File ChangeLog of Package logwatch

*** This file is updated by the SUSE package maintainers, based on version
control logs (e.g. 'git log --oneline v1..v2'), as the Logwatch project does
not release a change log themselves. ***
==== 7.5.3 (2020-01-22) ====
48b2db1 Updating version to 7.5.3
9164fec [,HOWTO] Added sanity check for egrep, and documented Pre_Ignore
e066288 [systemd] Ignore "Consumed CPU time" messages
e1c82e1 [systemd] Ignore "selinux: avc: *received policyload notice"
acd8793 [afpd] Ignore Netatalk AFP/TCP listening on message
5af5441 [rsyslogd] Ignore new "imjournal: journal files changed, reloading" message
9908554 [sssd] Ignore Keytab success message
1d69fab [systemd] Capture "Failed to execute command" messages
ffb05ed [smartd] Ignore "not ATA, no IDENTIFY DEVICE Structure"; Avoid pattern capture
44b627f [evtapplication] Ignore messages for laptops that can be off network; Allow ignoring of certain registry file in use messages
a904dd6 [systemd] Update regexes for new wordings
fddbf64 [rsyslogd] Fix ignoremessages handling; Handle invalid certificate messages
55b4c45 [omsa] Much better detail handling for informational messages; Allow ignoring messages about uncertified drives
fab9d5d [lvm] Ignore "lvmetad is being updated, retrying" message
1a5c914 [cron] Re-order messages; Make incrond messages only shown with high detail as well
0ee3ba7 [cron] conf: exclude atd service
b57a07b [smartd] Expand "type changed" regex
21536c1 [dirsrv] Ignore more routine startup message; Allow ignoring warnings
6d059ba [clam-update] Allow ignoring of out of date clamav messages
ab306dd [evtsecurity] Drop 4673/4: A privileged service was called - too noisy, no information; Empty firewall pass rules
eadf3af [evtapplication] Ignore N/A messages and "This error was suppressed GP messages"
6a9ee90 [evt*] Various enhancements
4c22329 [] Fixed spacing bug introduced in previous commit
c4ba813 [rsyslogd.conf] Fixed typo.
3d7df7a [sendmail] Formatted "accept failed" and "connect failed" statements to be 	consistent with rest of output.  Also added failure reason"
123e639 [] Checking for Pre_Ignore variable in every service configuration 	file ("conf/services/*.conf).  If present, it ignores that regexp 	(egrep syntax) in the log file BEFORE running the corresponding 	service script.
e8ca7f7 [systemd.conf] Removed --mailto option, per Amish.
667babb [dovecot] Modified sieve filter, and ignore doveadm HTTP API entries
02349ab [systemd files] Enable systemd.conf files in both basedir and confdir
10fba28 [sshd] Added illegal_users_threshold variable
0279bc3 [dovecot] Fixed filter syntax, and clarified header removal, per Reio Remma
014fed6 [logwatch.service] Add logwatch options to systemd timer, per Amish.
90c8000 [zz-disk_space] Excluded squashfs from linux listing, per Mauro Dionisi.  Corrected AIX and Darwin entries.
bd87ac0 [] Fixed --logdir option; bug reported by simi.
59198ba [named] Ignore some new messages
ae23d27 [lvm] Ignore more pvscan informational messages
d99ed93 [dovecot] Modified regex so that there is no overlap between LogFile and Archive
14bf128 [lvm] Ignore informational pvscan messages
32b9128 [] Added $Config{'pathtocat'} to debug statement.
669a4d6 Clean up of HOWTO document and comment in  No functional changes.
d36eb0f [sshd] Filtering pam uid statement; corrected detail level, per Martin Frodl.

==== 7.5.2 (2019-07-22) ====
f6b19b9 Corrected release date.
95c515d Preparing version 7.5.2
80131ae [dhcpd] Corrected regexps; reported by Kristian Duus Østergaard.
61b25df Handle snapshot changes.
