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Fri Sep 25 07:38:04 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.9.0:
  * Added support for themes and included a few as well: default, eldar,
    monocai, night-owl, solarized-light, and solarized-dark. The theme
    can be changed using the ':config' command, like so:
    :config /ui/theme night-owl
    Consult the online documentation for defining a new theme at:[1]
  * Added support for custom keymaps and included the following: de, fr,
    uk, us. The keymap can be changed using the ':config' command, like so:
    :config /ui/keymap uk
    Consult the online documentation for defining a new keymap at:[2]
  * The following JSON-Schemas have been published for the log format and
    configuration JSON files:[3][4]
    Formats should be updated to reference the schema using the "$schema"
  * Indexing of new data in log files can now be paused by pressing '='
    and unpaused by pressing it again. The bottom status bar will display
    'Paused' in the right corner while paused.
  * CMake is now a supported way to build.
  * When viewing data from the standard-input, a symbolic name can be used
    to preserve session state. The name can be changed using the
    "rename-stdin" lnav script or by doing an UPDATE to the filepath
    column of the lnav_file table. For example, to assign the name
    "journald", the following SQL statement can be executed in lnav:
    ;UPDATE lnav_file SET filepath='journald' WHERE filepath='stdin'
  * The size of the terminal can be accessed in SQL using the $LINES and
    $COLS variables.
  * The raise_error(msg) SQL function has been added to make it easier to
    raise an error in an lnav script to stop execution and notify the user.
  * Added the json_concat() function to make it easier to append/concatenate values onto arrays.
  * Added the ":write-jsonlines-to" command that writes the result of a SQL query to a file in the JSON Lines format.
  Interface Changes:
  * Data piped into lnav is no longer dumped to the console after exit.
    Instead a file containing the data is left in .lnav/stdin-captures/
    and a message is printed to the console indicating the file name.
  * In time-offset mode, the deltas for messages before the first mark
    are now negative instead of relative to the start of the log.
  * The $XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable (or ~/.config directory) are
    now respected for storing lnav's configuration. If you have an existing
    ~/.lnav directory, that will continue to be used until you move it to
    $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/lnav or ~/.config/lnav.
  * Removed the ':save-config' command. Changes to the configuration are now
    immediately saved.
  * Added 'notice' log level.
  * If a "timestamp-format" is used in an element of a "line-format", the
    field name is ignored and a formatted timestamp is always used.
  * Ignore stdin when it is connected to /dev/null.

Mon Apr  8 09:07:57 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.8.5:
  * Added a visual filter editor to make it easier to update existing
    filters. The editor can be opened by pressing TAB. Once the editor
    is opened, you can create/delete, enable/disable, and edit the patterns
    with hotkeys.
  * Added an 'lnav_view_filters' SQL table that can be used to
    programmatically manipulate filters.
  * Added an 'lnav_view_filter_stats' SQL table that contains the number of
    times a given filter matched a line in the view.
  * Added a 'log_filters' column to log tables that can be used to see what
    filters matched the log message.
  * A history of locations in a view is now kept so that you can jump back
    to where you were previously using the '{' and '}' keys. The location
    history can also be accessed through the ":prev-location" and
    ":next-location" commands.
  * The ":write-*" commands will now accept "/dev/clipboard" as a file name
    that writes to the system clipboard.
  * The ":write-to" and ":write-raw-to" commands will now print out comments
    and tags attached to the lines.
  * Added a ":redirect-to " command to redirect command output to the
    given file. This command is mostly useful in scripts where one might
    want to redirect all output from commands like ":echo" and ":write-to -"
    to a single file.
  * If a log file format has multiple patterns for matching log messages,
    each pattern is now tried to match a message in a file. Previously,
    only one pattern was ever used for an entire file.
  * Added haproxy log format from Peter Hoffmann.
  * Added 'spooky_hash()' and 'group_spooky_hash()' SQL functions to
    generate a hash of their parameters.
  * Added 'time_offset' to the 'lnav_file' table so that the timestamps in
    a file can be adjusted programmatically.
  Interface Changes:
  * The auto-complete behavior in the prompt has been modified to fall back
    to a fuzzy search if the prefix search finds no matches. For example,
    typing in ":fin" and pressing TAB would previously not do anything.
    Now, the ":fin" will be completed to ":filter-in " since that is a
    strong fuzzy match. If there are multiple matches, as would happen
    with ":dfil", readline's menu-complete behavior will be engaged and
    you can press TAB cycle through the options.
  * Added CTRL+F to toggle the enabled/disabled state of all filters for the
    current view.
  * The '-r' flag is now for recursively loading files. The functionality
    for loading rotated files is now under the '-R' flag.
  * The current search term is now shown in the bottom status bar.
  * Some initial help text is now shown for the search and SQL prompts to
    refresh the memory.
  * When entering the ":comment" command for a line with a comment, the
    command prompt will be filled in with the existing comment to make
    editing easier.
  * Hidden fields now show up as a unicode vertical ellipsis (⋮) instead of
    three-dot ellipsis to save space.
  * Pressing 7/8 will now move to the previous/next minute.
  * The ":write-raw-to" command has been changed to write the entire
    contents of the current view and a ":write-screen-to" command has been
    added to write only the current screen contents.
  * Disabled filters are now saved in sessions.
  * The ":adjust-log-time" command now accepts relative times as input.
  * The ":write-json-to" command will now pass through JSON cells as their
    JSON values instead of a JSON-encoded string.

