File ocaml-rpm-macros.changes of Package ocaml-rpm-macros

Thu Feb 20 20:20:20 UTC 2020 -

- Add
  New script for rpm Provides/Requires, replacement for rpm
  built-in ocaml(NAME)=hash, which covers bytecode and interfaces
  Now it covers also native code via ocamlx(NAME)=HASH (bsc#1154874)
- Update the filelist generator
  Use awk to match directories in ocamls built-in ld.conf
  C stublibs in default locations do not need a entry
  Remaining files for stublibs go to the devel package
- Disable debug in ocamlfind() Provides/Requires generator
  Update META parser to handle multiline statements and ppx
- Provide a ocaml_standard_library macro
- Explicitly preserve debuginfo in .cmxs, already enforced by dune
- Install also COPYRIGHT.txt as license, needed for some JaneStreet pkgs

Mon Nov 25 12:34:56 UTC 2019 -

- Install also LGPL as license, needed by ocaml-lablgtk2

Fri Nov  1 12:34:56 UTC 2019 -

- Moved from ocaml to provide
  ocamlfind() in ocaml itself
- Handle license separately because sed w truncates output
- Document individual file extensions
- Move cmxs and so files to devel packages because they are not
  used at runtime. Also, cmxs dependencies in main pkg are
  not covered by (bsc#1154874)
- Set VERSION unconditionally for each patch, sometimes dune picks it up
- Pass --for-release-of-packages to dune via dune_release_pkgs=
- Print potential BuildRequires during build
- Package sml for camlp5
- SLE_12 has still no license macro, package as doc instead
- Use _smp_mflags instead of nproc for parallel build

Wed Oct  9 05:48:16 UTC 2019 -

- Package also COPYRIGHT, for labltk
- Package also Copyright, for dose3
- Package also *.cmo
- Package also *.so.owner
- Package also *.o
- Package also /etc/
- Package also *.js

Fri Oct  4 07:56:44 UTC 2019 -

- Use _rpmmacrodir
- Automatically package known license files in main pkg
- List unhandled files in ocaml_create_file_list macro
- Do not mark files as %config

Mon Sep 30 14:15:16 UTC 2019 -

- Increase ulimit -s on ppc64 in dune macros
  Required for at least ocaml-camomile
- Show external-lib-deps also for dune runtest
- Provide a ocaml_create_file_list macro
- Optional extra args for dune commands
- Pass --verbose to dune commands
- Move prefix/man to datadir/man to workaround bug in dune (#2670)

Mon Sep 30 12:34:56 UTC 2019 -

- moved ocaml-rpm-macros from ocaml.spec to separate pkg
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