File likwid.changes of Package likwid

Fri Feb  6 15:14:17 UTC 2015 -

- updated source url
- updated patch likwid-libdir.patch
- updated patch likwid-optflags.patch
- added likwid-perlapp.patch for setting the correct prefix
- fixed license
- update to version 3.1.3:
  + Release 3.1.3
  - Full Uncore Support for Nehalem EX and Westmere EX
  - Atom Silvermont (Avoton + BayTrail) support
  - Read Marker API results and derived metrics in instrumented application
    (Patch by Julian Kunkel)
  - More low-level benchmarks for likwid-bench
  - Kernel module for enabling the RDPMC instruction
  - Use RDPMC for fixed and general purpose core-local counters if possible
  - New undocumented but working events
  - Support for all RAPL domains in likwid-powermeter
  - Better PCI device lookup
  - Lots of bug fixes 

  + Release 3.1.2
  - New application likwid-setFrequencies and corresponding daemon likwid-setFreq
  - likwid-powermeter can measure multiple sockets at once
  - likwid-memsweeper also cleans last level cache from dirty cachelines
  - Sanitized groups for Intel IvyBridge and SandyBridge
  - Automatic lookup of Uncore PCI devices with exclusion of non-existent devices
  - Reduced connect time to likwid-accessD
  - Multiple workgroups for likwid-bench are evaluated correctly
  - MSR device file handling on Intel Xeon Phi improved
  - Improved commandline argument handling for all LIKWID tools
  - man pages sanitized and a new one for likwid-bench
  - Moved setuid command to sbin directory
  - Lots of bugfixes 

  + Release 3.1
  - Full support for Intel Xeon Phi
  - Support for Intel IvyBridge-EP (partial Uncore support)
  - Support for Intel Haswell
  - Support for AMD Kabini architecture
  - Improved Intel Atom support
  - Adding expression based thread group syntax for all LIKWID tools
  - Add scatter option to thread groups
  - Add possibility to dump topology info to cfg file. This enables simpler usage
    of LIKWID in a restricted cpuset
  - Using the Marker API a variable number of threads may enter a region now
  - Simple lock file based control to synchronize Monitoring and Profiling in a
    cluster environment
  - Using custom event sets on Intel Processors fixed counters are automatically
    added and connected derived metrics runtime, clock and CPI are output
  - Oversubscription of processors with round robin placement is now default
  - Add event for TM/TM2 temperature sensors on Intel processors
  - Improved RDTSC timing measurement
  - Review of performance groups
  - Performance improvements in Marker API
  - Lots of bugfixes and improvements 

  + Release 3.0
  - New application likwid-memsweeper to cleanup ccNUMA memory domains.
    This functionality is also integrated in likwid-pin.
  - Support for Intel SandyBridge Uncore (partial)
  - Support for Intel IvyBridge (only core part)
  - Initial support for Intel Xeon Phi (KNC)
  - Better support for AMD Interlagos
  - The OpenMP type is now detected automatically while pinning
  - Lots of bugfixes and improvements
  - Marker API works now for threaded code and accessDaemon
  - Uncore support for timeline mode
  - Convenient macro wrapper for Marker API
  - Data volume as new metric in all memory/cache groups
  - Updated Wiki documentation 

Mon Aug 20 23:47:47 CET 2012 -

- initial version (2.3.0)
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