6888345 Show both old and new RPMs for upgrades and downgrades. Print info messages as its own section rather than as unknown messages.
af771da [rsyslogd] handle imuxsock message
85a5756 [exim] handle auth command used when not advertised
8fcc39e [exim] handle two flavors of authenticator failed for and report in a section
1d1757d [exim] make tls from these hosts header stand out
18fc091 [exim] tls handling
51bca35 [exim] sort smtp connection messages
5c02197 [postfix] handle legacy from postfix-policyd-spf-perl
8720f57 Logwatch::LookupIP -- make the documentation match the implementation
f726a0d [exim] spelling: e.g.
ca71a9f [secure] report on sshguard attacker blocks
661f2ab [secure] handle sshguard noise
17f1931 [secure] handle sshd messages
8257740 [secure] add reporting for user shell changes
a127299 [secure] unify usermod matching
b149473 [iptables] Add support for reporting by CIDR, per Dan Pritts
d4bf10d [windows] Removed hard-coded lib path, per Jason Pyeron
987ec51 Merge /u/csware/logwatch/ branch dovecot-2.3 into master
8b75c11 [systemd] Fix detail checks
440275a dovecot: Support new Dovecot 2.3 format
0e9b79d [systemd] Ignore new Succeeded messages; handle new condition check skipped message
3390a74 Added custom NGINX http response codes; requested by Fabian Dellwing
1879f29 Added additional IANA codes
9e8bcbb [sendmail] Account for empty commands
89ea3e6 Merge /u/csware/logwatch/ branch fail2ban into master
7f31d9e [evtsecurity] Reduce memory usage by not collecting information we will not use at a particular detail level
6ad3ead [evtsecurity] Completely ignore Event IDs 4673/4; Add kerberos failure code 0x1B
f9acf17 [applystddate] [dnf-rpm] bug 75 fixed, allow Z[ulu] inplace of +00:00
c7a6776 [fail2ban] Fix "Restore Ban" handling of fail2ban 10
0afa424 [rsyslogd] Ignore imuxsock message from Ubuntu 18.04.2
6a6a58a Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
b55e4a1 Add match for minor change in Dovecot 2.3.3.
0c1b5ad Adding logwatch.spec used for 7.5.1 release

==== 7.5.1 (2019-01-22) ====
82d2f4f [] Updated date for release
e4c0789 [xntpd] Filtering and matching additional statements, per Frank Crawford
71b961f [dnf-rpm] Match on prefix "SUBDEBUG" for dnf v4, per Frank Crawford
51f83da [fail2ban] Truncate long error messages, per Frank Crawford
baa8b47 General clean-up of script files
fa51286 [systemd] Ignore "Unset automount Arbitrary Executable File Formats File System Automount Point."
01170a8 [zz-disk_space] Fixed match to include decimal sizes; bug reported by David Anderson.
29cca31 [named] Defined explicitly the transfer completed matching
6a6bf7a Fixed typo in comments regarding a previous variable
573fc5a [named] Restored filtering of certain statements, per Frank Crawford
d35d85a [dnf-rpm] Counting downgraded packages, per Frank Crawford
0b7a830 [freeradius] Add optional message prefix, per Jacob Becker
2d2b548 [zz-disk_space] Added $suppress_listing variable to suppress listing    filesystems that do not exceed threshold.
1383a38 For systemd timers, run logwatch before logrotate due to race condition if run at the same time.  Submitted by Andrew Daugherity.
52f9d31 []  Extended case-preserving of options to: hostname, filename, mailto, logdir, and hostlimit.
7ec3e9e Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
8734042 [] preserving case of value of filename option
954b67f [named] minor code optimization
7a5bc7f Merge /u/freeyorp/logwatch/ branch master into master
f8eb65c [named] Added successful transfers to updated list.  Reported as bug #42.
