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Configure/enable and start redis service before you use ntopng!
cp /etc/redis/default.conf.example /etc/redis/ntopng.conf
sed -i 's/dir \/var\/lib\/redis\/default\//dir \/var\/lib\/redis\/ntopng\//' /etc/redis/ntopng.conf
sed -i 's/default\.pid/ntopng\.pid/' /etc/redis/ntopng.conf
sed -i 's/default\.log/ntopng\.log/' /etc/redis/ntopng.conf
chmod o+r /etc/redis/ntopng.conf
install -d -m redis -o redis -g redis -m 0750 /var/lib/redis/ntopng
systemctl enable redis@ntopng
systemctl start redis@ntopng

Single configuration
If you need only one configuration file /etc/ntopng/ntopng.conf, you can
use following systemctl commands to enable and start service.

systemctl enable ntopng
systemctl start ntopng

Multiple configuration files
You can create multiple different configuration files in /etc/ntopng directory
with extension after name like ntopng-eth0.conf, ntopng-verbose.conf etc...
Following systemctl commands can be used to enable and start service with
different configuration.

systemctl enable ntopng@eth0
systemctl start ntopng@eth0

systemctl enable ntopng@verbose
systemctl start ntopng@verbose
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