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View File flite.changes of Package flite (Project home:inescid:language)

Mon Dec 26 16:26:20 UTC 2011 - jengelh@medozas.de

- Remove redundant sections

Thu Dec 15 22:07:52 UTC 2011 - chris@computersalat.de

- rework shlibs patch
  * add -lm ti linker flags
- fix deps
  * BuildReq: autoconf
- spec-cleanup
- fix changes file

Sun Mar 14 22:12:27 UTC 2010 - chris@computersalat.de

- update to version 1.4
  o crude multi-voice selection support (may change)
  o 4 basic voices are included 3 clustergen (awb, rms and slt)
    plus the kal diphone database
  o CMULEX now uses maximum onset for syllabification
  o alsa support
  o Clustergen support (including mlpg with mixed excitation)
    But is still slow on limited processors
  o Windows support with Visual Studio (specifically for the
    Olympus Spoken Dialog System)
  o WinCE support is redone with cegcc/mingw32ce with example
    example TTS app: Fluwm: Flite on Windows Mobile
  o Speed-ups in feature interpretation limiting calls to alloc
  o Speed-ups (and fixes) for converting clunits festvox voices
- removed obsolete sources/patches
  o flite-1.3-alsa_support.patch
- reworked patches
  o flite-1.3-sharedlibs.patch > flite-1.4-sharedlibs.patch
- cleanup spec
  o added header
  o sort TAGS
  o bzipped Source
  o macros 
- changelog to changes file

Tue Nov 14 13:55:50 CET 2006 - faucamp@csir.co.za

- Added comment to %%build stating why "_smp_flags" isn't used with make

Mon Nov 13 17:59:20 CET 2006 - faucamp@csir.co.za

- Modified alsa support patch file to patch "configure.in" instead of "configure"
- Added "autoconf" step to %%build
- Added BuildRequires: autoconf
- Fixed patch backup file suffixes
- Renamed patch files to a more standard format
- Moved header files from /usr/include to /usr/include/flite
- Added -p option to all cp operations (to preserve timestamps)

Sun Nov 12 16:11:49 CET 2006 - faucamp@csir.co.za

- Recreated patch to allow shared libraries to build correctly (sharedlibs.patch)
- "flite" and "flite_time" binaries now link to flite shared libraries (sharedlibs.patch)
- Simplified the documentation patch filename
- Modified patch steps in %%prep to create backup files with different suffixes
- Removed "_smp_flags" macro from %%build for all archs

Fri Oct 20 05:22:46 CET 2006 - faucamp@csir.co.za

- Modified "build" so that "_smp_flags" is only used for i386 arch

Mon Oct 10 07:26:59 CET 2006 - faucamp@csir.co.za

- Removed "_smp_flags" macro from "build" for x86_64 arch

Tue Sep 26 12:32:17 CET 2006 - faucamp@csir.co.za

- Added README-ALSA.txt (Source1)
- Removed subpackage: flite-devel-static
- Modified shared libraries patch (Patch0) to prevent building static libraries
- Renamed patch files: Patch0, Patch1
- Added flite 1.3 ALSA patch (Patch2) by Lukas Loehrer - thanks Anthony Green for pointing it out
- Added configure option: --with-audio=alsa
- Added BuildRequires: alsa-lib-devel

Fri Sep 22 12:58:06 CET 2006 - faucamp@csir.co.za

- Initial RPM build