04711b7 [stunnel] Update for newer messges; Exclude basic info at detail=0; Use newer formatting
4191f3d [iptables] Fix port summary logic
11f7f83 Corrected misspelling, per Peter Chubb
8927b03 [systemd] Relax "Failed at step" regex
80564a0 [systemd] Separate out left-over process messages and allow them to be ignored
c858762 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
e410092 Updated references to sourceforge repository
ba51cd9 Pre-emptively setting new version in logwatch output
1ea8ee1 Added description of --subject option; reported by saljut7
be6e129 Filtering additional decimal field in log, as reported by Chris Woelkers
f3a7de6 Filtering additional imap statements, per Willi Mann
b325c68 Fixed additional dovecot statements, per Graham Cobb
f5f6034 Fixed matching of SMTP protocol error, per Willi Mann
e587270 Filter info messages, and clean up output, per Frank Crawford
4525ed0 Improved Rootkit Hunter filtering, per Frank Crawford, and session startup, per Graham Cobb
e236d6c Filter additional startup statements, per Frank Crawford
d684c76 Handle statements for IPv6, per Frank Crawford
858fb6f [samba] bug-71 - removed dead code

==== 7.5.0 (2018-12-28) ====
bd421a3 Force symbolic links in case file exists
1c9a4d9 Allow parenthesis in $ignore_services option, per Jonny Lamb
d3d600c Handle lmtp and sieve changes from dovecot 2.2.33, per Reio Remma
092fba8 Removed zz-fortune; don't think any of the modern distributions use it anymore
cf287fd Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
b7bd65f (No changes)
edfc3ba Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
6f597a3 Using links instead of .so tag, which has restrictions on working directory
700e6ed Added years based on copyright notices in logwatch files
cb0bafb Corrected file names under FILES
8168d00 Cleaned up comments
33f9957 Fixed deprecated unescaped brace
4e32fb4 Process newer format with "prepend Received-SPF" statements
ff73125 Accommodate PIDs up to seven digits, per Oleg Girko
3315c19 Filtering "Exiting" statements; patch from Fedora
27b6c45 Merge /u/utoddl/logwatch/ branch master into master
d9e6cad Merge /u/jpyeron/logwatch/ branch bug-69 into master
607387a Merge /u/jpyeron/logwatch/ branch bug-70 into master
a9bb719 Merge /u/jpyeron/logwatch/ branch bug-68 into master
88539f9 Merge /u/jpyeron/logwatch/ branch bug-67 into master
35ea068 Merge /u/jpyeron/logwatch/ branch bug-66 into master
7d784ae [sonicwall] bug 70 - dead code fixed, reversed test order
66c5b65 [cisco] bug 69 - syntax error on hash
3eda458 [cisco] bug 69 - duplicate check
a6ee75d [cisco] bug 69 - duplicate check
1a893f0 [cisco] bug 69 - the InvalidMulticast (P2_WARN) is eating all the SYS-4-P2_WARN messages
d1af6b8 [applytaidate] bug 68 - fixed y2038 bug
a3134f6 [mysql] bug 67 - updated default configuration to use LogPath
90b6259 [cron] bug 67 - updated default configuration to use LogPath
b37cb8a [bfd] bug 67 - updated default configuration to use LogPath
d9beee4 [autorpm] bug 67 - updated default configuration to use LogPath
703a5e3 bug 66 - Fixed typo on samba regex for _samr_lookup_domain
03e57f7 bug 65 - fixed infinite loop in samba/applydate
45490a2 Address Perl deprecation warning of unescaped left brace.
65e0bed [clamav] Ignore all enabled/disabled messages
2cd0dc2 Corrected matching of statement, per Frank Crawford
cbd5d84 Process "Obsoleted" and "Reinstalled" statements, per Frank Crawford
d2e2a15 [sssd] Ignore debug messages
3b73ced [zz-disk_space] Rework to handle devices and mount points with spaces by using regexp to avoid using --output that is not available with all versions of df.  Remove explicit conditionals that were the same as the default
f0d1dea [sssd] Leading sssd: can have pid
ccb98bf [sssd] Strip duplicate timestamp; Ignore p11_child certificate errors
608d191 [zz-disk_space] Fix typo
f7c6b0f [kernel] Processes that invoke oom-killer are not necessarily killed; Handled Killed without Out of memory prefix
c1dae93 [systemd] Ignore some messages around service restarts
4e6573d [dovecot] Handle login and lmtp messages with dovecot-2.2.36-3.el7
bb0b666 [systemd] Ignore Closed Multimedia System messages
665ac95 [secure] Allow for PID with pkexec: Executing command
08bc091 [systemd] Ignore "Set up automount Arbitrary Executable File Formats File System Automount Point."