Tue Aug 28 06:53:18 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.8.4:
  * Added the ':comment' command that can be used to attach a comment to a
    log line. The comment will be displayed below the line, like so:
    2017-01-01T15:30:00 error: computer is on fire
    + This is where it all went wrong
    The ':clear-comment' command will remove the attached comment. Comments
    are searchable with the standard search mechanism and they are available
    in SQL through the "log_comment" column.
  * Added the ':tag', ':untag', and ':delete-tags' commands that can be used
    to attach/detach tags on the top log line and delete all instances of
    a tag. Tags are also searchable and are available in SQL as a JSON
    array in the "log_tags" column.
  * Pressing left-arrow while viewing log messages will reveal the source
    file name for each line and the unique parts of the source path.
    Pressing again will reveal the full path.
  * The file name section of the top status line will show only the unique
    parts of the log file path if there is not enough room to show the full
  * Added the ":hide-unmarked-lines" and ":show-unmarked-lines" commands
    that hide/show lines based on whether they are bookmarked.
  * Added the "json_contains()" SQL function to check if a JSON value
    contains a number of a string.
  * The relative time parser recognizes "next" at the beginning of the
    input, for example, "next hour" or "next day". Handy for use in the
    ":goto" command.
  * Added a "text-transform" option for formatting JSON log messages. The
    supported options are: none, uppercase, lowercase, and capitalize.
  * Added a special "level" field name for formatting JSON messages so
    that the lnav level name can be used instead of the internal value in
    the JSON object.
  * Added a log format for journald JSON logs
  Interface Changes:
  * When typing in a search, instead of moving the view to the first match
    that was found, the first ten matches will be displayed in the preview
  * The pretty-print view maintains highlighting from the log view.
  * The pretty-print view no longer tries to reverse lookup IP addresses.
  * The online help for commands and SQL functions now includes a 'See Also'
    section that lists related commands/functions.
  * The HOME key should now work in the command-prompt and move the cursor
    to the beginning of the line.
  * The :delete-filter command should now tab-complete existing filters.
  * Milliseconds can now be used in relative times (e.g. 10:00:00.123)
  * The J/K hotkeys were not marking lines correctly when the bottom of
    the view was reached.
  * The level field in JSON logs should now be recognized by the level
    patterns in the format.

Thu Jun  7 17:49:12 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 0.8.3b
  - minor fixes
- Fix URL

Wed Jun  6 11:04:40 UTC 2018 -

- Fix build for Leap 15.0

Mon Feb 12 10:26:39 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.8.3:
  * Support for the Bro Network Security Monitor log file format.
  * Added an fstat() table-valued function for querying the local filesystem.
  * Added readlink() and realpath() SQL functions.
  * Highlights specified in log formats can now specify the colors to use for the highlighted parts of the log message.
  * Added a ":quit" command.
  * Added a "/ui/default-colors" configuration option to specify that the terminal's default background and foreground colors should be used instead of black and white.
  * The help view now includes all the command-help that would pop up as you entered commands and SQL queries.
  * Hidden fields and lines hidden before/after times are now saved in the current session and restored.
  * Unicode characters should now be displayed correctly (make sure you have LANG set to a UTF-8 locale).

Thu Dec 28 12:08:27 UTC 2017 -

- Specify C++ compiler explicitly when using non-default GCC
- Add specific version build requires for SQLite

Thu Dec 21 11:36:46 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 0.8.2:
  * The captured timestamp text in log files must fully match a
    known format or an error will be reported.
    The previous behavior was to ignore any text at the end of
	the line
  * Log format definitions can now specify the expected log level
    for a sample line
  * Log formats can now define a default set of highlights with the
    "highlights" property
  * Added a ':mark' command to bookmark the top line in the current view
  * For a full list please see the NEWS file
- Remove lnav-fix_32bit_use_size_t.patch: upstreamed

Wed Aug 17 13:01:39 UTC 2016 -

- update to 0.8.1
  * see NEWS file for changelog
- specfile cleanup

Fri Jan 03 14:14:52 UTC 2014 -

- update to 0.6.2:
  * adds word-wrap support

- changes from 0.6.1:
  * adds support for JSON-encoded log files
  * some minor fixes and performance improvements

Mon Sep 02 05:55:26 UTC 2013 -

- update to 0.6.0:
  * Custom log formats and more builtin formats
  * Automatic extraction of data from logs
  * UI improvements, support for 256 color terminals
  * package: update header and license

- changes from 0.5.1:
  * Added the '-t' and '-w' options which can be used to prepend a
    timestamp to any data piped in on stdin and to specify a file to
    write the contents of stdin to.

- changes from 0.5.0:
  * Files can be specified on the command-line using wildcards so that
    new files are automatically loaded.  Directories can also be passed
    as command-line arguments to read all of the files in the directory.
  * Added the 'C' hotkey to clear any existing user bookmarks.
  * Added experimental support for accepting input from mice.

Sun Jul 31 22:42:09 UTC 2011 -

- fix 32bit builds

Thu Jul 21 23:02:26 UTC 2011 -

- update to 0.4.0:
  * files that are not recognized as containing log messages have been broken
    out to a separate text files view; you can flip between the log view and
    the text file view with the 't' hotkey; when viewing text files, the 'f'
    hotkey will switch between files
  * files compressed with bzip2 are recognized and decompressed on the fly
  * added a "session" file and command for storing commands that should be
    executed on startup; for example, if you always want some highlighting to
    be done, you can add that command to the session file
  * add some more log file formats for generic log files
  * performance improvements for compressed files

Mon Apr 26 09:40:35 UTC 2010 -

- update to 0.3.0:
  * switch between the SQL result view and the log view while keeping the top
    of the views in sync with the "line_number" column
  * the "line_number" column is no longer included in the SQL result view's
    stacked bar graph
  * a "warnings" count was added to the histogram view

Thu Feb 25 23:04:18 UTC 2010 -

- initial package (0.2.0)
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