File README of Package monitoring-plugins-apache2

Current Version: 1.3
Last Release Date: 2009-09-09

Compatible With: Nagios 2.x
                 Nagios 3.x

Owner: Mike Adolphs

Files:		The plugin (v1.3)
       LICENSE				GNU GPLv2 License
       check_apache2.php	PNP template

sh compliant script to check Apache's HTTP Server via mod_status and ps

Description: is a Nagios plugin to check the Apache's server status.
It monitors requests per second, bytes per second/request,
amount of busy/idle workers and its CPU load.

Let me know when it's not working for you via Mail or in my blog and I'll solve the problem.

Example call:
./ -H localhost -P 80 -t 3 -b /usr/sbin -p /var/run
-n -s status_page [-S] [-R] [-wr] 100 [-cr] 250

Sets the hostname. Default is: localhost
Sets the port. Default is: 80
Sets a timeout within the server's status page must've been accessed. Otherwise the check will go into an error state.
Default is: 3
Sets the path to the apache binary. Used for getting Apache's CPU load. Default is: /usr/sbin
Path to Apache's pid file. Default is: /var/run
Name of Apache's pid file. Default is:
Defines the name of the status page. Default is: server-status
Disabled the pid check so that remote Apaches can be queried. Default is: off
Enables HTTPS (no certificate check though). Default is: off
Sets a warning level for requests per second. Default is: off
Sets a critical level for requests per second. Default is: off
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