3a5cf1d [sudo] Ignore pam_system cannot create session messages
25fee7c [systemd] Handle some slight formatting differences
479f6d5 [systemd] Ignore Closed Sound System
7563756 [sssd] Add ignore_enumeration_requested option; add options to default config file
6240ca1 [mdadm] Add mdadm_ignore_missing option
dea2135 [clamav] Ignore detection enabled/disabled messages
abe39b2 [sssd] Ignore offline message from initial boot
ca3da11 [secure] Drop old sudo reporting; Exclude sudo lines with pid
dc1cde8 [sssd] Monitor backend status, allow ignoring it
7bbe1b1 [sssd] Ignore changed "Starting up" message
299a701 [dirsrv] Allow setting error threshold - de-duplicate some message
6c11bfb [cron] Ignore NULL pam handle passed messages until bug is fixed
03a401f [audit] Only output unmatched entries if Detail >= 1
21d5f01 [audit] Ignore service messages
45b2331 [audit] Ignore unit failures in favor of journal entries
453afc4 Includes additional matches, and counting code 11 disconnects, per Frank Crawford
0579a2d Suppress various information messages and update matches to recent named.
988d5bf Suppress error if zfs not enabled, per Frank Crawford
b2ba4dd Improve host name matching, per Frank Crawford
a1e1527 Handle devices with space characters, per Craig Francis
bcc45ab Ignore devices labeled '<ignore>', per Michael Lipp
90debef [secure] fix usermod handling of usermod log lines
17e38fc - Removed null url as possible exploit due to timeouts; bug reported 	by Gilles Detillieux - Better formatting of exploit reporting, by Andrew Daugherity
ba46c4a [clamav] ignore BlockMax heuristic detection
a3c36cc [lvm] Handle extra leading space on Fedora 26
ce8cd74 [kernel] Ignore RAS: Correctable Errors collector initialized message
6d2a2b9 [systemd] Ignore "Reloading" messages - Ignore Socket service already active - Ignore failed needs to be case insensitive
5b465ea [vsftpd] Add vsftpd_ignore_robots option; Do not log outgoing files if Detail == 0
32c87e8 [postfix] Fix unaligned output
19cde35 [dovecot] Ignore Debug output
bdcb8b2 [amavis] Fix perl warning "redundant argument in sprintf"
b50cc63 Handle compressed files
ab4f6e6 Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch ext4-dirty into master
9550e95 Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch kernel-ras into master
7dea214 [kernel] ext4 INFO: recovery required on readonly filesystem
e80c521 Update for latest openssh
8db0869 [kernel] Ignore RAS informational message
c722f6d Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch ssh-cleanup into master
846d15b Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch lvm-snapshot into master
6c999cf Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch sshguard-eof into master
0fc0364 Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch rsyslog into master
c00123e Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch sshd-ignore into master
da34c75 [sshd] Favor method over IP when it is more common
e2655f4 [lvm] Handle monitoring snapshots
cce5da9 [sshd] refactor time(s)
c133d36 [sshd] fix kerberos times label
8d3293b [systemd] Ignore informational cgroup translation message
f8aae45 [sshd] ignore disconnected from user USER...
6e8d431 [sshd] ignore close session from verbose sshd
e754a89 [systemd] Remove redundant ignore regex
3abbb24 [rsyslogd] handle repeated messages        logwatch will see the individual items -- no reason to handle each kind again...      message repeated 7 times: [ [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="8.16.0" x-pid="3975" x-info=""] rsyslogd was HUPed] : 1 Times
a73bea1 [sshd] Updated Protocol major versions differ regex to handle port number
41b8980 [openvpn] Updated replay message
05203fe [evtsystem] Ignore informational message unless detail is high
34011be [secure] handle sshguard received eof from stdin
0b0c77f Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch sshd-realm-sort into master
3cf10a0 Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch pam-log-cleanup into master
2c6e45e Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch xntpd-log-cleanup into master
ae1e5be [sshd] handle failed to release session
3e6a289 [sshd] sort output
af15dfd spelling: realm
d40244b [pam_unix] fix failed to change password handling / add account expired
f543901 [xntpd] ntp socket is in use
f8c4745 [xntpd] listen normally
c69db58 [xntpd] prevent blame shifts...
