File nagios-plugins-too_few_arguments_for_check_disk.patch of Package nagios-plugins

Index: plugins/check_disk.c
--- plugins/check_disk.c.orig
+++ plugins/check_disk.c
@@ -958,7 +958,7 @@ get_stats (struct parameter_list *p, str
         if (verbose >= 3)
           printf("Group %s: adding %llu blocks sized %llu, (%s) used_units=%g free_units=%g total_units=%g fsu_blocksize=%llu mult=%llu\n",
                  p_list->group, tmpfsp.fsu_bavail, tmpfsp.fsu_blocksize, p_list->best_match->me_mountdir, p_list->dused_units, p_list->dfree_units,
-                 p_list->dtotal_units, mult);
+                 p_list->dtotal_units, tmpfsp.fsu_blocksize, mult);
         /* prevent counting the first FS of a group twice since its parameter_list entry 
          * is used to carry the information of all file systems of the entire group */
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