTML/PDF output 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#161 - Fix: Hyperlinks break when removing rows 
  * Bugfix gh:PHPOffice/PHPExcel#166 - Fix Extra Table Row From Images and Charts 

- BREAKING CHANGE! As part of the planned changes for handling array formulae in 
  workbooks, there are some changes that will affect the PHPExcel_Cell object

  * The following methods are now deprecated, and will be removed in or after version 1.8.0: 
    - getCalculatedValue() The getValue() method will return calculated 
      values for cells containing formulae instead. 
    - setCalculatedValue() The cell value will always contain the result of a 
      any formula calculation. 
    - setFormulaAttributes() Will now be determined by the arguments to the 
    - setFormula() method. 
    - getFormulaAttributes() This will be replaced by the getArrayFormulaRange() 

  * The following methods will be added in version 1.8.0 
   - getFormula() Use to retrieve a cell formula, will return the cell 
     value if the cell doesn't contain a formula, or 
     is not part of an array formula range. 
   - setFormula() Use to set a cell formula. It will still be possible 
     to set formulae using the setValue() and 
   - setValueExplicit() methods. 
     calculate() Use to execute a formula calculation to update the 
     cell value. 
   - isFormula() Use to determine if a cell contains a formula, or is 
     part of an array formula range or not. 
   - isArrayFormula() Use to determine if a cell contains an array formula, 
     or is part of an array formula range or not. 
   - getArrayFormulaRange() Use to retrieve an array formula range. 

 * The following methods will be changed in version 1.8.0 
   - setValue() The logic behind this will be modified to store 
     formula values in the new cell property structure, 
     but it will still perform the same function. 
   - setValueExplicit() The logic behind this will be modified to store 
     formula values in the new cell property structure, 
     but it will still perform the same function. 
   - getValue() Will no longer return a formula if the cell contains 
     a formula, but will return the calculated value 
     instead. For cells that don't contain a formula, 
     it will still return the stored value. 
   - getDataType() Will return the datatype of the calculated value for 
     cells that contain formulae. 
   - setDataType() Error handling will be added to prevent setting a 
     cell datatype to an inappropriate value.

Thu Feb 21 18:52:23 UTC 2013 -

- Version 1.7.8

- BREAKING CHANGE! As part of the planned changes for handling array formulae
  in workbooks, there are some changes that will affect the PHPExcel_Cell
  object methods.

- More changes
  * Phar builder script to add phar file as a distribution option
  * Refactor PDF Writer to allow use with a choice of PDF Rendering library
    - rather than restricting to tcPDF
    - Current options are tcPDF, mPDF, DomPDF
    - tcPDF Library has now been removed from the deployment bundle
  * Initial version of HTML Reader
  * Implement support for AutoFilter in PHPExcel_Writer_Excel5
  * Modified ERF and ERFC Engineering functions to accept Excel 2010's modified
    acceptance of negative arguments
  * Support SheetView `view` attribute (Excel2007)
  * Excel compatibility option added for writing CSV files
    - While Excel 2010 can read CSV files with a simple UTF-8 BOM, Excel2007
      and earlier require UTF-16LE encoded tab-separated files.
  * option for the CSV Writer will generate files with this formatting for easy
    import into Excel2007 and below.
  * Language implementations for Turkish (tr)
  * Added fraction tests to advanced value binder
  * Allow call to font setUnderline() for underline format to specify a simple
  * Add Currency detection to the Advanced Value Binder
  * setCellValueExplicitByColumnAndRow() do not return PHPExcel_Worksheet
  * Reader factory doesn't read anymore XLTX and XLT files
  * Magic __toString() method added to Cell object to return raw data value as
    a string
  * Add cell indent to html rendering
  * ZeroHeight for rows in sheet format
  * OOCalc cells containing <text:span> inside the <text:p> tag
  * Fix to listWorksheetInfo() method for OOCalc Reader
  * Support for "e" (epoch) date format mask
    - Rendered as a 4-digit CE year in non-Excel outputs
  * Background color cell is always black when editing cell
  * Allow "no impact" to formats on Conditional Formatting
  * OOCalc Reader fix for NULL cells
  * Fix to excel2007 Chart Writer when a $plotSeriesValues is empty
  * Various fixes to Chart handling
  * Error loading xlsx file with column breaks
  * OOCalc Reader now handles percentage and currency data types
  * mb_stripos empty delimiter
  * getNestingLevel() Error on Excel5 Read
  * Fix to Excel5 Reader when cell annotations are defined before their
    referenced text objects
  * OOCalc Reader modified to process number-rows-repeated
  * Chart Title compatibility on Excel 2007
  * Chart Refresh returning cell reference rather than values
  * Autoshape being identified in twoCellAnchor when includeCharts is TRUE
    triggering load error
  * v-type texts for series labels now recognised and parsed correctly
  * load file failed if the file has no extensionType
  * Pattern fill colours in Excel2007 Style Writer
  * Excel2007 Writer order of font style elements to conform with Excel2003
    using compatibility pack
  * Problems with $_activeSheetIndex when decreased below 0.
  * PHPExcel_CachedObjectStorage_SQLite3::cacheMethodIsAvailable() uses
    class_exists - autoloader throws error
  * Cannot access private property
  * PHPExcel_CachedObjectStorageFactory::$_cacheStorageMethod
  * Data titles for charts
    - PHPExcel_Chart_Layout now has methods for getting/setting switches for
      displaying/hiding chart data labels
  * Discard single cell merge ranges when reading (stupid that Excel allows
    them in the first place)
  * Discard hidden autoFilter named ranges