bf200f5 [secure] handle systemd-logind noise
90ce8d6 [secure] handle sshguard noise
4ac9091 [secure] handle sshguard noise
191cf5d [secure] handle sshguard noise
76ed690 [secure] handle userdel shadow group
f99b6dd [secure] handle usermod account expiration
fbb2e5b [secure] handle chsh
ed42d8b [secure] handle systemd-login watching system buttons
bac5ae4 [secure] handle systemd-login new seat
9c12e91 [secure] tolerate straight quotes for usermod and an optional space
407d7bb [secure] handle now passwd for user
be4e563 [secure] handle gpasswd add user to group
44d6719 [secure] handle pid from systemd-logind
5f78a71 [secure] sort Su consistently
51c0b0d [rsyslogd] Add rsyslogd_ignore_messages option
ef9fec0 [named] Handle rate limiting messages
22ec95a [dovecot] Split out Fatal/Error messages
303d111 Fixed issue with variable check and file location
b48f3eb Adding dnf-rpm, as per bababooey182
22b1d41 Allow declaring input encoding, and using iconv to convert to UTF-8.
95e27ca Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
35de545 Provide for installation of systemd files, per Kamil Cukrowski. Installation enabled through the --system switch in Cron file moved to scheduler/ directory, with default logwatch.cron.
9c9dc6e [sendmail] Added BadRCPT for non-existing sender
51b4513 [dhcpd] Show macaddress for No Free Leases
bdaafb1 [applystddate] Parse new format but low precision timestamps as well - fix date substitution
32687d6 [applystddate] Parse new format but low precision timestamps as well
a803ef3 [openvpn] Handle newer messages
aed5294 [sssd] Handle sssd debug messages
3c2dad9 [lvm] Fix thin pool regex
d36589f [dovecot] Handle different format imap-login: ID sent line without name=
926348e [sudo] Also allow ignoring of user -> any transitions
607d403 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
cf0c0b1 [rsyslog] Add rsyslogd_ignore_actions; use ; for separators
5781e17 [systemd] Ignore "Failed to propagate agent release message"
283baa3 [exim] handle modern port notation
ad24279 [rsyslogd] rsyslog 8.X support
5f843c0 [http] Do not show error response codes unless detail > 0 or error is 5xx
adc5c87 [http] Do not show probes in detail = 0;Drop use of $flag
882c8af [dirsrv] Handle new format ERR/WARN messages
e8eb23f [exim] Ignore office 365 connector disconnects, by Josh Soref
85fc23d Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch sftp into master
f9f2244 Merge /u/jsoref/logwatch/ branch exim into master
670fff2 [selinux] Handle new dev= messages
28776de [] added support for xzcat, by Stefan May
c11790f [cron] Counting more SELinux context errors; patch by Christian Mertes
dcb7959 [secure] counting systemd-logind new logins; patch by Christian Mertes
f6b3e98 [] fixed base64 encoding; patch by Jan Synacek
133d276 [dirsrv] Ignore INFO messages when detail < 5
ae2a3c6 [named] Handle new format DNSSEC invalid signature lines as well
641264c [afpd] Login by messages can have version info
821903a [audit] Consolidate Unmatched Entries; Ignore dispatcher reaped messages
8bfafca [exim] Handle authenticator failed messages
be8b7fd [openvpn] Handle PID_ERR messages
516f849 [openvpn] user authenticated messages are duplicate information
8f950b2 [openvpn] Handle WARNING messages; Fixup TUN/TAP ignores
83d37bb [openvpn] Handle management connection messages and configuration dumps
1b8a13b [clamav] Ignore new systemd file descriptor message; Handle new "TCP: Bound to" format
d4281ed [zz-disk_space] Use case insentive regex with config supplied regex
5c39a72 [rsyslogd] Ignore "imjournal: journal reloaded" messages
2bf1f2e [exim] Handle keep_environment messages
f226ea9 sshd: Moved key fingerprint and disconnect by application to Detail >= 30.
