File ocaml-dune.changes of Package ocaml-dune

Thu May 17 21:50:30 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 1.0+beta20:
  * Add a documentation stanza. This stanza allows one to attach
    .mld files to opam packages. (#570 @rgrinberg)
  * Execute all actions (defined using (action ..)) in the
    context's environment. (#623 @rgrinberg)
  * Add a (universe) special dependency to specify that an action
    depend on everything in the universe. Jbuilder cannot cache the
    result of an action that depend on the universe (#603, fixes
    #255 @diml)
  * Add a (package <package>) dependency specification to indicate
    dependency on a whole package. Rules depending on whole
    package will be executed in an environment similar to the one
    we get once the package is installed (#624, @rgrinberg and @diml)
  * Display documentation in alphabetical order. This is relevant
    to packages, libraries, and modules. (#647, fixes #606
  * Missing asm in ocaml -config on bytecode only architecture is
    no longer fatal. The same kind of fix is preemptively applied
    to C compilers being absent. (#646, fixes $637 @rgrinberg)
  * Use the host's PATH variable when running actions during cross
    compilation (#649, fixes #625 @rgrinberg)
  * Fix incorrect include (-I) flags being passed to odoc. These
    flags should be directories that include .odoc files, rather
    than the include flags of the libraries. (#652 fixes #651
  * Fix a regression introduced by beta19 where the generated
    merlin files didn't include the right -ppx flags in some cases
    (#658 fixes #657 @diml)
  * Fix error message when a public library is defined twice.
    Before jbuilder would raise an uncaught exception (Fixes #661,
  * Fix several cases where external-lib-deps was returning too
    little dependencies (#667, fixes #644 @diml)
  * Place module list on own line in generated entry point mld
    (#670 @antron)
  * Cosmetic improvements to generated entry point mld (#653
- Changes from previous releases:
  * See

Tue Jan 30 06:29:34 UTC 2018 -

- Initial version 1.0.20180129.a3ff5e5