- Version 1.7.7
  * Support for Rich-Text in PHPExcel_Writer_Excel5
  * OOCalc cells contain same data bug?
  * listWorksheetInfo() method added to Readers... courtesy of Christopher
  * Options for cell caching using Igbinary and SQLite/SQlite3.
  * Additional row iterator options: allow a start row to be defined in the
    constructor; seek(), and prev() methods added.
  * Implement document properties in Excel5 writer
  * Implement chart functionality (EXPERIMENTAL)
    - Initial definition of chart objects.
    - Reading Chart definitions through the Excel2007 Reader
    - Facility to render charts to images using the 3rd-party jpgraph library
    - Writing Charts using the Excel2007 Writer
  * Fix to build to ensure that Examples are included with the documentation
  * Reduce cell caching overhead using dirty flag to ensure that cells are only
    rewritten to the cache if they have actually been changed
  * Improved memory usage in CSV Writer
  * Improved speed and memory usage in Excel5 Writer
  * Experimental - getHighestDataRow(), getHighestRowAndColumn() and
    calculateWorksheetDataDimension() methods for the worksheet that return the
    highest row and column that have cell records
  * Change iterators to implement Iterator rather than extend CachingIterator,
    as a fix for PHP 5.4. changes in SPL
  * Invalid cell coordinate in Autofilter for Excel2007 Writer
  * PCLZip library issue
  * Excel2007 Reader canRead function bug Support for Excel functions whose
    return can be used as either a value or as a cell reference depending on
    its context within a formula
  * ini_set() call in Calculation class destructor
  * RangeToArray strange array keys
  * INDIRECT() function doesn't work with named ranges
  * Locale-specific fix to text functions when passing a boolean argument
    instead of a string
  * reader/CSV fails on this file auto_detect_line_endings now set in CSV
  * $arguments improperly used in CachedObjectStorage/PHPTemp.php
    Bug In Cache System (cell reference when throwing caching errors)
  * PHP Invalid index notice on writing excel file when active sheet has been
  * External links in Excel2010 files cause Fatal error
  * Previous calculation engine error conditions trigger cyclic reference
  * PHPExcel_Style::applyFromArray() returns null rather than style object in
    advanced mode
  * Cell::getFormattedValue returns RichText object instead of string
    Indexed colors do not refer to Excel's indexed colors?
  * Indexed colors should be consistent with Excel and start from 1 (current
    index starts at 0)
  * Named Range definition in .xls when sheet reeference is quote wrapped
  * duplicateStyle() method doesn't duplicate conditional formats
  * method for duplicating conditional styles
  * =sumproduct(A,B) <> =sumproduct(B,A) in xlsx
  * Support for Rich-Text in PHPExcel_Writer_Excel5
  * Two easy to fix Issues concerning PHPExcel_Token_Stack (l10n/UC)
  * Locale file paths not fit for windows
  * Add file directory as a cache option for cache_to_discISAM
  * Datatype.php & constant TYPE_NULL
  * Ensure use of system temp directory for all temporary work files, unless
    explicitly specified
  * [Patch] faster stringFromColumnIndex()
  * Fix for projects that still use old autoloaders
  * Unknown codepage: 10007 Additional Mac codepages 

Sat Apr 14 16:53:16 UTC 2012 -

- Fix requirements for non-suse based distributions

Sat Apr 14 16:32:10 UTC 2012 -

- Fix for environments where there is no access to /tmp but to upload_tmp_dir

Mon Dec  5 07:55:45 UTC 2011 -

- Improved Provide/Obsoletes section

Fri May 20 09:51:00 CET 2011 -

- package version 1.7.6 
- Fixed Fedora-based Require issue
- Fixed some dependency issues