51d146a [secure] handle libsasl2-2 debug message
0eedb8a [sshd] handle sftp messages
e51aea9 [sshd] handle failed connections via socks forwarding
24a404c [lvm] Handle "unmonitored" messages
3841e6d [clam] No output if Detail == 0 for normal operation
80a4e9b [audit] Handle new audit initialized message format
228a684 [omsa] Ignore Learn cycle will start messages in log detail
411a410 [lvm] Handle basic vg monitored/active messages
70f78e3 [secure] Ignore uid conditional for base of 500
8085485 [kernel] Fix Ignore_faults handling
ba292e1 [dirsrv] Ignore spurious warning
94a6754 [systemd] Add ignore_failed option
f7012ea [kernel] Handle nfs server not responding messages
4deea09 Changed string "error" to actual LogLevel
64b5379 Unmatched entries with service=imap and service=lda, by Georg Oldenburg
32adbfd - Added LogFile statement for messages for RHEL/Centos systems - Now parsing other daemon actions ("origin software" statements) - Ignoring statements of dropping privileges (groupid / userid change)
d6f606e Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
12814f6 [sshd] Log PAM configuration denials; minor tweaks to krb5 and login line parsing
2b1f3ac spelling: workstation
2be1516 spelling: windows
fc9b1d8 spelling: virtual
6d3126f spelling: unsuccessful
f9c77ed spelling: unneeded
50e2f7c spelling: unmatched
58f415f spelling: uninitialized
439b125 spelling: through
3e7579a spelling: threshold
384eee0 spelling: symptom
3f8afc2 spelling: surprise
59c088e spelling: suppress
81cda83 spelling: supplemental
2b2a8e8 spelling: successfully
077823e spelling: successful
3d9fdd2 spelling: something
feabb43 spelling: separated
6d4c35f spelling: registered
f9fbea1 spelling: protocol
651c722 spelling: postfix
6a0cdfe spelling: patterns
a08fe20 spelling: offered
d6b2d01 spelling: occurrences
d38cf4a spelling: nodetail
e944664 spelling: necessary
6721159 spelling: multiple
bc53a28 spelling: minimum
48c429f spelling: logwatch
0841057 spelling: local
ee4b018 spelling: length
361add5 spelling: krukowiecki
0152682 spelling: kolehmainen
a61cc08 spelling: insensitive
9ba6231 spelling: inefficient
8ee79a9 spelling: incoming
b23ac9e spelling: improvements
9075059 spelling: ignore
01d41b2 spelling: generic
6fca27b spelling: forwarding
b1c63b1 spelling: failure
46025e8 spelling: explicitly
b6b224e spelling: encountered
424ef09 spelling: encounter
0171a36 spelling: encoding
510b107 spelling: enabled
0e5d80f spelling: empty
6281079 spelling: documentation
e45a0e9 spelling: directory
1eed203 spelling: different
ce8af6c spelling: didn't
9f2b07f spelling: dialed
676f2ee spelling: determined
b3c5bf2 spelling: destroy
8414a19 spelling: described
729f544 spelling: delimiter
d6e969a spelling: decreasing
18db40f spelling: cumulative
b2073d8 spelling: created
89fe63f spelling: contained
99f670b spelling: considered
1ee030a spelling: connections
5c003db spelling: connect
cb00e69 spelling: conflicts
52f5c4e spelling: configuration
3294841 spelling: conceived
26b2a8f spelling: command
d5eb70e spelling: coerce
f0f4e2a spelling: ciphers
2659477 spelling: changing
95650da spelling: category
aace7f6 spelling: being
2d9146e spelling: backup
109ad42 spelling: available
d5c92e8 spelling: authentication
9b37409 spelling: attempts
df7bd27 spelling: anchored
845ae91 spelling: altermime
6809cac spelling: already
29e2496 spelling: aggressive
045c0c7 spelling: administrator
04bd0e0 spelling: accurate
430dad5 spelling: abbreviations
4b8e27c Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
45c82f3 Documented additional logwatch switch options, by Adam Lehenbauer
e7e4374 Merge /u/csware/logwatch/ branch openvpn into master
eff1a43 Merge /u/jpyeron/logwatch/ branch issue-55-rebase-d156c55 into master
50cd9b0 Added changes for Fedora 24 submitted by Frank Crawford
6cb810d add support for group change, as suggested by Wojciech Górski
3db553d [sssd] Handle more logging formats
0b4861d [sssd] OnlyServices does not work with sssd due to non-numeric service names instead of pid
9d4788c bug #55: adds 3 configuration options to surpress hard coded search path
d156c55 [systemd] Handle "PID file not readable (yet?)" messages
a5ef00e [systemd] Update "Cannot add dependency job for unit" regex for new format
e057960 [systemd] Ignore Deactivated; Handle different socket capitalization
542787e [dhcpd] Various cleanup
1234ae5 [systemd] Ignore "Adding random time" messages
7fabc9a Changed scalar references to keys to hashes, as not allowed in newer perl versions.  Reported by Reuben.
