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Please note, that ndoutils is currently not really 
in a stable state!

To check the status of the ndo2db daemon, just try 
one of the tips from Tom Throckmorton:

"I'm using check_mysql_query to check that db updates aren't stale:

  check_mysql_query -H naghost -d <nagios_db> -u <readonlyuser> -p <somepass> \
  -q "SELECT NOW() - status_update_time FROM nagios_programstatus" -w 120 -c 300

If ndo2db is dead/failed to start, or there are other issues (corrupt tables),
I believe this will catch it.  You could also do something like watch the nagios.log
for the dreaded "unable to connect to data sink" message, or check that the
ndo2db process is running, though I'm finding that checking the db for
freshness is a good indicator."

Have a lot of fun!
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