144d19e [evtsystem] Various updates
ef85d97 [dovecot] Various cleanup and improvements
72ee3e0 [evtsecurity] Handle many more messages
dea26ef Corrected compare of IP addresses when doing back and forward resolution.
f9db594 Changed encoding to UTF-8, as suggested by Göran Uddeborg.
2c1b666 Allow new RFC 7372 status codes, as per Quincy.
6915e51 modified OOM message parsing and reporting, as per Marcin Szewczyk
c2880b8 Modified regex for lmtp and log-out, from tomop
0223596 add rsnapshot service script (thanks Hayden Lau)
b007553 [openvpn] Log IPs with invalid credentials
5991286 [openvpn] Support "SIGTERM[soft,delayed-exit] received, client-instance exiting"
f331624 [openvpn] Better support library versions
2bbc7bf [openvpn] Also support TLS1.x
1e1ba3e [openvpn] Support IPv6
696df89 [kernel] Ignore HEST informational message
ed6eb62 support journald as source
23e714a [journalctl] Added shared script contributed by Mark Grimes.
63c05d4 - Initialized hostlimit variable to default empty string. - Allow the use of /dev/null as logfile.
e0a2990 [evtsystem] Ignore a couple new server 2012 messages
c7a132d [disk_space] Exclude devtmpfs from output
9ba5f1d [lvm] Also monitor thin pool metadata usage
bdb0bfc [postfix] Display mail queue if requested (off by default)
c0f7434 [puppet] Improve counting of successful runs
626e096 [conf] Fix disrupted sentence
0490a1c [sshd] Fix unmatched entries because of the output change in openssh-7.2p2
a87dbf7 Merge branch 'release-7.4.X'
2ecdeb6 [http-error] Added ability to customize script in config file.
dc6e820 [dovecot] Changed quote styles
f3c16ba [sendmail] Previously submitted patches that fell through the cracks:    - Added two configurable variables    - Added comments
d10c7e4 [dovecot] Added default log file for dovecot 2.x.
bfff04a [dovecot] Count LMTP forward/sieve.  Patch based on tomop's submission.
1170f6a Merge branch 'release-7.4.X'
a1c3752 http-error: apache 2.4 compatible version (needs more testing) (Thanks: Bjorn)

==== 7.4.3 (2016-04-27) ====
Orion Poplawski (2):
      [kernel] Fix default Ignore_messages value to not match anything
      New version: 7.4.3

==== 7.4.2 (2016-02-28) ====
* Bug#27: make mdadm scanning an option (Thanks: Peter Backes)
* Bug#21 add samba/log.* to LogFile
* maillog: add simple "mail" to list
* [smartd] Impossible to make smartd quiet about unmonitorable attributes, so only report if detail > 0
* [audit] Do not strip the audit service so we can better parse the different audit services messages
* [smartd] Ignore more infornational messages
* [xntpd] Ignore more startup messages, support newer messages
* [secure] - Fix username handling
* Weaken username regexp restriction. Usernames can include more characters than
* just letters (e.g. _ or [0-9]).
* Author: Jan Synacek <>
* Reported-By: Robert Scheck
* RH-Bugzilla: #894272
* [secure] RootkitHunter support.
* Author: Jan Synacek <>
* RH-Bugzilla: #818926
* [named] Handle DNSSEC messages in named, other cleanup
* Author: Frank Crawford <>
* RH-Bugzilla: #666394
* Backported-By: Jan Synacek <>
* [dovecot] Update dovecot log parsing.
* Author: Frank Crawford <>
* Author: Karel Klic <>
* RH-Bugzilla: #645962
* Add sssd service
* mdadm does not read a logfile
* vsftpd: ignore pam_unix with unknown user
* [sudo] Add the ability to ignore certain command runs
* [audit] Ignore more lines; Handle auditctl with pid; More warning messages and cleaner report
* [afpd] Use strict; Ignore more lines; Aggregate unmatched entries
* [afpd] Add normal sleep ignore
* [sudo] Config options are lowercased
  - Update copyright, remove old cvs comments
  - use strict;
  - Fix typo
  - Process kerberos ticket messages
  - Reorder output
* [evtsecurity] Add url for more info on security events
* stunnel: report more errors
* freeradius: report long running requests
* [dovecot] Handle lmtp sieve delivery messages
* [evtsecurity] Handle password expired kerberos ticket result
* [evtsecurity] Handle account locked authentication failures
* logwatch: add env variables which export a list of log and archive
* files. Example configuration in clam-update
* Bug#34: fix off by one failure in ISO date handling
* include patch#37: report mysql warnings as warnings (Thanks: Chris)
* increase version and build date
* syslog-ng: support for src.none and other small fixes
* initialize env variables to prevent warnings
* [fail2ban] - Fix fail2ban.log parsing.
* This reverts part of revision 205, which broke fail2ban.log parsing due
* to different date format in that log.
* [fail2ban] Handle INFO Found and Ignore messages
* [clamav] Use strict; Handle Limits generically
* [clamav-milter] Handle new start meessage
* [dovecot] Relax starting up regex
* [fail2ban] Ignore more INFO messages or with new formats
* [dovecot] Handle lmtp vacation responses
* [cron] Handle shutdown messages from EL6
* [dovecot] Handle log lines with pid - thanks to Wolfgang Mueller
* [audit] More audit ignores
* [named] Major rework for named report
  - Catch connection timed out zone transfer failures
  - Catch zone expired and other messages that have view names
  - Move important messages/errors to the top of the report
  - Always report deniend zone transfers
  - Ignore client signer approved messages
* Escape braces in regexes as required by perl 5.22
* [kernel] Update for newer oom-killer message
* [evtsystem] Ignore/move to high detail more messages
* [dirsrv] Handle some more massages from IPA backups
* [openvpn] Several fixes
  - use strict - fix variable name issue caught
  - Report incorrect LDAP passwords
  - Handle multihome connection messages
  - Collapse duplicate connection ports
* [fail2ban] Handle different log sources
  - Apply fixes from
  - Collect generic messages by level
* [fail2ban] Ignore host not known name resolution failure
* citadel: fix typo (thanks: Willi Mann)
* make applymumbledate more generic; fix zypp date filter
* fix perl 5.22 warnings (thanks: Jan Synacek; Mark Grimes)
* amavis: escape other braces, too.
* postfix: fix error "redundant argument in sprintf" (thanks: Henrique
* Martins)
* fix SearchDate Timefilter to support milliseconds.
* [evtsecurity] Handle Kerberos account disabled messages
* [systemd] Initial support for systemd service
* [systemd] Ignore message about /tmp not empty due to installer bug
* Changed single-quotes to double-quotes in --range help
* Rolled in changes previously in beta branch (PrettyPrint), and added better handling
* of STARTTLS messages.
* Filtering messages when in verbose mode, and added ssh key method to output.
* Added scoping to declared variables in example.
* [systemd] Couple more ignored messages, minor cleanup
* [systemd] Ignore a couple more messages for missing or inactive services
* [system] Add a couple more ignored lines; Collect Reexecuting; Fix session collection
* [systemd] Ignore more messages from hibernate
* [systemd] Ignore message about supervising child processes
* [sudo] Ignore pam_sss(sudo:auth): authentication success
* [kernel] Allow for ignoring messages based on regex
* [systemd] Ignore Unmounted messages
* Bug: #51: Solaris message id. strings are not removed by removeheaders
* Bug #46: make path to ifconfig configurable
* Bug #44: no disk full warning if $DETAIL low
* patch #41: ignore DKIM verification message (thanks: lekensteyn)
* patch#36: audit make parent optional
* [zz-disk_space] Allow excluding directories from disk full warnings; Show directory in warning.
* [systemd] Ignore shutting down message
* ignore session opened, closed from cron
* list users and commands
* new version 7.4.2
* create release branch